Former San Gabriel Mayor Huang gets a pass

Albert Y.M. Huang won’t be in criminal court anytime soon as prosecutors in the domestic violence unit declined to press battery and robbery charges

The main reason?
The alleged victim massage parlor owner Lu Chen is out of the country and won’t testify, officials said. 
I have some questions.
Can somebody explain why San Gabriel PD didn’t interview her when the whole thing went down? Or get a statement on videotape? 
Huang proclaimed his innocence in the case. One has to wonder what would have happened if he had not resigned as mayor?
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PD can’t find former Mayor’s alleged victim, no charges filed

So here’s the scoop, San Gabriel PD can’t find the woman they need to make a case against former Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang.

Two questions…
1) didn’t they get a statement from her at the scene?
2) what happened to the witnesses?
Something might smell here.
Side note: Checkout Adolfo Flores’ story this morning in the PSN. Huang voted to exempt the g/f’s massage parlor from a citywide moratorium. There’s more to this story…stay tuned
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Shooting reported in San Gabriel

The California Fire Page is reporting a “mass casualty” incident in San Gabriel this morning in the 700 block of East Valley.

As many as six people were shot according to a Twitter alert sent out by the organization. The site of the incident is near the intersection of Valley Boulevard and San Gabriel Boulevard, according to the early report.

Sheriff’s homicide detectives have been dispatched to the scene, according to Sheriffs Sgt. Barry Hall.

Here’s the updated story as we know it:


SAN GABRIEL – At least one person is dead after a shooting at a coffee house in the 700 block of East Valley Boulevard late Thursday, authorities said.

The shooting, which occurred about 11:20 p.m., injured as many as six people, authorities said. Two masked men reportedly opened fire in the crowded restaurant, authorities said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide officials have been dispatched, Sheriff’s Sgt. Barry Hall said.

“We’re rolling,” Hall said.

San Gabriel Fire Batallion Chief Bryan Frieders said there were multiple gunshot victims at the location. Of those three were listed in critical condition and two were listed in stable condition, he said.

The shooting took place inside a coffee house, Freiders said.

“It’s a little cafe right there at the corner,” he said.

In all engine companies from ALhambra, Monterey Park and San Marino responded to the shooting, Freiders said.

“We had four engine companies, four paramedic ambulances and two basic life support units on the scene,’ he said. It sepaks to the effectiveness of mutual response.”

No victim or suspect descriptions were available. The shooters fled the scene in an unknown direction.

No further details are available.


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“The Boat” cleared to return to its home port

Most press releases that make thier way to my inbox, find their way to the round file. But not this one. It’s time to celebrate in the SGV, because “The Boat” is coming back:


San Gabriel, CA, Nov. 6, 2008 – Look for the new, expanded Clearman’s
Galley on Rosemead Boulevard in San Gabriel just south of its popular sister
restaurant, The Northwoods Inn, to open the first week of December.

The Galley’s new incarnation has doubled to 8,500 square
feet and will accommodate nearly 300 diners. The enlarged outside patio
will seat up to 90 guests. An expanded full bar with seating for nearly 30
guests will offer a complete choice of libations, including nearly two dozen beer

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Woman in forclosure threatens to chain herself to bank

A San Gabriel woman facing foreclosure because of a second mortgage has threatened to chain herself inside a bank this morning in protest of the bailout plan and the bank’s unwilllingness to help her out of a jam. Here’s an early version of the story we have just posted:

SAN GABRIEL – Facing foreclosure on her home, a woman has vowed to handcuff herself inside a Wachovia bank branch in San Gabriel to protest what she says is the bank’s unwillingness to listen to her.

Irene Garcia claims Wachovia defrauded her on loan documents. She says her efforts to get the bank to look into her complaints have been to no avail. Legal Aid and other groups she’s turned to for help have also brushed her off, Garcia claims.

“We tried everythng — no one wants to listen to us. We’re losing our home, and nobody seems to care.”

Efforts are being made to contact Wachovia officials for comment on Garcia’s claims.

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