Woman in forclosure threatens to chain herself to bank

A San Gabriel woman facing foreclosure because of a second mortgage has threatened to chain herself inside a bank this morning in protest of the bailout plan and the bank’s unwilllingness to help her out of a jam. Here’s an early version of the story we have just posted:

SAN GABRIEL – Facing foreclosure on her home, a woman has vowed to handcuff herself inside a Wachovia bank branch in San Gabriel to protest what she says is the bank’s unwillingness to listen to her.

Irene Garcia claims Wachovia defrauded her on loan documents. She says her efforts to get the bank to look into her complaints have been to no avail. Legal Aid and other groups she’s turned to for help have also brushed her off, Garcia claims.

“We tried everythng — no one wants to listen to us. We’re losing our home, and nobody seems to care.”

Efforts are being made to contact Wachovia officials for comment on Garcia’s claims.

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