Sex offender arrested after kiddie porn uncovered in Covina church

During a 2007 remodeling of the presbyterian Church in Covina, workers uncovered several disturbing images of child pornography,

A subsequent FBI investigation led to a registered sex offender who was living at working at an auto repair shop in town.

The sex offender, Richard Welton, 47, is now behind bars in federal custody.

Here’s the FBI docs from the case:



Welton has a long criminal history that includes making obscene phone calls from churches claiming to have abducted a young girl.

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Fishwrap Friday

A report in USA Today notes that the FBI claims criminal gangs are responsible for 80 percent of our nation’s crime. Here’s the story.

No Chargers in Industry this year, at least that’s a what a report in the San Diego Business Journal claims.

Local soldier Sgt. Hy Thai, of Monterey Park is profiled on News Blaze, for his work in Iraq.

Detroit cops slow to respond to reports of frozen body in abandoned warehouse, according to the Detroit News and the Associated Press, which cites the indifference of cops there as part of the city’s overall problem.

LASO unveils new technology in the pursuit of criminals.

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Child porn conviction could net former teacher 10 years

This from staff writer Robert Hong:

A former teacher at Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena pleaded guilty today to possessing child pornography.

The illegal images were found on a computer belonging to 63-year-old David Hassler when authorities searched his home in November 2007, authorities said. He was among about 10,000 of people arrested in nationwide federal investigation into on-line child pornography.

Hassler, who pleaded guilty in federal court in downtown Los Angeles, could be sentenced to up to 10 years in federal prison.

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FBI accuses gang of using encrypted BlackBerrys to sell MDMA

A federal grand jury handed down an extensive indictment Tuesday charging a group of Californians and Canadians in a conspiracy to move MDMA from local cities to Canada.

A portion of the indictment talks about how defendant Nathanael Lineham used his position with a company called beStealth to supply encrypt BlackBerrys to drug dealers. Here’s a link to the beStealth site.

Here’s the indictment:


Here’s a portion of our Web story:

Prosecutors allege the organization was overseen by Temple City resident Jason I. Ming Wei, 30, a Canadian national. He was arrested Sunday night at Los Angeles International Airport while preparing to board a flight to Canada.

A total of 18 people, including seven residents of the San Gabriel Valley, have been named in two federal indictments that outline the operations of the organization. Marijuana and ecstasy were allegedly brought to the United States from Canada, while cocaine was shipped from the United States to Canada.

The other suspects arrested Monday morning include: Jerry Fanyuan Lin, 32, of Temple City; Jose G. Garibay, aka “Guero,” 28, of La Puente; Ming Chien Hsieh, aka “Sonny,” 24, of San Gabriel; and four others from California and Canada.

The ten others being sought by authorities include Ren Sui, aka “Jeffrey,” 31, of Rosemead; Erik Damien Vicente, 41, of Baldwin Park; Hong Yee “Annie” Chow, 28, of Rowland Heights. 

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A billboard on the border

The FBI hopes to catch a man suspected of opening fire on two cops in Whittier by erecting a billboard at the border. Here’s the top portion of their press release:


The FBI has purchased a billboard, visible to vehicles traveling across the Tijuana/San Diego border, as part of its ongoing publicity campaign to find and capture Emigdio Preciado, a fugitive on the FBI’s national list of “Ten Most Wanted,” announced Salvador Hernandez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles . The billboard, which will be posted for approximately three months, displays three photographs of Preciado and contact numbers for the FBI in Los Angeles, the United States Consulate General in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a special number established by the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force to directly respond to tips, (888) CANT-HIDE

A similar billboard that was errected in Whittier last year has been defaced several times by thugs hoping to hide the face of Preciado.

That’s his mugshot and here’s a link to the wanted information from the FBI.

Other’s on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list include Osama Bin Laden and “Whitey” Bulger



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