Victim’s rights advocates want answers in La Puente

The La Puente City Council is prepared to take a vote tonight possibly indicating support for a bill in the state assembly that would reduce the sentences of young murderers. Here’s the text of an email I received this morning from Tracy Ponce, whose daughter was killed then stuffed in a van in the parking lot of the Pomona Police station:

Come and speak out against the City of La Puente Council’s consideration of sending a letter of support for SB399.

This Bill (SB 399) in Sacramento would allow murders convicted at an age under 18 and sentenced to life without parole to have their sentences reviewed and reduced after 10 years.

The council meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

To Speak: You will need to fill out a slip which is on the table to the left as you enter the chamber. Give the form to the clerk in the front. These speak forms must be given to the clerk before the first speaker has concluded their remarks.

It would also be great if we all wear or beautiful t-shirts, buttons, hats or anything that has our loved ones picture on it, so that the City of La Puente Council can see why we are against them supporting SB 399.

If you are unable to make it to this meeting, please feel free to send the City of La Puente, (especially Councilmen John Solis) an email, letter or even a phone call to let them know that you are AGAINST supporting this outrageous bill called SB 399.

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