Vatican on YouTube

The Vatican and unveiled its official YouTube channel.

Here’s how the site describes itself:

This channel offers news coverage of the main activities of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and of relevant Vatican events.

It is updated daily.

Video images are produced by Centro Televisio Vaticano (CTV), texts by Vatican Radio (RV) and CTV.

This video-news presents the Catholic Churchs position regarding the principal issues of the world today.

Links give access to the full and official texts of cited documents.

Previously about the only Vatican related material on YouTube was probably this George Harrison video:


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The legacy of RFK and Pasadena resident Sirhan Sirhan


In the course of researching a column for Friday’s paper, I ended up interviewing Munir Sirhan, brother of Sirhan Sirhan, the accused assassin of Robert F. Kennedy who died 40 years ago Friday.

Munir had some interesting things to say and introduced me to some people who believe there’s more to his brother’s story than the lone gunman narrative.

Among those taking up Munir’s cause are Summer Reese, who is affiliated with KPFK radio, and Dr. William Pepper, who has a pretty interesting history of his own, and knew both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

Pepper and several other researchers interested in the Kennedy assassination are getting together tonight near LAX to discuss new theories and information that’s become available in recent months.

Here’s a YouTube video about the organization known as COPA.  


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Montebello, Meat Loaf and Mobile Phones

The Montebello Police Officer’s Association is razzing one of its own on their Web site, with a news item headlined, “Officer Chris Tyni’s First TV Commercial.” The Web site links to a YouTube video of a GoPhone commerical featuring singers Meat Loaf and Tiffany, along with an actor who apparently bears a stiking resemblence to a Montebello police officer.

No, the Montebello Police Department does not appear to have a TV star in their midst, as a dispatcher explained. Fellow police officials just decided to have a little fun with one of their own.

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