Counsel general says travel to Mexico is safe despite Salcedo slaying

This from KPCC


Mexican consul general in Los Angeles Juan Marcos Gutierrez-Gonzalez said that the investigation’s taken on high priority in Mexico. “I spoke to several members of the community of El Monte, that communicate to me the concern and I immediately talked to the ambassador of Mexico in the United States, who at the time was in Mexico City. That helped and the undersecretary, at the maximum level.”

Mexican authorities have said they believe the killings were the work of area drug cartels. On Monday, thousands of people attended a candlelight vigil at which Salcedo’s brother urged those in attendance to pressure Mexican officials to find the gunmen.

Consul Gutierrez-Gonzalez said that the slaying, while tragic, should not discourage travelers from visiting his country as long as they take precautions about their surroundings. “You can travel to Mexico. We invite you to visit Mexico but once there, take your precautions. I’m not saying the Salcedos didn’t take their precautions. I think they are victims of something else we don’t know yet.”

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Many questions, few answers in death of El Monte educator Salcedo

Rep. Judy Chu came out swinging Friday — demanding answers from the Mexican government in  the death of Bobby Salcedo. 

On Friday Chu’s office issued a statement urging Mexican authorities to solve the slaying. So far, there has been no official response from Mexico.
Here’s Chu’s statement:

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South El Monte’s sister city beset by violence — six executed *

This from Mileno in Gomez Palacio:

36076-Board Member Bobby-thumb-200x132-36075.jpg

Gomez Palacio, Durango .- The bodies of six males that had bullet wounds caliber in the chest and in the cranial region, were found today at 08:30 am at the side of Sacramento versus channel to the colony 11.

Spokesmen for the State Attorney of Justice report, which was based on a telephone call that was captured in Central Radio C-4, the Expert Services staff and the public prosecutor of crimes against life and health of people, moved to the site to attest to the fact.

It was reported that the bodies were found on the floor next to the channel from Sacramento, where they were raised and subsequently concentrated in the Amphitheater Facilities for practice of the autopsy of Law

In the place where the bodies were located was said, were found about thirty-caliber spent shell casings, which is why it is assumed that there were people killed.

* One of the dead is possibly Bobby Salcedo, an El Monte school board member, picture added above.

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