John and Ken would like this


Wonkette has a copy of a letter sent by U.S. Rep. David Dreier to constituents in the 26th Congressional District.

Here’s what Wonkette says:

Everybody in California’s 26th congressional district got this crazy-ass ALL CAPS hand-written freakout from beloved conservative bachelor David Dreier today. You can read the second page of ALL CAPS “MUST DRILL 4 OIL AT SEA WORLD OR ISLAMO FASCISTS WILL KILL KILL KILL” in the comments of basically all blogs everywhere.

I think the reference to the second page is a joke. BTW, here’s what folks in Washington think about the San Gabriel Valley: (this comes from the comments to the same post)

You East Coast Wankers have to realize with what you are dealing.

California’s 26th Congressional District is way out in the San Gabriel Valley, where it’s hot as hades; there are no jobs; real estate values are in the toilet, and EVERYBODY has to DRIVE to get someplace else that is more semi-habitable, e.g., L.A.

So the Fine Folks From The 26th would approve shoving a Hughes Tool Co. diamond-studded drill bit up the behind of a cherubic 9 month old baby if they thought it would bring gas prices down.

If you don’t believe me, consider this: Rancho Cucamonga is one of the larger “cities” in the 26th. (I kid you not.)

And the demographics look like this:
Median Household Income: $68,968 (most of which is generated by meth labs)

8.4% are below the poverty line (that’s the National poverty line. Applying California Cost of Living standards, it’s more like 40%


17.3% blue collar (i.e., no teeth bikers who buy the meth)
70.7% white collar (tweeker lab techs)
As of 2002, there are 639,088 people in the 26th District of California.

35.4% are registered Democratic (White trash)
46.4% are registered Republican (More white trash)
5.2% are African American (Running scared from The Man)
16.7% are Asian-American (Running scared to school)
24.4% are Hispanic (Running scared from La Migra)

David Dreier is PERFECT for them.

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Hands-free Tuesday*


We’re halfway through hands-free Tuesday and cell phone users ignoring the new law are apparently plentiful.

I know I saw at least two people talking on the phone this a.m. on my way in. Both had something in common: both were women and both were driving slow and I was stuck behind ’em.

We’ve had reporters and photogs out in the field doing ride-alongs and they’ve seen some interesting stuff today.

KFI reporter Shannon Farren said she spotted nine people using their cell phones westbound on the 10 between downton and the 405 this morning. One was using the phone and smoking.

*As for now, I’m suffering through an extreme case of nomophobia.

Here’s the photo caption:

Here’s California Highway Patrol officer Joe Zizi from the Santa Fe Springs CHP office gives a citation to a female on Rose Hills Road in Whittier for Hands-Free Cell Phone violation on July 1, 2008.  Today is the first day the law goes into effect.  The La Habra woman, who did not want to give her name, said she had been working too long and forgot about the new law. (Raul Roa) 


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Hot enough yet?

Maybe we jumped the gun on the heat wave equaling a crime wave up in the SGV.

The scanner’s been pretty quiet this morning…maybe its too hot to be stupid.

Anyway, the National Weather Service is predicting record temperatures. They’ve extended the red flag fire warning through Saturday night and issued an excessive heat warning.

Here’s what the Associated Press is saying about the weather:


Firefighters worked in extreme heat to corral small brush fires as a strong high-pressure system cooked the air from the central coast south to Los Angeles and San Diego.

At Ice Station Valencia, a rink in the broiling Santa Clarita Valley, hockey director Larry Bruyere, 55, said: “You don’t mind working here on days like this.”

Los Angeles County opened 42 daytime cooling centers for seniors and suggested people visit air-conditioned malls and libraries in the evenings. The National Weather Service warned people to take precautions for heat that could quickly kill children or animals left in cars, even if the windows were cracked open.

As people cranked up air conditioners, energy use in Los Angeles peaked at 5,854 megawatts Thursday, breaking records for the month of June, according to the city Department of Water and Power.

Some links to monitor through the day:

CAL ISO — Power usage in California.

NWS — Warnings, forecasts, observations

INCIWEB — Keeping track of fires for the Feds.






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The Google map craze

I love checking out Google’s street view maps especially looking at places I’m familiar with.

Apparently it’s an actual craze. According to Fox News, people actually hunt the maps for bizarre images.

Here’s their story … if you’ve found an interesting image in the SGV or Whittier you’d like to share, post a link in the comments section. I’ll put all the links together in a post later today (that is if there are any).



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Waiting for the sun (Updated*)

We remain on storm watch this morning.

Here’s the National Weather Service forecast for the region.

Here’s the NWS hazardous weather outlook for Southern California.

The USGS has a flood/landslide watch page here.

 Bloggers Chris and Sonja recount their adventure.

Sierra Madre mudslide evacuations remain voluntary, officials said Friday morning.

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Storm Watch SGVN Doppler 9000


We’re hearing reports Thursday afternoon of down power lines, trees scortched by lightning, and collapsed roofs causing massive indoor flooding. There have been several traffic accidents and stalled cars throughout the East San Gabriel Valley.

Additionally we’re checking into reports that sandbags were being passed out in the Sierra Madre burn area.

Even reporters got caught in the rain. 

Los Angeles county remains under a flash flood watch and severe thunderstorm advisory, according to the NWS.

There are reports of a possible mud slide in Sierra Madre just before 5 p.m.


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