Weast out in Montebello

Controversial and unpopular Police Chief Dan Weast was placed on Admin leave in Montebello by interim City Administrator Randy Narramore.

Citing a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against the chief by several officers, Mayor Bill Molinari said something had to give. Narramore, the former chief of Huntington Park, takes over for now.

From James Wagner’s story:

“In my opinion, the situation was not going to come to any settlement negotiation or conclusion with that current chief in there,” Molinari said.

Thirteen police officers filed the claim in July accusing Weast of being racist and only promoting his “white friends.”

Weast did not return a cell phone call late Monday.

In Weast’s absence, the 80-officer police department will be led by veteran captains Greg Wilsey and Ralph Newcomb, who will report to Narramore, city officials said. Wilsey is one of the officers who filed the claim against Weast.

Narramore, a former police chief in Huntington Park, did not return two messages left at City Hall.

The Montebello Police Officers Association voted no confidence in Weast in August.

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