Career criminal from Pasadena jailed for selling fake Disneyland tickets

LOS ANGELES >> A Pasadena man received a two-year prison sentence Thursday after admitting to selling bogus Disneyland tickets online, authorities said.
Brian Edward Anderton, 43, pleaded guilty in Los Angeles County Superior Court to one county of grand theft, a felony, and four misdemeanor counts of petty theft, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokesman Greg Risling said in a written statement.
Judge David Horwitz immediately sentenced Anderton to a two-year prison sentence, to be served in county jail under AB 109 guidelines.
“Anderton contacted victims through an online site where he advertised Disneyland tickets for sale,” Risling said. “Over an eight-month period, Anderton stole more than $2,400 from five people.”
One victim lost $1,300 in the con, resulting in the grand theft charge, Risling said. The other four victims lost between $180 and $400 dollars in the scheme.
California law defines grand theft, in part, as the theft of property valued at more than $950.
The victims discovered they’d been scammed when they arrived at the park and were told their tickets were invalid, officials said.
Anderton is no stranger to a jail cell, with a length criminal history, primarily comprised of theft- and drug-related offenses, dating back to 1992, when he was 18 years old. He’s garnered more than 20 criminal cases in Los Angeles County in that time.
Among Anderton’s more recent cases:
He was already on probation after being convicted of theft by false pretenses in a separate case in May, according to Los Angeles County Superior Court records. In that case, Anderton was sentenced to three months in jail and three years of summary probation.
He was convicted of making false financial statements in April, and again in May, records show.
Anderton was convicted of petty theft in November of 2015.
He was also convicted of grand theft and four counts of petty theft in September of 2015, records show.
And he was convicted of possession of drugs for sales and petty theft with a prior theft conviction in December of 2013. He was convicted of another petty theft and drug possession two months earlier.
In 2005, Anderson was convicted of identity theft and carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.

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Magic Kingdom criminal gets charged

From the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES — A Monrovia man arrested at Disneyland has been charged with a five-day crime spree across three Southern California counties that includes carjackings, home-invasion robberies and attempted murder.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives alerted Anaheim police of 27-year-old Anthony Hislar’s whereabouts last week and he was arrested.

Hislar’s alleged crime spree started Sept. 19 with a shooting in Rosemead and continued with carjackings in El Monte and Rosemead, home invasion robberies in Arcadia and Azusa and robberies in Huntington Beach and Santa Ana. He’s also listed in a Ventura County arrest warrant.

Hisler’s bail is set at $3.4 million.

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A wild ride ends at Disneyland

Here’s the top of a story on a Monrovia man who terrorized the San Gabriel Valley for a few hours last week before spending his last moments of freedom at Disneyland.

An earlier version is here.


A Monrovia man’s wild ride through the San Gabriel Valley, which authorities suspect included carjackings, home invasions and an attempted murder, ended at “The Happiest Place on Earth,” authorities said Tuesday.
Anthony Hislar, 27, of Monrovia, was booked on suspicion of dozens of crimes including two carjackings and one attempted murder after spending the day at Disneyland with two acquaintances he met on MySpace, officials said.
“This man was just a one-man crime spree,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Det. Randy Rue-Las said. “Just out of control.”

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