Guns seized, two arrested, pit bull shot during raid targeting Vago gang member in Irwindale

IRWINDALE — West Covina police arrested two men and fatally shot a pit bull early Wednesday while serving a search warrant to seize guns at the home of a known outlaw motorcycle gang member in Irwindale, authorities said.
“Known, dangerous Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang member” and ex-convict Ralph Rodriguez, 38, of Irwindale was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms, resisting arrest and possession of false identification, according to West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez. He was the person targeted in the search warrant.
Also arrested in the 3:30 a.m. raid at a home in the 4600 block of Nora Avenue was Robert Ghiloni, 28, of West Covina on suspicion of possession of a dagger, resisting arrest and an outstanding traffic warrant, Lopez said.
The arrests were the result of an ongoing investigation by the West Covina Police Department, officials said.
After arriving at the home and ordering the occupants out via loudspeaker repeatedly, Ghiloni eventually emerged from the home and was taken into custody, Lopez said. He had a dagger on his person.
But Rodriguez remained holed-up inside the home, police said.
“After two hours of repeated announcements, SWAT then initiated an entry into the residence,” according to Lopez. “During the search, (Rodriguez) was located hiding in the attic. He surrendered to officers without further incident.
While serving the warrant, SWAT officers encountered a pit bull, which Lopez said became aggressive toward them.
“The dog began to attack, forcing officers to fire upon it,” he said. “The dog died as a result.”
The number and type of guns sized from the home was not available late Wednesday.
According to Los Angeles County booking records, Rodriguez was being held in lieu of $30,000 bail pending a scheduled arraignment Friday in West Covina Superior Court. Ghiloni was being held in lieu of $10,995 pending his arraignment, also scheduled Friday in West Covina Superior Court.

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UPDATED: Man barricades self inside Azusa motel room


UPDATE: The suspect surrendered to police about 7:45 p.m., per Azusa police Lt. Tim Harrington. He was taken to a hospital to be examined and was expected to face charges of felony vandalism and resisting arrest.

AZUSA — A SWAT team responded to an Azusa motel Saturday after a man with a history of violence against police began tearing apart his motel room, then barricaded himself inside for more than eight hours when police arrived, officials said.
Police were summoned to the Arrow Inn, 469 E. Arrow Highway, about 10:15 a.m. when motel staff reported a 50-year-old guest was breaking items inside room 110, Azusa police Lt. Tim Harrington said.
When officers arrived, the man shouted at the officers and locked himself inside the room, the lieutenant said. He declined to disclose exactly what the suspect said, but described it as “threatening in nature.”
It was unclear whether the man had any weapons with him.
His identity was known to police, though it was not released as the stand-off continued Saturday afternoon. The man has a previous conviction for battery on a police officer.
Shortly after the stand-off began, “Water started coming from under the door, so he did something to the plumbing,” Harrington said.
1020_NWS_SGT-L-MOTEL2A SWAT team responded to the scene to deal with the holed-up suspect. The team took tactical positions around the room, periodically advancing up toward the door, then backing off.
A person who said knows the man well but did not wish to be identified said he suffers from bipolar disorder and had left his home in Covina Tuesday and never returned. He was believed to have been binging on alcohol and drugs.
More than a dozen people evacuated from the motel watched and waited from a sidewalk across the street for the situation to draw to a close.
Several of them said they were surprised that the man, who they described as calm, was involved in such an incident.
“I know him. I didn’t think he would do something like that,” said motel guest Becky Herrera.
Another guest at the motel, Christopher Martine, said at the outset of the incident he heard banging noises coming from the room two doors down, along with the sound of keys handling.
When Martin went outside, he said another guest told him he might want to get back inside because the police had arrived. He then noticed that a lamp from the nearby motel room had been thrown through a window.
Martin said hotel staff then told him he should stay in his room. About five minutes later, police came to his door to tell him to hurriedly evacuate. He did even have time to put on a shirt.
Police then began trying to coax the man out of the room, Martin said, telling him, “You’re not in trouble, we just want to talk to you. We need to know if you’re injured.”
The standoff continued past 6 p.m.

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San Dimas man arrested following 6-hour standoff


SWAT team members arrested a San Dimas man accused of threatening his adult son with a handgun Saturday following a stand-off that lasted more than six hours, authorities said.
Michel Zerrudo, 57, was ultimately booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats shortly before 2 p.m., Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. David Buckner said. After holing up inside his home for more than six hours, he exited the home and surrendered.
STANDOFF3The incident began about 7:35 a.m. at the home in the 100 block of Calle Renata when Zerrudo became involved in an argument with his adult son and pointed a handgun at him, Sgt. Rebecca Rodriquez said.
The son managed to get away from his father unhurt, and other family members also exited the home, the sergeant said. But Zerrudo himself remained in the house and refused orders to come out and surrender.
The cul-de-sac was evacuated, and heavily armed deputies from the Sheriff’s Enforcement Bureau, along with their armored vehicles, arrived at the scene a short time later.
“We heard the helicopter saying, ‘Come out with your hands up,” said neighbor Gloria Gonzalez, 48.
Minutes later, she said deputies with rifles in hand came to her home and told her she needed to evacuate due to a man nearby with a gun.
Several residents, such as 59-year-old Susan Lukachie, said deputies had them leave their home by climbing ladders over their backyard fences in order to stay out of harms way.
Lakachie said she saw her neighbor standing near the window of an upstairs bedroom. He yelled something to the deputies, though she could not make out what it was.
A crisis negotiator made contact with the holed-up suspect, but Zerrudo continued refusing to exit the home.
A loud bang consistent with that created by a flash-bang grenade was heard from the home about 1 p.m., however officials could not confirm whether a flash-bang grenade was deployed into the home. Several quieter popping noises were heard coming from the home minutes later, though the source of the sound was not clear.
Zerrudo came out of the home and surrendered to deputies just before 2 p.m., as deputies were preparing to pump tear gas into the home.
About two-dozen evacuated residents who waited at a nearby corner were advised to move back to avoid being exposed to tear gas just before Zerrudo surrendered.
They said Zerrudo lived at the home with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. But the son and his wife were in the process of moving out.
Zerrudo moved in about three years ago, Lakachi said.
Though Lukachie said she had only spoken with Zerrudo two or three times, he had mentioned an affinity for firearms during those brief contacts.
“He said he collects guns,” she said.
Buckner said several guns were found inside the home, though it was unclear if the handgun believed to have been used to threaten his son was among them.
The neighbors made the best of their unexpected evacuation, setting up an impromptu picnic with donuts and pizza just beyond the yellow crime scene tape that cordoned off their street.
They erupted into cheers when deputies drove by with a handcuffed Zerrudo in the back seat of a patrol car.

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UPDATED: Gang member arrested after 3-hour standoff in Baldwin Park

BALDWIN PARK — Police SWAT teams used a K-9 unit to arrest a gang member who absconded from a probation camp and is suspected in a stabbing following a three-hour standoff early Friday, officials said.
Eduardo Rodriguez, 18, of was taken to a hospital for injuries he suffered during the arrest and was expected to be jailed without bail on an arrest warrant, Baldwin Park police Lt. David Reynoso said.
“He’s wanted for questioning involving an assault with a deadly weapon involving a knife that happened several months ago,” the lieutenant said.
In addition, he said, Rodriguez went missing from a Los Angeles County probation camp in recent months.
Detectives came to believe Rodriguez had been hiding at two homes — his family’s home in the 3800 block of Cosbey Street and another home just around the corner in the 13200 block of Earl Avenue, Reynoso said. Previous searches of Rodriguez’s home turned up handguns, but not the suspect himself.
Friday’s incident began as Baldwin Park and West Covina police SWAT teams simultaneously carried out search and arrest warrants both homes shortly before 5 a.m., Sgt. Chris Hofford said.
The search at the Earl Avenue address took place without incident, Reynoso said. The residents complied with police, and no arrests were made.
But after police ordered the residents out of the Cosbey Street home, “we were told by at least two family members that the suspect were looking for, Eduardo Rodriguez, was in the home,” he said.
Officials spent three hours ordering Rodriguez to surrender via a loudspeaker and and trying to contact him on his cell phone, Reynoso said.
“After about three hours, officers forced open a garage door,” he said. “They were able to see the suspect hiding in the back seat of an SUV, which was located inside the garage. The suspect would poke his head up and down and make eye contact with the officers, but still refused to come out.”
Fearing Rodriguez may be armed, officers used a bean bag projectile to smash out a window of the SUV, then sent in a police dog as they took him into custody, officials said.
Rodriguez was taken to a hospital for treatment of dog bites and cuts to his face he suffered when the SUV window was shattered, Reynoso said.
A loaded handgun was found hidden in Rodriguez’s home after his arrest, police said. Officers continued searching the home Friday morning.
Further details on the stabbing Rodriguez was being investigated for were not immediately available.
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UPDATE: Man found dead after La Mirada stand-off

MIRADA – A nine-hour standoff ended Friday when a gunman who had holed up
inside a home was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

deputies hadn’t released the man’s name by Friday night.

incident began about 7:30 a.m. at a house on Mercado Avenue, near Rosecrans
Avenue, sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Arnold said.

evacuated about 390 students from a nearby middle school during the standoff,
taking them to a local park.

said deputies responded to reports of gunshots heard inside the house. At the
time, family members told officials the man was a danger to himself.

about 11 a.m., after refusing orders to surrender, “the suspect fired
several rounds out of the house,” said Sgt. Diane Hecht. No one was struck
by the gunfire.

Los Coyotes Middle School, at 14640 Mercado Ave., was placed on lockdown as a
precaution at the outset of the incident, authorities said. But the roughly 390
students were ultimately bused to La Mirada Park, 15105 Alicante Road, after
the shots were fired.

encircled the home and attempted to contact the person inside, Arnold said.
Deputies noted blood stains outside the home.

homes were also evacuated as a precaution.

said a robot was used to search the house but didn’t locate the man.

about 4:45 p.m., he said the special enforcement bureau, which is the sheriff’s
SWAT team, forced their way into the house and
discovered the man dead.

– From staff reports

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LAPD SWAT update in Ontario

The LAPD has set up a command post at the 15 Freeway and Limonite Avenue in Ontario. The post, essentially a BevMo parking lot will be used for media briefings.

Apparently the situation that required the SWAT team began in the San Fernando Valley sometime Monday morning. Officials have termed the response “a matter of life and death” and initially urged the news media to keep quiet.
LAPD has since pulled back from that request.
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The other shoe drops in LAPD SWAT reorganization

This from the Friendly Fire Blog at LADN.

Crime Scene reader Robert CJ Parry blogged the latest news about LAPD’s planned SWAT reorganization. here’s an excerpt:

The LAPD SWAT Board of Inquiry report that Police Chief William Bratton unveiled this morning is a remarkable insult to the people and police officers of Los Angeles. It recommends a litany of politically correct changes that have been used to eliminate 13 of the 18 standards SWAT has used for two decades in selecting its new officers. It even goes so far as to describe SWAT – not the criminals it captures – as a threat to Los Angeles as a whole.

In my research on this issue, Ive interviewed officers whose experience totals more than 150 years on the department, a century in SWAT. Their comments on a draft copy of the un-released BOI report have been consolidated in a Counter Analysis, which will be released later today. It is a point-by-point review of both the BOIs recommendations and their methodology for reaching them. In short, there was none.

These officers refuse to be identified because of an unprecedented campaign of intimidation LAPD management has pressed on SWAT. Bratton has gone so far as to remove officers from operations because of the comments of their wives and threatening to transfer out any officer who speaks his mind publicly or privately.

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“Insular, self-referential and resistant to change” (*UPDATED)

Eric Leonard, one of the better cop reporters in the county, got his hands on a copy of the Board of Inquiry investigation into the LAPD’s SWAT unit. Here’s a link to the pdf. LA Observed has some other links.

Among those on the board was Pasadena police Chief Barney Melekian, noted for his opposition to gang injunctions, and this blog. Included in the recomendations are proposals to bring more women and minorities onto the team; go to 24-hour 7-days a week scheduling; and rotation of members out of SWAT and into other assignments.

The board implies that SWAT has become an anachronistic arm of LAPD and change is necessary.

Besides Melekian, Merrick Bobb and several prominent members of the local community participated in the board.

Here’s an excerpt from an LADN story on the panel’s formation in 2005:

“Almost as important as the review is that we are looking at a cultural change in the process,” Villaraigosa said. “Chief Bratton and I are committed to changing the department from its days of a closed-door attitude. The LAPD is opening itself up for an outside review. This is the kind of opening that I as mayor want to see continue.”

Among the members of the Board of Inquiry is Merrick Bobb, an attorney who oversaw an inquiry into the Sheriff Department’s use of force policy and is a consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Other members include attorney Richard Aborn, who investigated misconduct inside the New York Police Department; William Geller, a consultant on police use of force policies; Lt. Phil Hanson of the Sheriff’s Department; attorney Greg Longworth, a retired NYPD officer considered an expert in deadly force cases; Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian; LAPD Assistant Chief Linda Pierce, who oversees the LAPD Criminal Investigations Bureau; and attorney Eugene Ramirez, a former Deputy District Attorney who has worked with SWAT teams.

Bobb said he was pleased to be part of the group and welcomed the chance to look at SWAT.

“As far as I know, this is the first time a police department has voluntarily opened itself up for this kind of review,” Bobb said.

The panel was formed after the death of Susie Pena, a 19-month-old killed in a standoff between LAPD officers and her father Jose Pena.

BTW, blogger Miss Havisham has posted the contents of an email interview she did with Melekian, now the interim City Manager of Pasadena. Here’s a link.

 *It’s only right to point out that the story was broken originally by Monrovia resident Robert CJ Parry in an opinoin piece that ran in last Sunday’s LA Times. We blogged it last week. In case you missed it here’s a link.


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RCJ Parry’s LAPD SWAT column making the rounds

Monrovia resident, blogger and commentator Robert CJ Parry wrote quite an interesting opinion piece Sunday on LAPD’s plans for the future of its SWAT team.

The column created enough buzz that the Times followed it an A-1 piece today.

Interestingly enough a group of former and current U.S. Marines that I know are keeping an eye on the situation. There is a chain mail with Parry’s entire column circulating in Armed Forces circles. I’ve always believed that if you write something powerful enough to make a chain mail, you are having an impact. Here’s the header:

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:12:51 -0700
Subject: Fw: LAPD SWAT

Another taste of ” Political Correctness” coming soon….
So much for Chiefs being hired from “out of state”
Lets all hold hands and sing koumbaya……B.S !!

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