Cooley ready to concede to Harris in AG race?


Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve has scheduled a 10:30 a.m. conference call where he will address “accredited members of the media.” The speculation is that Cooley will concede a loss to San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris in the state’s attorney general race.

On Tuesday, the LA Weekly called the race for Harris using a fairly straight forward ballot analysis.
As California Watch points out this morning if Harris wins, she will be California’s first woman and first black Attorney General
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Prison guards don’t like California budget deal; may strike

The state correctional officers union is considering a strike as its members face the threat of more pay cuts stemming from the state budget crisis.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as part of budget negotiations with lawmakers, recently proposed another 5 percent paycut to state employees. If lawmakers don’t approve the pay cut, Schwarzenegger said he would impose another furlough day to the three per month already approved for state workers.
The additional day off would equate to another 5 percent pay cut, on top of 15 percent already cut, according to state employees.
“Right now, the organization is contemplating a strike vote among our members, but we have not moved forward with that at this point, but that was a decision of our convention last week,” said California Correctional Police Officers Association spokesman Lance Corcoran.

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Surprise: California auditor finds waste in state government

Here’s some ways your tax dollars are being wasted by Sacramento bureaucrats, this from the Bureau of state Audits:

State employees and agencies engaged in improper activities, including the following:

  • Wasted $580,000 by leasing office space left vacant for more than four years.
  • Incurred $71,747 in improper commute, lodging, and meal expenses.
  • Failed to report 427 hours of missed work, for which the employee was paid $8,314.
  • Circumvented state civil service rules by arranging for the selection of a subordinate employee to a vacant position and paying the employee $6,444 for duties that she did not perform.
  • Paid at least $1,253 more than necessary on a $4,987 purchase without obtaining competitive price quotes.
  • Wasted $3,000 by paying for private consultant services that another state agency could have provided at no cost.
  • Paid an employee $1,145 for unearned compensation and travel expenses not incurred.
  • Sent inappropriate e-mail messages to other state employees. Management then failed to take corrective action despite noting similar behavior in the past.
  • Circumvented state law by protecting a vacant position and preventing it from being abolished.
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