Teens in Glendora crash identified* **

The accident on Glendora Mountain Road Monday claimed the life of  an 18-year-old who was apparently not wearing a safety belt, according to early reports. This from reporter Amanda Baumfeld, who is working the story this morning:

Mary E. Lange, 18, has died after a car she was a passenger in went over an embankment on Glendora Mountain Road Monday around 6 p.m., according to Officer Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh of the California Highway Patrol.

It is likely that Lang was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the car, Van Valkenburgh added.

Lange was riding in a Toyota Tercel apparently driven by *Stephanie Bergner, 18, * officials said. The driver lost control and the car careened over an embankment at mile marker 5*, authorities said. Berger and a third girl, identified as Esther Cota, were severely injured.

Here’s the AP story. I’ll update with a map and photos later.

*The girls apparently lived in the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services home in La Verne.

*We’ve found MySpace pages apparently associated with the girls. 

Here’s a MySpace apparently belonging to Mary.

This may be the MySpace for Stephanie.

**CHP sources tell us that the girls may have been in the mountains to go fishing. There is no evidence that alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash, officials said.




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Parents turn in son to cops after peeking at his MySpace

This is a brief that will run in tomorrow’s paper, and the story is apparently a little stale. But I like it because of several elements.  I’m sure you all can guess what elements. Here’s the jist of the piece:

A 15-year-old local boy was arrested on suspicion of eight area burglaries after his parents noticed incriminating statements on his MySpace page, said Glendora police Detective Marty Barrett.

After viewing the MySpace entries,  the boy’s parents searched their sons room and found what appeared to be stolen property. After that, they called the cops.

Four of the burglaries were to homes, and the other four were to cars, police said. In each case the boy allegedly took advantage of unlocked doors and windows to commit the crimes, Barrett said.

The burglaries took place over a three week period.

Jewelry, cash, credit card information, electronics, Playboy mags, and adult movies were among the items stolen, Barrett said. All but the cash were recovered.

The teen allegedly used stolen credit card information to purchase $600 worth of iTunes, said the detective.

Once arrested, the teen suspect was extremely cooperative, and pointed out all the locations hed struck, Barrett said. Two of the victims werent aware their property had been stolen.


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You think Fox News will be all over this one?

AP ran a story on mydeathspace this morning. It does exactly what it says; provide a listing of dead MySpace-ers. The story includes a refrence to a Covina man, who died in Iraq late last year.
BTW, myspace is an important tool here on the crime desk. We’ve used it to profile victims, suspects and even sources. Usually, when they get wise they take it private, but that’s how it goes.

UPDATE (broken link fixed)

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