Walnut man shot during break-in attempt

Here’s the story:

A Walnut man who forced his way into a Pomona apartment Monday evening was shot after he stabbed a man inside the residence.

Paramedics flew Anthony Zabele, 27, to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds to his lower legs.

Police received a call about a stabbing and shooting in the 700 block of East Third Street at 6:14 p.m. They found Keith Kilpatrick, 28, of San Bernardino, April Chacon, 24, of Pomona and Zabele in the apartment.

Officers discovered that Zabele entered the apartment and attacked Kilpatrick and Chacon. Kilpatrick was stabbed during the fight. Kilpatrick shot Zabele in self-defense, police said.

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Thursday’s column — What if the Raiders came to Diamond Bar?

I want to see professional football return to Los Angeles.

But then, sometime Wednesday morning, I broke out in a cold sweat and began pondering a problem, “What if it’s the Raiders?”

It got me thinking about broken down Winnebagos parked in ritzy Diamond Bar and Walnut neighborhoods; grungy bikers up and down Grand Avenue and Diamond Bar Boulevard, drunken orgies, beatings and empty bottles of Jack Daniels lining gutters on peaceful streets with names like Quail Summit or Snow Creek Drive.

I remember a tailgate party a few years back outside the Oakland Coliseum just before a game between the Raiders and the Buccaneers. Guys riding Harleys and Indians rumbled down Hegenberger Road and 66th Street, waving flags and shouting.

I can only imagine the shivers that course up and down the spines of the Casper Milquetoasts and other timid souls who came to Diamond Bar and Walnut seeking refuge from the madness of the big city.

Then came the visions of fans of all ethnicities clad in silver and black tossing back Mad Dog 20/20, Old English or Colt .45 malt liquors, bumping hip hop at full volume and generally terrorizing anyone wearing Steelers or Chargers or Broncos gear.

Actually, I remember covering a game back in 1990 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where Raiders fans nearly beat a Steelers fan to death.

The hapless victim had been circling the stadium waving a GameDay program emblazoned with the Steelers three-diamond logo and shouting “Steelers! Steelers!”

When a guy from Agoura Hills was hauled into court and charged with assault, his attorney blamed the Raiders.

The attorney wasn’t alone, Hunter S. Thompson once described Darth Vader as a “punk compared to (Raider owner) Al Davis.”

In any event, the Raiders blamed beer and shut off booze sales the next week when the team played Seattle. LAPD officers patrolled the Coliseum armed with binoculars and ultimately kept the peace.

The next time I saw the Steelers and Raiders it was in Oakland. I was sitting in the end zone seats affectionately referred to as “Black Hole.” I sat behind “Darth Raider” and pretty near a guy wearing a grim reaper outfit and skull mask.

Some idiot with long blond hair and a day job sat in front of all of us. He took to waiving the Steelers trademark “Terrible Towel” in a ritual reminiscent of a suicidal matador surrounded by angry bulls.

“Fool,” I thought. I’m pretty sure he was beaten in the parking lot after the Steelers won 29-10.

Perhaps my apprehension is misguided.

“You also have to take into consideration its Oakland,” Industry Sheriff’s Sgt. Thomas Watson said. “It’s not San Francisco and not the city of Industry. If it’s the Raiders who come here, especially with the kind of pressure they are going to be under, they are going to be taking great pains to fit in the community.”

Whew. So much for that.

I can root for the Cardinals in peace on Super Sunday.

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A criminal blast from a Walnut councilman’s past

In light of Robert Urteaga’s no contest plea to Grand Theft charges back in 1999, I got to thinking about a case that involved Walnut City Councilman Joaquin Lim back in 1997.

Lim was accused of petty theft after he allegedly left a grocery store without paying for $27 in groceries. Ultimately Lim testified in his own behalf and was acquitted in the case. Some of the original reporting is on the jump.

Continue reading “A criminal blast from a Walnut councilman’s past” »

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Nothing going on — except a school lockdown

This letter was sent to parents of kids attending CJ Morris Elementary in Walnut. About the time we made a round of calls to both Walnut and West Covina and were told “Nothing going on.”

Good afternoon. This is Mrs. Arzola, Principal of C.J. Morris. As some
of you may know, this morning there was police activity in a home a few
blocks from our school. Helicopters and patrol cars were dispatched. As
a precautionalry measure, we implemented a lock-down and brought our
students in from recess. Throughout the incident, we were in contact
with both the Walnut Valley Sherriff’s Station and the West Covina
Police Department. At approximately 11:00a.m., 30 minutes later, Watch
Commander, Tolich, of the West Covina Police Department informed us
that the incident was contained and we isssued an all-clear.

I just wanted to reassure you that throughout the incident, our
students were safe and secure and the lock-down was merly a
precautionary measure. The staff at C.J. Morris is well-trained in
safety proceedures. We take great pride in ensuring our school is a
safe place.

Thank you for helping us to make it happen. If you have any questions
or concerns, please feel free to give me a call.


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Boricuas caught?

10982-armed_boricuas_bandits_01-thumb-300x140.jpgThere’s word on the street that two of the three Armed Boricua bandits have been caught in San Diego.

The trio is responsible for robberies in Upland and Walnut according to the FBI’s LA Bank Robbers Web site.

Wachovia bank had offered a reward.



2 Hispanic Male and 1 Hispanic Female, 5 feet 5 to 5 feet 9, 145, 25 to 35
Robbed in Upland and Walnut

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