San Dimas to play Rancho Cucamonga, Fred’s blog says

Smoke ’em if you got ’em, I guess. The Saints also play Monrovia again during their nonleague, which means if everything goes according to form San Dimas will play M-Town four times in two seasons. It also means three of SD’s first four opponents are Bonita, Rancho and M-Town. Impressive!

Aram’s take: Somebody’s feeling strong. I don’t like it. I’m not quite sure San Dimas is to that level yet. But it’s certainly daring and the flip side is that most people would accuse San Dimas of not playing anyone if Coach Z didn’t take games like this.

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  • Insider

    Aram, that’s exactly what people did with coach Z last year. They didn’t play anyone. This year I think Z’s hands are tied, no one to play in week 2. I think this is a win/win for the Saints. No one, you included, expects the Saints to win. You’re right, they aren’t at that level. But what if…..I mean what if….. they can hang in there, and maybe even actually win. Well then. This is a win/win for the Saints.

    Coach Z is turning into Roddy Layton. I think DR pay anyone anywhere is rubbing off on Zernickow. Last year this would have terrified him but this year, his hands are tied, and he has nothing to lose.

  • Dan

    I agree, the Saints lose this game 8 or 9 out of 10, but if it’s a down year for Rancho C. and an up year for the Saints they just may eek out a win an it would be a nice notch to have on their belt.