Porn industry considers its options

The porn industry spent much of the past few days considering its options now that Los Angeles County voters have approved Measure B. The ordinance requires that condoms should be used in porn movies shot in LA.

Not so fast. First of all it won’t apply in Long Beach, Vernon or Pasadena.

But it also won’t apply in other cities in the county, unless (and until) the various city councils decide to adopt Measure B’s provisions. At least that’s the opinion of in a post titled “Ballot Measure B – So What Happens Now?”
porn actresses get together

In order for this law to take effect in cities such as Los Angeles, Glendale, Malibu or any of the 85 independent towns and cities in Los Angeles County – each one of those cities will have to independently debate, vote on and themselves pass/adopt Ballot Measure B as law in their town. How long will that take is anyone’s guess at this point. And it is not certain that all 85 independent towns and cities will even adopt Ballot Measure B. I can envision a situation in which some of the smaller towns that do not have any contact with the adult entertainment industry will simply ignore this law entirely.

Meanwhile the folks behind Measure B are looking for ways to take it statewide.

This from the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation said Thursday it is seeking a state lawmaker to carry a bill that would broaden the power of the state and local governments to enforce health codes requiring condom use on porn sets.

Stay tuned. it’s going to get interesting.

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