No video released from Pasadena OIS

Pasadena police Chief Barney Melekian last week promised he would release a video of the OIS that occurred at Washington and Mentone.

Monday he refused to release the video, citing vague legal ramifications. Melekian also said the video didn’t capture the entire incident:

A video recorder from a police patrol car’s dashboard captured parts of the shooting, Melekian said, but the camera angle does not show the struggle inside Barnes’ car, he added.

He said police were withholding release of the videotape due to unspecified “legal issues.”

Melekian also refused to release the names of the two officers involved, saying the department was protecting their safety.


The cops are on adminsitrative leave. Don’t know if that’s a paid or unpaid leave.

Melekian also gave a third version of events. Here’s what the police are now saying about the shooting of Leroy Barnes:

On Monday, Melekian said Barnes was armed with a gun, but he never fired it during the confrontation with officers.

“A struggle ensued in the back seat of that car and Mr. Barnes displayed a handgun and pointed it at one of the officers as they fought,” the chief said. “(An) officer fired one gunshot. The other officer believed that Mr. Barnes had in fact shot his partner.”

The second officer then began firing, Melekian said.

“That accounts for the statement on Thursday night that Mr. Barnes fired at the officer. He did not. However, it appears, at least preliminarily, that he was certainly attempting to do so.”

While 11 shots were fired, investigators won’t know how many times Barnes was hit until the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office issues a final autopsy report, he said.


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