Arcadia’s most wanted

The Arcadia Police Department has set up a Web page  listing its most wanted criminals.

Not a top ten list, like the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, but certainly a valuable tool for Arcadia police.

Here’s who they are looking for:

Two suspects in an armed robbery, described as male Hispanics in their 20s.

A man, possibly Hispanic, suspected of burglarizing a jewelry store on Las Tunas.

Check out the Web site for composite drawings and pictures. And call the cops at *626) 574-5151 if you know any of these characters.

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SGV 211 update

I found this among today’s comments. It’s from Mike Alerich, our resident bank robbery expert:

Rumored that “S&P Bandit” has been seen casing several banks in
the San Gabriel Valley, same appearance and same “lucky” jacket, sorta
hard to miss.
AND a new bandito popped-up again;”Yosemite Sam”, White male, 30s, huge
full beard (fake?), hitting 1st Bank, again, on Valley Bl., Alhambra
Mon. 1-26 at 1000hr.
AND possibly Another serial bandit hit Another Citibank in La Cresenta Mon..
AND,in Riverside County Calimesa, the same serial bandit did violent
Take-Over at same WAMU, second time this month, same scary disguise
& big gun, assaults and pepper sprays innocent customer &
employees as they lay on the floor.
For longer list click ‘Bank Terrorism Alerts” on sidebar>

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Bank Robbery expert weighs in on new S&P bandit exploit

This from Mike Alerich our 211 expert:

Looks like our infamous “S&P Bandit” went back to work Tues.1-20-09, this time ‘Up-Town’, 1st Federal Bank, Wilshire Bl., Beverly Hills at high noon, the exact time our new President was being sworn in office. This dude went from ‘low-class’ to ‘No Class’.
Ironic while President Obama is trying to correct the Banking Cartel debacle this guy is robbing the 1st Federal Bank.
We’ll see where he pops up next…..San Gabriel Valley ?

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Pasadena PD seeks attempt 211 suspect *

From City News Service. Photo courtesy Pasadena PD:


PASADENA — Pasadena police released a photo today in hopes that someone will recognize a suspect who used a handgun to order a customer to withdraw money from an ATM two days after Thanksgiving, but left empty-handed.

The victim of the Nov. 29 daytime holdup was uninjured, said Pasadena police Lt. John Dewar.

The bandit was wearing a black and gray sweatshirt and black pants and may have been
driving a silver Nissan Xterra with paper plates that indicated the SUV had been bought
at a Universal City dealership, the detective said.

The suspect was described as a Latino in his early 20s, 5 feet 10 inches tall and 160 pounds, with short black hair, a medium complexion and a small amount of
acne on his cheeks.

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Standoff in El Monte — students locked down

EL MONTE — As many as 125 elementary students remained locked down for hours in a elementary school cafeteria while police Friday attempted to coax a robbery suspect from a home in the 4100 block of Gibson Street, authorities said.

Modesto Alcala, 29, is suspected of participating in an armend robbery at a South El Monte motel in late December. Police said the standoff is tied to a similar incident in West covina last week that resulted in the arrest of another suspect in the case.

El Monte police officers, U.S. Marshals, hostage negotiators and a special weapons team have set up a command post at nearby Shirpser Elementary School. About 125 students there have been locked in a cafeteria since 2 p.m., officials said.

“The suspect, Modesto Alcala, we believe is inside the house and has refused to surrender,” El Monte police Detective Ralph Batres said. “He is a parolee at large and is considered armed and dangerous.”

Alcala had recently moved into the neighborhood and was seen earlier Friday with a handgun, Batres said.

“He’s putting a lot of people here at risk,” Batres said.

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Bank robber targets water district — by mistake

This from WTVQ 2 in Lexington, Ky:

A gunman walked into the South Elkhorn Water District Building this afternoon and tried to rob it, mistaking it for a bank. 

The man showed clerks his revolver handgun and demanded cash.  When the clerks said they didn’t have any money, the man mentioned that the building was a bank.  The clerks then informed him that the building was no longer a bank.

The man looked around the building for a bit before running away.  No one was hurt in the attempted robbery.

The South Elkhorn Water District moved into the building that was formally occupied by Farmer’s Bank on the corner of South Main Street and Edgewood Drive.  Police say the man mistakenly thought it was still Farmer’s Bank.

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Two men accused of sliting cabbie’s throat

This from the overnight roundup:

EL MONTE – Two local men were arrested Saturday on suspicion after allegedly slitting a female taxi driver’s throat, robbing her and stealing her cab, authorities said.
David Herrera Siguenza, 19, and Carlos Carillo Ramirez, 25, both of El Monte, were booked on suspicion of attempted murder, carjacking and robbery, El Monte police Detective Ralph Batres said.
The incident occurred about 10:30 p.m. Friday when the woman, a 35-year-old El Monte resident, picked up the two men in the 11700 block of Emery Street in El Monte, Batres said.
After driving about a mile with Siguenza and Ramirez in the cab, Ramirez allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck from behind and slit her throat with a utility knife while Siguenza told him to stop, Batres said.
The wounded woman got out of the cab and the two men fled in it, the detective said. They also stole money from the woman.

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Notes from a kidnapping case

Here’s my notes from an interview with Baldwin Park police Chief Lili Hadsell regarding Wednesday’s kidnapping at Union Station. What do you make of the story?

There were two vicims. The case was called in last night between 7:30 and 7:50

they had been at union station where they met.

The female victim was walking to the male victim’s car in the US parking lot when she was bumped by a man who was wearing all black clothing –possibly resembling a federal agent.

He forced the couple to drive to the Big Dalton address where a safe with $20,000 and several documents was taken.

THe victims agreed to meet at Union Station. She meets him apparently at his car. SOmeone bumps into her and tells her to getinto the car. He gets inthe back seat and says drive me to your residence. When they arrive all three get out. He has them open the door and says, “close your eyes.” He pushes them inside. THe suspect instructs the victims to tell him where the safe is or he will kill them. Apprently he goes into a room there the safe is.

THis is not a random situation. THere is a possibility that the victim knew the suspect.

AFter the suspect fled, the victims opened their eyes, They run to the car and drive to Glendale. The female decided to wait there until her husband got home.

WHen her husband got home he noticed the home had been burglarized and called the police department., We respond. SHe tells the husband what happened.

It is not clear if there is a video monitoring system at Union Station.

THe suspect was described as a male, of unknown race, approximately 55. He was 6’1″ and weighed 190 pounds. He had a medium build. He was wearing dark clothing and was clean shaven. The victim has not been asked to put together an identi-kit.

Victim #2 is a resident of GLendale. He requested confidentiality.

“We want the residents fo Los Angeles and Baldwin Park to know that this is not a random kidnapping,” hadsell said.

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Two nabbed at Union Station, taken to Baldwin Park and robbed *

Two people were kidnapped at gunpoint from Union Station in Los Angeles and taken to Baldwin Park where they were robbed, officials said. *

Interestingly enough, even though we knew the kidnapping had taken place when we called Baldwin Park’s watch commander this a.m. he said there was nothing going on and the night was quiet.

If this is what passes for a quiet night in Baldwin Park, I’d hate to find out what a busy night is really like:

BALDWIN PARK – Two people who were kidnapped at Union Station were allegedly brought to the 3300 block of Big Dalton Road, where they were beaten and robbed, according to Sgt. Kevin Gauthier of the Baldwin Park Police Department.

Baldwin Park police responded to the overnight incident, but officials had little information this morning.


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