From my mailbag this morning — People care about Prop 8

Here’s a letter I received just a few minutes after writing a story about the passage of Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriages in California:

Frank, I live in Texas and wanted to get some election results, so I googled “prop 8 results” and your story came up. I am glad it passed, but wow, what a biased slant you give ! You pick up and continue the media line of prop 8 “bans” something, and then throw in the “hate” junk. Please, that is so lame.
Try thinking for yourself.
Nothing about judicial activism that struck down the will of the California people, or goes against nature, and 5000 years of human history !
Try researching and thinking a bit, rather than just blindly following the pied piper.
San Antonio, Tx

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Yes on 8 signs targeted in Covina


It’s a typical late October campaign stunt — steal signs of the opposition. This year’s target happens to be Yes on Proposition 8 signs from several homes in Covina, officials said.

If passed, Prop 8 would ban gay marriage in California. In official language: “Only a marriage between a man and a woman would be recognized by the state.

In all as many as 15 residents have been victimized, Covina police Lt. Scott Pierson said. The thefts have all occurred under cover of the night. The homes affected are in a neighborhood bounded by on the east by Hollenbeck Avenue and west by Azusa Avenue. The north and south boundaries are Puente and Edna, Pierson said.

Total monetary value associated with the thefts equaled about $5 per sign, Pierson estimated. Patrolmen will be on the lookout tonight for “campaign workers.”

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