Vivid Entertainment owner says condoms bad for porn biz

An open letter (


 from Vivid Entertainment Founder Steven Hirsch takes aim at a proposed Los Angeles County ballot measure that would require porn actors to wear condoms on set. 

In his letter Hirsch says porn actors and actresses are less likely than the general population to contract HIV and other STDs. Here’s a quote:

“Bottom line: Measure B is a bad idea. Our County officials have no business regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults, intervening into how films are produced, or invading our bedrooms — real or pretend.”

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Ex-President robbing Valley banks

35266-254552_TITLE B-thumb-300x276-35265.jpg
The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in learning the identity of an unidentified male known to law enforcement as the “Ex-President” Bandit.  The bandit is currently believed to be responsible for two robberies in the city of Encino, California, within a one week time period.  The bandit is described as a black male, wearing dark clothing and a mask described as a rendition of former President, Richard Nixon.  During both robberies, the  bandit was armed with a handgun, which he brandished liberally throughout the bank, and to enforce orders given to victims in the bank.  The bandit, while exhibiting violence, has been described as having a calm demeanor.  The two banks that were robbed are as follows: 
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust      12/2            Encino
U.S. Bank                                  11/25          Encino

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