Romero’s departure draws praise

Earlier this week Pomona Police Chief Joe Romero was fired by the City Council there. At least one local family is praising the move, primarily because of remarks Romero made following the murder of Eileen Ponce Orta.

You might remember this story:

POMONA (AP) The family of a missing woman found her body in a minivan after police summoned them to pick up the vehicle because it was illegally parked near the Pomona courthouse.

Police said today that Eileen Orta was found stabbed to death on Friday — three days after her family filed a missing’s person report.

The report gave a full description of Orta and the van, and was entered into a national law enforcement database.

When the van was found parked near the courthouse, police told Orta’s family to pick it up before it was impounded.

No one apparently checked the vehicle, and it was Orta’s mother who found her daughter buried under some blankets.


I received this letter from Tracy Ponce, Eileen’s mother, this morning:


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Gang Boy

Goddess of Pomona — responsible for two posts today.  This one is a link to a film called Gang Boy, a 1950s tale of feuding gangs in a very different Pomona. The goddess writes:

The 1954 movie Gang Boy was filmed entirely in Pomona, and was based on a true Pomona story of a truce between gangs.


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