Pizza Hut delivery man attacked in Baldwin Park

For the third time in several weeks, a Pizza delivery man has been attacked and robbed in Baldwin Park. Police have no suspects.


BALDWIN PARK – A Pizza Hut delivery man was struck on the head with a crowbar and robbed of cash and pizzas by two robbers Monday night.

The man was treated at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Medical Center and released, said Baldwin Park Police Lt. Joe Bartolotti. 

The robbery was reported at 7:22 p.m. in the 3100 block of Vineland Avenue.

“He gets out to make his delivery and was approached by two subjects. One has a crowbar and hits him on the head,” Bartolotti said.

The robbers fled with the money and the pizzas.

The suspect with the crowbar was described as Latino or white, 15 to 17, with short hair and wearing a gray shirt and black shorts.

The other suspect was described as a Latino, 15 to 17, with a black bandanna over his face and wearing a black hat or baseball cap, black shirt and black pants.

Police aren’t sure if Monday’s incident was related to the three robberies of pizza delivery men last year but did say it happened within the same area. The suspects in the earlier robberies were armed with knives and also took pizza and cash.

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Arcadia to probe possible link between robberies there and in Monterey Park

From reporter Thomas Himes:

Arcadia police said Friday they will investigate a possible link between the Monterey Park robbery and two robberies that occurred in that city in November, Arcadia police Sgt. Tom Le Veque said.

“There are some similarities in suspect descriptions and the circumstances surrounding the crime,” Le Veque said. “But it’s way too early to say anything is related.” recovered a Porsche in Alhambra that was stolen during a home invasion robbery in Monterey Park, officials said Friday.

Six people were bound with zip ties and one man was pistol-whipped during the robbery that occurred at 3:15 a.m. Thursday in the 500 block of Whitney Place.

Tipsters alerted police after they recognized the Porsche’s description from a news report, Monterey Park police Sgt. Frank Duke said.

“They called and said they saw this Porsche in the news,” Duke said.

The Porsche was located in good condition near West Garvey and Montezuma avenues in Alhambra about 7 p.m., Duke said.

“We did recover some evidence out of the Porsche,” Duke said. “We will process it and hopefully get some traceable evidence,” Duke said.

Police brought a man in for questioning about 6 p.m., but later released him, Duke said.

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Ex-President robbing Valley banks

35266-254552_TITLE B-thumb-300x276-35265.jpg
The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in learning the identity of an unidentified male known to law enforcement as the “Ex-President” Bandit.  The bandit is currently believed to be responsible for two robberies in the city of Encino, California, within a one week time period.  The bandit is described as a black male, wearing dark clothing and a mask described as a rendition of former President, Richard Nixon.  During both robberies, the  bandit was armed with a handgun, which he brandished liberally throughout the bank, and to enforce orders given to victims in the bank.  The bandit, while exhibiting violence, has been described as having a calm demeanor.  The two banks that were robbed are as follows: 
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust      12/2            Encino
U.S. Bank                                  11/25          Encino

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Far from a Fortune: Detroit man says stress led to bank robberies

Only in Detroit would a bank robber have the last name Fortune. This one’s for the 211 Guy:

DETROIT — A Detroit man who said he started robbing banks to pay for his mother’s plumbing was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison, a lenient term from a judge who said the defendant had been an “outstanding citizen” before his crime spree.

Prosecutors wanted U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman to stick with federal sentencing guidelines, which would have given Jimmie Lee Fortune five years to six years in prison for stealing nearly $14,000 from five Michigan banks. Fortune, 29, had pleaded guilty in March, with prosecutors agreeing not to charge him with three more robberies.

Fortune had told investigators that he robbed the first bank in April 2008 to fix his mother’s plumbing and get his driver’s license reinstated. After that, he just kept going.

“I was so stressed and depressed,” he told U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman on Tuesday. “I found it difficult to separate life from fiction.”

He entered banks demanding money and yelling threats such as, “Large bills or I’ll start shooting,” according to the FBI. Fortune was not armed during the robberies.

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211 suspect jumps from parking structure

From the “Only in Pasadena” file:

PASADENA – Cornered atop a parking structure with no way out, a suspected bank robber made a desperate move Monday as officers closed in – he jumped from the roof of the five-story structure.

Seriously injured, the man was taken to a hospital, where he was in critical condition, authorities said.

Workers in the area said they heard a scream, then heard a loud thump; several said they then saw the man lying on the ground before paramedics arrived.

About an hour earlier, at about 9:16 a.m., the man held up the California National Bank, 101 N. Lake Ave., telling a clerk he had a gun, police said.

He ran out with an undisclosed amount of cash. But a person inside the bank, either an employee or a teller, ran after the man, calling 9-1-1 and providing police with a “good” description of the robber, Pasadena Police Department spokeswoman Janet Pope Givens said.

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Woman shot after confronting burglar

PASADENA — A woman who thwarted a burglary at her home by using her vehicle to block the burglars’ car was shot in the side by one of the men, police said.

One man, in his 20s, was arrested. Police are still looking for a second man. And the 49-year-old woman was taken to a hospital with a non-life-threathening bullet wound, police said. The incident unfolded at about 11:30 a.m., when the woman arrived home, pulled into the driveway of her residence in the 500 block of East Ladera Street, and found a car parked in the driveway.

She was sitting inside her vehicle when two men walked out of her home carrying items of her property. The two men got into their car, an older gray sedan, and tried to drive off, but the homeowner used her vehicle to ram the back of the burglars’ car, police said.

At that point, one of the men got of their car, walked up to the passenger side of the woman’s vehicle and opened fire. He missed. He then went around the driver’s side and fired again, hitting the woman in the side, police said.

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Rapist composite sketch released

– Detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying the man who broke into a condo Friday then robbed and raped an 82-year-old woman who is legally blind.

A composite was also released of the suspect who got away with an undisclosed amount.

The home-invasion robbery and rape happened at 5:30 a.m. May 1 at a complex in the 13900 block of Bayside Drive.

The suspect broke a window of one condo and forced his way in. Deputies said he ransacked the place looking for money.

Lt. John Gannon said the resident heard a noise, went downstairs and was confronted by a man who demanded money.

The robber wanted cash and wasn’t interested in credit cards, Gannon said.

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211 warning as mask wearing proliferates

This from our friend Mike Alerich at the bank 211 blog:

Due to the Swine Flu concern and the proliferation of citizens wearing face masks Banks, Businesses and everyday people should be extra cautious and aware of their surroundings; Who-What is behind that mask?. Not paranoid just use common sense and never “Assume” anything.
Common street thugs by nature are cowards and hide their face behind ski-masks and ladies pantyhose while preying on innocent victims, now during this crisis they can blend in with the crowds for a 20 cent throw-away mask.

For addition photos of ‘Medical Mask’ bank robbers go to, Mike’s other site.

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FBI seeks Sleeves Bandit


A takeover specialist targeting banks in central California is being sought by the FBI. The Sleeves bandit has apparently worked as far south as La Crescenta and La Canada Flintridge, according to a press release issued Friday.

Here’s a larger gallery of photos:


Press release on the jump…

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