Manny Ramirez — PONCHADO!

I loved the 100+ point headline in LA Opinion this morning, and the paper’s overall treatment of the Manny Ramirez positive drug test. Most times, the English language blogs in our county overlook the contributions of the region’s lively Spanish and Asian language newspapers.

Fortunately there’s Google translate. Here’s what the few grafs of LA Opinion’s story have to say this morning:

At first sight, and feel the Dodger Stadium seemed to be a branch of hell.

In the midst of a temperature exceeding 90 degrees, the high command of the Dodgers called a rare news conference on an inclement sun.

It was a cold and warm concern to disseminate the news as a bomb fell in Los Angeles.

Manny Ramrez, the man who loaded the team on his shoulders since his arrival at the end of last season, tested positive in doping analysis. Supposedly, Ramirez used Ganodotropina human chorionic (HCG). It is prescribed to stimulate fertility in women and testosterone production in men.

However, Ramirez argued that the real responsibility for what happened was a prescribed medicine that the doctor recently.

The best toletero right of Major League was suspended for 50 games and began yesterday to meet his doom.

Since we’re on the subject, the Chinese World Journal led with the Dodgers first home loss of the season before mentioning Manny:
Dodgers (Dodgers) won the first set of six points, but unable to stop in the last three nationals (Nationals) counterattack, very this year, the first home defeat Dodge has just hit the night before the opening quarter of 13 straight major league home record, this was cut.

Manny Ramirez Manny Ramirez hit strong (Manny Ramirez) the use of drugs, starting from the day of suspension 50 Manager Torre (Joe Torre) convened a closed-door meeting of players and coaches to deploy. Andre Ethier  one was sent after against the base. (James Loney) added immediately a hit, scored the first points for the Dodgers. Matt Kamp Camp (Matt Kamp) timely home run ball hit the right wall, hit a grand slam from red.

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What did Manny Ramirez take? Source says Viagra*

A source close to Dodger slugger Manny Ramirez said the banned substance Manny Ramirez tested positive for was Viagra.

I don’t believe the MLB bans the little blue pill, but I’m linking to Wikipedia’s list of MLB banned substances and a pdf of MLB substance abuse policy.
Finally a poll question:

*UPDATE: Yahoo reports it wasn’t Viagra, but another “sexual enhancement” drug:

LOS ANGELES – A source close to Manny Ramirez(notes) said Thursday that the illegal substance for which the Los Angeles Dodgers slugger tested positive was not “an agent customarily used for performance enhancing.”

At least not on the baseball diamond. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the substance is supposed to boost sex drive. It is not Viagra, but a substance that treats the cause rather providing a temporary boost in sexual performance, the source said.

Ramirez tested positive for the substance during spring training, then was administered a second test more recently, and it also was positive. Major League Baseball notified Ramirez of the second positive test after Wednesday night’s Dodgers victory over the Washington Nationals. Ramirez admitted to having taken the substance and declined to appeal. His 50-game suspension begins today.

“The substance is not a steroid and it is not human-growth hormone,” the source said.

Ramirez, the source said, acquired the substance through a prescription from a doctor in Miami for his medical condition. The source intimated that Ramirez might bring legal action against the physician.

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50 game suspension for Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez

Dodger slugger Manny Ramirez will be suspended for 50 games, according to the Los Angeles Times this morning. Ramirez reportedly tested positive for a performance enhancing drug.

Here’s the Times story:

Manny Ramirez has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended 50 games starting today, The Times has learned.

The test result and suspension is expected to be announced later today.

Ramirez works out at a Pasadena gym.
Here’s what is reporting:


LOS ANGELES — Major League Baseball will suspend Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez for 50 games for use of performance enhancing drugs, sources told on Thursday.

Major League Baseball has not yet made an official announcement.

Ramirez, who turns 37 on May 30, would be eligible to return July 3 if the suspension starts with Thursday night’s Dodgers-Nationals game.

Ramirez — an 12-time All-Star who immediately became the face of the Dodgers franchise upon his acquisition last summer — is the biggest name player to be issued such a suspension under the MLB’s stringent drug policy that was adopted in 2006.

According to the drug policy, a player receives a 50-game suspension for a first positive drug test, a 100-game suspension for a second positive test and a lifetime ban for a third positive test. The suspensions are without pay.

Ramirez re-signed with the Dodgers as a free agent this spring to a two-year contract that was to pay him $25 million.

Ramirez has been a key component in leading the Dodgers to the best record in baseball this year. In 27 games, he is batting .348 with six home runs and 20 RBIs. He is among league leaders in slugging and on-base percentage and has become the biggest drawing card the Dodgers have had since Fernando Valenzuela, even recently having a portion of the left-field box seats rechristened “Mannywood.”


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