Forget about Pechanga or Vega$ there’s slots right here in the SGV

Who knew?

This from reporter Ben Baeder, who chronicles a growing trend right here int he San Gabriel Valley — illegal slot machines:

It’s the long arm of the law versus the one-armed bandits.

Area police are increasingly finding illegal gambling machines at area businesses, such as restaurants, liquor stores and laundromats.

Officers in El Monte and Covina have confiscated 11 machines since Dec. 6.

The discoveries have officers wondering how widespread the practice is.

“We weren’t really looking for them, but after these last couple weeks, we are now,” Covina Police Sgt. Gregg Peterson said.

Covina police since Dec. 6 have confiscated four slot machines, including two last week at a laundromat on Azusa Avenue.

And El Monte Police on Tuesday found seven video games converted into gambling machines. The games were llegal gambling machines seized by El Monte Police from businesses.


Even children’s games that give out redemption tickets are technically forbidden. If they desired, officials could enforce the law at Chuck E. Cheese’s or similar establishments.

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