Code enforcement shuts nursery school crafts fair

From the only in Sierra Madre category, the Tattler reports that city Code enforcement officers shut down a nursery school crafts fair and book sale in a local park — the participants lacked a permit. (Read to the bottom of the blog entry for this item:

Sadly for both the moms and their kids, someone from City Hall sent over Code Enforcement Officer Lisa Volpe to shut all this down. The parents apparently were operating without a business permit. Something they had never been required to get before.

Lisa was nice about it all agreed. I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed by having to chase a bunch of nice families out of a park? Lisa was just doing what she was told to do. So the parents packed up their kids, books and crafts and went home.

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Blogger burglarized in Sierra Madre

John Crawford over at Sierra Madre Tattler blogs about a break-in at his home that cost him:

a computer of the more traditional kind, two laptops including the one I usually type this blog on, a faux flat screen TV, a kid’s cello (the maestro seemed strangely unmoved by its loss), the stereo including a turntable, some jewelry and, oddly enough, a stack of my shirts.

At the tail end of the post, Crawford reveals how a similar break-in happened at Chief Marilyn Diaz’s home. You can read the entire post and all the comments here.

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Sierra Madre puts crime reports on the Internet

Sierra Madre PD officials announced Tuesday that crime reports from the community will be available on line at
Here’s a link to recent crime reports that includes the addresses of registered sex offenders.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department utilizes as well, so by zooming out from Sierra Madre, you can get a pretty good sense of what’s happening along the foothills.
You won’t see Pasadena or San Gabriel on the map though.

Pasadena PD announced last week it was going with competitor to display calls for service. San Gabriel PD has had an arrangement in place with for several months.

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Sierra Madre officer involved shooting

Sheriff’s homicide detectives are in Sierra Madre this evening to investigate an officer involved shooting that resulted in a man being seriously wounded, officials said.

The shooting occurred in the 200 block of West Sierra Madre Boulevard at 3:36 this morning.

According to the sheriff’s department a Sierra Madre police officer on patrol early Friday recovered a stolen Nissan Murano. it had been reported missing in Pacifica, a town in Northern California.

The officer had the vehicle towed to a garage at the police department. When the officeer opened the locked car, he was confronted by a suspect who had been hiding under a blanket in the rear of the Murano.

The cop fired and shot and wounded the suspect.

The suspect was only identified as a 46-year-old man. He was struck in the upper body and taken to the hospital, officials said.

The officer was not injured, officials said.

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Green Flag flies in Sierra Madre


The Sierra Madre emergency alert system is flying a green flag today — which means the city is in Stage One alert mode for potential mudslides.

The system alerts residents to mudslide danger on local hillsides. It grew out of a wildfire last spring that destroyed several acres fo brush in the foothills just above the tiny San Gabriel Valley community.

Here’s what a Green Flag means, according to the site:

The City’s state of emergency level is now at Stage One: GREEN FLAG–Activated under a prediction of 80%–100% chance of precipitation. Affected residents should get “READY” for potential evacuation. This includes keeping a close watch on weather forecasts.

Here’s some city links of interest:

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