The strange and terrible saga continues

An outlaw motorcycle gang member is led on a perp walk by officers involved in a RICO bust of members of the Mongols Motorcycle gang.


A person is brought in to the Montebello Police Department after many
arrests overnight during an investigation conducted by the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), L.A. Sheriff Dept.,
Montebello Police and La Vegas Police. Over 160 federal search
warrants and 110 federal arrest warrants were served today on members
and associates of the Mongols Outlaw Motorcycle Gang nationwide.
(SGVN/Staff Photo by Raul Roa/SVCity)

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What do Steve’s BBQ, a Pasadena gas station and a West Covina home all have in common?

They are all mentioned in the block buster 177-page federal indictment against members of the outlaw motorcycle gang known as the Mongols. The indictment details drug deals, beatings, a war with La Eme, murder and attempted murder.


a link 

to the indictment for your reading pleasure.

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Mongols talking points

This comes from a hand-out reporter Emma Gallegos received this morning at the Montebello Police Department:

  • The investigation was handled by the ATF the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Montebello PD and the Las Vegas Metro PD.
  • ATF agents, deputies and police officers obtained 160 search warrants and 110 arrest warrants for the sweep this morning.
  • 1500 cops were involved in the various searches and arrests. Warrants were served in California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Ohio.
  • Mongols members are being charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, firearms violations, and narcotics violations. The prosecution will be a RICO case.
  • The Mongols and their associates are a heavily armed and violent cang. There are approximately 600 members in the US and 400 of those memberrs are in California. The gang was recruiting street gang members.
  • Among those arrested were former Mongols National President Rueben “Doc” Cavazos.
  • The sweep is this second time since 2001 that the gang has been targeted by federal authorities.


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American Heat

In wake of increased violence between outlaw motorcycle gangs, Palm Desert is prepping for a weekend orgy of motorcyclists to descend on the Riverside County Community, according to the Desert Sun:


Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez told merchants this week that while there have been recent incidents around the state between rival motorcycle gangs, he does not expect violence during this weekend’s event.

“They (the motorcycle groups) have let us know they are coming and they just want to have fun,” Dominguez said.

Earlier this year, Dominguez warned the City Council that he was concerned about rising incidents among the Mongols, Vagos and Hells Angels motorcycle gangs.

He said this week that there is always a chance that something could happen, but his department will be prepared.

There will be a heavy presence of uniformed officers throughout the weekend, as well as volunteer and off-duty law enforcement officers who will be in town showing off their own bikes, Dominguez said. Burke said he will also have security on hand to ensure a family-friendly event.

“I think we will be fine,” Dominguez said.

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A fallen biker

Here’s a photo of Manuel Martin supplied by the DMV. Martin was apparently shot and killed at the 210 2 connector on the Glendale La Canada border early Wednesday morning, officials said. He was 30.

Police are working two theories in regard to the incident. The first is that Martin may have been killed as a result of road rage. The second involves a fellow motorcyclist’sapparentaffiliationwiththeMongols outlaw motorcycle gang and an ongoing feud between the Hell’s Angels andMongols. Police don’t know (or wont’ say) if Martin was a Mongol.
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The strange and terrible saga of outlaw motorcycle gangs continues***

A motorcyclist who was shot to death on a freeway in Glendale may have been a member of the Montebello-based Mongols motorcycle gang, authorities said Wednesday.

The shooting occurred about 2 a.m. And the connector linking the 2 and the 210 was shut down for most of the morning, authorities said.

The death may be the latest chapter in a feud between the Mongols and the Hells Angels.

In early September, Hells Angels leader Mark “Papa: Guardado was shot to death in San Francisco’s Mission District. Christopher Ablett, a Modesto member of the Mongols is believed to be responsible for the slaying, according to witnesses.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:


Guardado was killed about a mile from the Hells Angels clubhouse on Tennessee Street, where he lived as head of what the group calls the Frisco chapter.

Police say murder charges were filed against Ablett in San Francisco earlier this week. He is considered armed and dangerous, and is being sought on a $5 million arrest warrant.

Homicide Inspector Karen Lynch declined to elaborate on a possible motive for the killing, other than to say Guardado and Ablett apparently argued on the street before the shooting.

Ablett is a freelance electrician who lives with his parents in a suburban neighborhood of Modesto.

* Ablett turned himself in to authorities in Oklahoma yesterday, according to the Associated Press:

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (AP) – The man police think killed the leader of the San Francisco Hells Angels motorcycle gang last month surprised a smalltown police force in Oklahoma by turning himself in.
Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland says Christopher Ablett showed up to surrender Sunday.
A check of Ablett’s name and fingerprints turned up nothing tying him to any case in Oklahoma. He suggested they might want to expand their search, and that’s when a California warrant for his arrest popped onto the screen with a $5 million bond attached. Ablett told the officers, “That would be me.”
Holland says Ablett was “as polite as could be,” and not someone you’d think killed anyone.
Ablett is said to be part of a rival motorcycle gang fueding with the Hells Angels.

** The official Mongols Web site is here.

***The dead man has been identified as Manuel V. Martin, of Torrance or Venice. He was 30 years old.
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