Recession forces strip club to rethink prices*

Things are pretty bad in Detroit, bad enough to hurt business at Jon Jon’s, a topless club in Warren, Mi. near GM’s huge campus. Table dance prices have been cut in half, and drink prices reduced. The owner has even cut back operating hours.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Jon Jon’s has lowered prices on drinks, but business is still down 50% from a year ago, Sander said. She now opens the club at 6 p.m. instead of 11 a.m.

“People can’t afford to go out and have fun the way they used to,” said Sander, whose club on Mound Road is roughly halfway between GM’s Technical Center and the GM Powertrain and Chrysler pickup truck assembly plants. “Of course it has to do with the economy.”

*Check out this 52-week stock chart for RICK, a strip club conglomerate:


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