Band director cut loose

We reported heavily on the story of Granada Middle School Band Director Phillip Roa.

A former student of Roa’s used her MySpace account to accuse the man of Rape. According to the woman, the rape occurred five years ago.
The sheriff’s department did an investigation arrested Roa and even posted on Topix searching for other victims. The case didnt’ pan out — no charges filed by the District Attorney’s office.
One of the interestign elements of the case was the shear volume of comments about Roa on Topix by kids who didn’t like him for one reason or another.
None of those kids have posted on the story that describes his release and the lack of a decent case.
Here’s a bit from Ruby Gonzales’ story on Roa.

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Dead End Locos sought by cops*

The *shooting of a sheriff’s deputy’s mother in early July may have been a case of mistaken identity, according to a story by reporter Ruby Gonzales:


WHITTIER – Gang investigators say the July 6 shooting that wounded a deputy’s 60-year-old mother was a case of mistaken identity.

They believe members of the Dead End Locos gang not only shot at the wrong house that night, the group also mistakenly tagged it two weeks ago.

Now deputies are asking for the public’s help in finding three men wanted for questioning in the shooting in the 11700 block of Keith Drive.

One of two suspected shooters is already in custody and deputies have also recovered one gun and the getaway vehicle, a gold-colored Ford Explorer.


As for the mug shot. Here’s the caption:

Ruben Rene ‘Droopy” Amperano, one of the alleged shooters, was arrested during a parole and probation sweep on July 10. (Courtesy)  

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Gang round-up


A 31-year old member of a gang called Brown Brotherhood is taken into custody by a parole agent during a multi-agency sweep at the 8700 block of Nogal Ave. in Whittier on Tuesday, July 15, 2008. A 22-caliber rifle, a crossbow and other weapons were found at the location. The parolee is looking at parole violation and charges, of being an ex-felon in possesion of a gun. Nine locations in Whittier, Pico Rivera and Norwalk were hit simultaneously early in the morning.
(SGVN/Staff Photo by Raul Roa/SWCity)

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Death and taxes

Unlike the mythical panty story, this actually happened in the San Gabriel Valley.  Whittier Daily News reporter Ruby Gonzales has the scoop on a guy who died around April 15. Apparently the county tax collector was looking for him but the grim reaper got there first:

A man apparently died three months ago but his body was discovered Tuesday afternoon after a county worker came knocking.

Guy King, 65, was found on his couch next to a paper bag with a carton of milk and some yogurt that expired on April 18, said Whittier Police spokesman Jason Zuhlke.

He said King apparently kept to himself and his family lives out of state. A neighbor last saw King two months ago.

The grisly discovery was made Tuesday afternoon in the 10800 block of Kibbee Avenue by a county employee and a neighbor.

Zuhlke didn’t know what county department the worker was from and why he was at King’s home.

However, records show the bank had a lien on the house.


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