Former San Gabriel Mayor Huang gets a pass

Albert Y.M. Huang won’t be in criminal court anytime soon as prosecutors in the domestic violence unit declined to press battery and robbery charges

The main reason?
The alleged victim massage parlor owner Lu Chen is out of the country and won’t testify, officials said. 
I have some questions.
Can somebody explain why San Gabriel PD didn’t interview her when the whole thing went down? Or get a statement on videotape? 
Huang proclaimed his innocence in the case. One has to wonder what would have happened if he had not resigned as mayor?
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PD can’t find former Mayor’s alleged victim, no charges filed

So here’s the scoop, San Gabriel PD can’t find the woman they need to make a case against former Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang.

Two questions…
1) didn’t they get a statement from her at the scene?
2) what happened to the witnesses?
Something might smell here.
Side note: Checkout Adolfo Flores’ story this morning in the PSN. Huang voted to exempt the g/f’s massage parlor from a citywide moratorium. There’s more to this story…stay tuned
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