DA Steve Cooley prepares to take on the Russian Mob

Looks like DA Steve Cooley wants to butt heads with Russian and Armenian gangsters, who are known for their prowess in fraud scams etc. Here’s a release from Mike Antonovich’s office detailing some large grants for Cooley’s efforts:

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved three grants from the California Department of Insurance in the amount of $17.2 million to automobile insurance and worker’s compensation fraud, announced Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

Two grants totaling $12 million will focus on auto insurance fraud rings, syndicates, gangs and other organizations in the County. Perpetrators also include unscrupulous doctors, chiropractors, lawyers and others who profit from fraudulent automobile insurance claims.

A $5.3 million grant for the District Attorney’s Worker’s Compensation Fraud Program will combat fraudulent claims that cost taxpayers millions of dollars annually and have led to thousands of jobs being lost due to local business closures precipitated by escalating workers’ compensation costs caused by fraud.

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Vernon’s first family convicted in voter fraud case

From Sandi Gibbons at the DA’s office:

LOS ANGELES – Leonis Malburg, mayor of Vernon for more than a half-century, and his wife were convicted of voter fraud and other charges today by a judge who ruled after a court trial.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson convicted the elderly couple of all counts but one, in which he found Leonis Malburg not guilty of assisting an unqualified voter – his 40-year-old son, John. The judge said the reason he could not convict Leonis Malburg of the lone count was that there was no evidence that John Malburg actually cast the ballot provided for him by his father.

“This dishonesty and arrogance is hard for me to fathom,” said Johnson after announcing the verdicts. He scheduled sentencing for the couple for Jan. 21, but indicated he was leaning toward heavy fines and not jail time. Leonis Malburg is 80, and his wife, Dominica, is 83. Neither is in custody.

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