Miller v Lopez again

This note comes from Jude Lopez regarding the America’s Most Wanted Web site and its description of his missing daughter Jennifer Lopez DeJongh and her three children.

Here’s what Jude wrote:

I was looking at the America’s Most Wanted website and it occurred to me that my daughter and her kids were listed as “white.”  While I realize that is the correct race for Hispanics, the website does classify Hispanic and white as different. And, they considered children from White/Hispanic parents as “biracial”. So why is my daughter considered as white when she is 100% Hispanic?  I trace my family from 1622 when they came from Spain and settled in Northern Mexico which later became part of the U.S.  My wife’s mother was born in Mexico and is still a citizen of that country.  Her father was born in Colorado but both his parents were born in Mexico.

Maybe, someone is ashamed that the children are “biracial.”  Or, maybe they just want to be racially correct?


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