NUDES! MOE! What else can we fit in a headline?*

This from an IM after this story appeared on the net.


OK I know you HAD to have something to do with getting “NUDE” and “MOE” together in the same headline
Sex sells, and sex mixed with runaway chimps sells even more.
I think you guys have officially taken the whole Moe thing a little too far.


Hey Frank, I think I spotted Moe!!!
He’s turned up as a … hemorroid. he’s just like one, because you just can’t GET RID OF HIM.
there’s your next Web update..

*looks like the “Diary of  Nudist” blog  is uncovering more connections in this latest report.




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Moe the chimp has taken over the blog-o-sphere. Here’s some other views on West Covina’s favorite simian: says “Monkey Flee, Monkey Do.”

Overlawyered has some interesting links and a comprehensive legal history of the Moe story.

Monkeys in the news, a blog that does just what it promises; ie; puts monkeys in the news.

As Maine goes is moe-tivated by the coverage;

Huffington Post gets in on the act.

The Chum Slick (“written by an actual shark”)  praises St. James and LaDonna Davis for their commitment to Moe.

While we can’t really endorse the housepetification of wildlife, we admire the Davis’s commitment to Moe. Most people don’t even have that kind of commitment to their own children. We hope Moe is safe in the overdeveloped “wilds” of Southern California.

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Mo minute men needed

Brian Day on Chimp Patrol today reports how the public can help in the search for Moe the Chimp:


*Park a car on Cajon Boulevard and keep watch for Moe with binoculars.

*If the chimp is cited, do not approach. Immediately call the San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Program at (800) 472-5609.

*Stay clear of Jungle Exotics, 16215 Cajon Blvd., so Moe is not scared off should he try to return.

*Be on the lookout for chimp tracks or other evidence that Moe has been in the area. If found, report them immediately to animal control.

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Chimp Patrol … Where’s Moe?


Reporter Brian Day is on “Chimp Patrol” today. He’s keeping track of all the moving and shaking going on in the search for the missing marsupial monkey  ape.

Meanwhile the powers that be here in the newsroom are thinking of ways to capitalize on Mo Mania

“We can market shirts, coffee mugs, kites, commerative dvds with outtake videos, mouse pads;  mice shaped like Moe,” said one skilled marketeer.

“Yeah and when people order it we tell em we can’t find it …it’s missing,” said another brilliant newsroom mind.

Meanwhile, I’m unveiling our official Chimp Patrol logo — its at left.

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Way back Moe-chine

Janette Williams, Star-News star, reminded me of the early days of the online newspaper with this gem:


Hi Frank – do you remember this from the early days of our Website? We had a story with Moe looking soulfully through the bars, or wire mesh, of his cage. The next day the story in that spot was about a (new) police chief, but they didn’t change the photo….I remember it so well because Richard Winton called to mock…

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It’s a Moe Monday

The escape of Moe the Chimp from his compound in Devore has created somewhat of a stir in the newsroom.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred will hold a press conference this afternoon with Moe’s parent’s St. James and LaDonna Davis, at her office on Wilshire in Los Angeles this afternoon.

The search for Moe continues in the dense and brushy mountains near Devore. Three reporters will be covering this story for the paper tomorrow.

Here in the nerve center of the operation we are split into two factions: Those who want Moe coverage and those who want No Moe coverage. What do you think?

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Moe missing

West Covina’s most famous chimp, Moe the Chimp has escaped from Famous Exotics in Devore, according to reports from the San Bernardino Sun. Here’s the top of their story:

Moe is making headlines again.

On Friday afternoon the chimp, featured in several news stories over the years, escaped from Jungle Exotics, a commercial business in the Devore area.

By Saturday wildlife volunteers and county animal control had searched for the animal in the heavily-forested area near the business.

A privately-owned helicopter circled over the area on Saturday.

The chimp has never escaped into the wild before, and would not have access to any food or water.

For the most part, the animal which once lived in West Covina and has been housed at different sanctuaries since the late 1990s, is a friendly and social creature.

But anyone who comes across the chimp is urged to contact local authorities instead of approach him.

I’ve got an email in to Gloria Allred, attorney for Moe’s family St. James and LaDonna Davis of West Covina. I plan to update the post when she writes back.

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