Arcadia to probe possible link between robberies there and in Monterey Park

From reporter Thomas Himes:

Arcadia police said Friday they will investigate a possible link between the Monterey Park robbery and two robberies that occurred in that city in November, Arcadia police Sgt. Tom Le Veque said.

“There are some similarities in suspect descriptions and the circumstances surrounding the crime,” Le Veque said. “But it’s way too early to say anything is related.” recovered a Porsche in Alhambra that was stolen during a home invasion robbery in Monterey Park, officials said Friday.

Six people were bound with zip ties and one man was pistol-whipped during the robbery that occurred at 3:15 a.m. Thursday in the 500 block of Whitney Place.

Tipsters alerted police after they recognized the Porsche’s description from a news report, Monterey Park police Sgt. Frank Duke said.

“They called and said they saw this Porsche in the news,” Duke said.

The Porsche was located in good condition near West Garvey and Montezuma avenues in Alhambra about 7 p.m., Duke said.

“We did recover some evidence out of the Porsche,” Duke said. “We will process it and hopefully get some traceable evidence,” Duke said.

Police brought a man in for questioning about 6 p.m., but later released him, Duke said.

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52-year-old woman arrested in connection with lewd acts with students

Police have arrested an booked a 52-year-old woman on suspicion of commiting lewd acts with a 14-year-old student at Monterey Highlands Elementary School in Monterey Park.

Apparently the woman wasn’t a teacher, but a staff member at the school. The act apparently occurred off campus.

Mildred Luna is a staff member at the school, police said. The allegations, stemming from an incident that reportedly occurred after school Feb. 6 at a location away from the school, was not reported until mid-April, police said.
Luna was arrested April 14, officials said.

I’ll try to post more details later in the day if they come in.

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No Cal murder suspect sought in Monterey Park

This comes from the San Jose Mercury News:


The search for the killer of a 41-year-old Cupertino woman stretched to Los

Authorities also confirmed Tuesday that the 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son of Wei Wei Li and Bing Yi witnessed the attacks on their parents before the daughter was able to make a 911 call. Li died at the scene.

Detectives from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office were in the Monterey Park area of Los Angeles on Tuesday, looking for Huaichang Zhao, who is believed to have attacked Li and Yi with some kind of blunt object before fleeing in his white pickup truck.

Zhao’s mug shot comes from fugitive.coma Bay Area site devoted to helping capture crooks.

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Fishwrap Friday

A report in USA Today notes that the FBI claims criminal gangs are responsible for 80 percent of our nation’s crime. Here’s the story.

No Chargers in Industry this year, at least that’s a what a report in the San Diego Business Journal claims.

Local soldier Sgt. Hy Thai, of Monterey Park is profiled on News Blaze, for his work in Iraq.

Detroit cops slow to respond to reports of frozen body in abandoned warehouse, according to the Detroit News and the Associated Press, which cites the indifference of cops there as part of the city’s overall problem.

LASO unveils new technology in the pursuit of criminals.

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