Sex video leads to criminal charges * *

** Material removed

Jennifer McLain wrote the story in Tuesday’s newspaper:

WEST COVINA – A Lake Elsinore woman who posted an Internet sex video targeting a city councilwoman has been convicted of disturbing the peace for making threatening phone calls to the councilwoman, officials said Monday.

Charlynda Lamb, 32, posted a video in several Internet forums purporting to show West Covina Councilwoman Shelley Sanderson engaged in sexual activity in 2000.

Sanderson, 43, filed a criminal complaint against Lamb in January, alleging Lamb was threatening and harassing her over the phone. Sanderson on Monday declined to discuss the video.

“I need to make sure that nothing compromises the ongoing investigation,” Sanderson said. “I am a victim here.”

West Covina police Lt. Ron Mitchell, who hadn’t seen the video, said police didn’t believe it was Sanderson in the video.



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