Wardell Crutchfield “not coming back” …

I spoke to Wardell Crutchfield to see if he had any short- or long-term interest in being a head coach again and got an unequivocal “no” to both options. Coach Crutch will coach his son Wardell Jr. this season at Baldwin Park as an assistant to James Heggins and after that he’s “out”.

With all these jobs open I was wondering if Coach Crutch was putting out feelers, but I guess not. Say what you want about him, he got things done at Duarte, which had been sleeping for years.

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  • A Fan

    Is Tip still coaching at Duarte? I hope he can get things turned around. It is sad how many players didn’t give Tip a chance, and left. No wonder Duarte went winless, they barely had any players.

    Coach Crutch and Coach Tip are both good coaches and good people.

  • footballfan


  • Hey

    South Hills gets two years worth of Jamie Canada!!!

  • sgv fb fan

    What is the story at Duarte? Any new coaches aree players coming out? Whats the story?