Shots fired call turns into prostitution bust

Last night I blogged about Arcadia police responding to a shots fired call. Turns out the call may have come from an angry john, who got ripped off in a house of ill repute. Here’s what cops are saying now:

ARCADIA — A man and woman were charged with operating a house of prostitution in Arcadia Wednesday night, authorities said.
Gracie Gao, 57, of Arcadia and a man, whose name has not been released, were both arrested and charged with operating a house of prostitution — a misdemeanor, according to Arcadia police Lt. Paul Foley.
They were both released Thursday morning on $500 bail, Foley said.
Units from both the Monrovia and Arcadia police departments responded to an initial report at 8:09 p.m. Wednesday night that there was a robbery in progress and shots had been fired at the 200 block of Palm Avenue in Arcadia, Foley said.

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Shots fired in Arcadia

This incident is apparently unfolding in Arcadia, according to the folks at CA Breaking News:

*Robbery* 263 W Palm, Arcadia; Caller stating inside their residence 4 male

Hispanics robbing residence, PD out with 2 at gun point to front of

residence, 1 Caller is inside closet stating he heard 1 shot fired by
suspects and his friend screaming, Multiple units from Arcadia and MonroviaPD onscene, Possibly 2 more suspects inside residence; 507.0625@2022 CABN01


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Hooker bust nets 4 arrests

Arcadia cracked down on massage parlors, now we find they are monitoring Craigslist and Facebook too. Here’s Alfred Lee’s story:

ARCADIA – Police arrested four people – including a 13-year-old – on prostitution-related charges last week by responding to Craigslist advertisements, officials said.

Arcadia police do not actively monitor Craigslist for advertisements of sexual services. But one officer decided to take initiative in two cases last week, said Sgt. Dean Caputo.

“It was just that one of our guys had heard from somebody else that there was this kind of activity on Craigslist,” Caputo said. “He went looking on the Internet and found people soliciting sex for money in the city of Arcadia.”

The officer called the phone numbers that were advertised and arranged meetings at the Santa Anita Inn.

Police met a female adult there, and after she had allegedly entered a room and offered sexual services for money, officers arrested her on suspicion of solicitation of prostitution.

After repeating that process with a second Craigslist advertisement, officers arrested a 13-year- old girl at the same inn. They also arrested two women in their early 20s, who allegedly had brought the teen to the hotel, on suspicion of pimping and child endangerment. The two arrests were made at 12:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Nov. 21, respectively.

“We’ve done things in the past with Craigslist and with Facebook,” Caputo said. “I can think, going way back before Craigslist, of us dealing with a prostitute who had her own Web site.”

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Massage parlor ban extended

Arcadia extended its ban on Massage parlors for another 10 months, to “study” the issue. Several members of the City Council are worried that the parlors are fronts for prostitution. The vote is a happy ending for cops who have recently cracked down.

Here’s the top of Alfred Lee’s story on the issue:

ARCADIA – City officials have extended a moratorium on massage therapy businesses by another 10 and a half months.
Believing that such businesses are often a front for prostitution, officials first enacted a 45-day ban on Oct. 21 on all new license applications for businesses that supply massages as a secondary service – such as spas, acupuncturists and chiropractors.
Arcadia also stopped issuing new licenses to massage therapists; more than 700 such permits had been handed out in the past three years.
In addition to unanimously voting Tuesday to extend the ban, the City Council also added amendments that allow already licensed businesses and therapists to relocate.
“What we’re saying (to massage businesses) is that if someone leaves, you can’t get anybody new for 10 months, unless they’re already licensed,” Councilman Gary Kovacic said.

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Thursday Fish Wrap

WHITTIERDetectives are looking for additional victims of a former Marine accused of having sex with a 15-year-old in 2007 and of committing lewd acts on a 13-year-old in 2006.

LA MIRADA –Deputies are looking for three men who robbed a driver of $300.

The robbery happened at 10:47 a.m. Monday in a parking lot in the 11500 block of La Mirada Boulevard.

LOS ANGELES –Authorities say two bodies pulled from the waters off the coast of Los Angeles are the missing brother of two Southern California congresswomen and his girlfriend.

ARCADIA –An 83-year-old pedestrian was killed Wednesday by a vehicle that struck him at Duarte Road and Golden West Avenue, police said. The vehicle was driven by an 88-year-old.

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