Monrovia to play Glendora and South Hills!!! …

Somebody’s feelin’ it!!!!! Monrovia has replaced Rosemead and Duarte on its schedule with Glendora and South Hills, respectively. And that goes along with nonleague games against Arcadia and San Dimas. All I can say is wow.

Here’s the ’10 sked:
Week 1 at Glendora
Week 2 Arcadia
Week 3 at San Dimas
Week 4 at South Hills
Week 5 Paramount
Week 6 at Blair
Week 7 San Marino
Week 8 Temple City
Week 9 at South Pas
Week 10 La Canada

‘Cats coach Ryan Maddox’s thoughts and an Aram take after the jump.

Maddox on why: “If you want to be a top-level program, you have to play top-level programs. There’s no way around that.”

Maddox on what might happen:
“We could as easily be 0-4 as we could 4-0. The point isn’t the record in the preseason, the point is getting ourselves ready for the playoffs.

Maddox on San Dimas: We’re looking forward to it. If you don’t play anybody in your division, then how do you know where you’re at?

Incoming!!!!!!! Monrovia’s frosh team went 9-1 with the only loss coming to Tesoro (yikes!). The JV team went 6-4. Maddox reminds that a lot of Monrovia’s good upper classmen were up with the varsity team.

Aram’s take: Strong. Real strong. Love what Coach Maddox is doing. Keep in mind that Coach Maddox, who played at South Hills, cut his teeth under Mike Maggiore at WestCo so he knows the area well.

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  • Dan

    Thats a nice schedule no cupcakes for Monrovia, I think I recall reading that even Arcadia will be pretty tough this year. Coach Maddox is doing a great job over there and striving to improve the program even more with a much tougher schedule for Monrovia.

  • New York

    This is definitely a good schedule for Monrovia. Keep up the good work Coach Maddox.

  • chump

    paramount is chump change compared to the other four preparation games. shoulda swapped them with bishop amat, charter oak, john muir, mater dei, if not better,

  • New York

    Coach Maddox tried getting St. Francis but it did not work out this time. Paramount has a huge enrollment, probably 3X that of Monrovia.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Your right about Paramount, they have a huge enrollment over 3000 I believe, I think I read somewhere they are getting a new coaching staff
    so who knows, with the right staff they may turn back into a powerhouse again.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Your right about Paramount, they have a huge enrollment over 3000 I believe, I think I read somewhere they are getting a new coaching staff
    so who knows, with the right staff they may turn back into a powerhouse again.
    Not sure if I hit the submit button the first time
    but here goes again.

  • chump

    chonk to the finish pattern recently if you ask me. back 2 back years closing out season on losing streak man.

    combined record last 6 yrs. (all of data maxpreps provides currently) — 19-42.

    last four: 8-32


    paramount football

    2009: 2-8 —
    won first 2 def. LB Cabrillo 38-26 & bellflower 35-14

    lost last 8 incl. 10-14 whittier, 21-24 bell gardens, OS’ed 76-10 vs. gahr & compton dominguez

    2008: 4-6 —
    won first 4 15-12 LB Cabrillo, 35-6 bellflower, 27-6 norwalk, 21-13 whittier

    lost last 6

    2007: 1-9 —
    lone win against manual arts wk.4
    close ones vs. downey, lynwood

    2006: 1-9* —
    lone win vs. bellflower 14-13
    four of the 9 losses were combined 22 pts.

    *forfeit-Ws dont count!

    2005: 6-4 —
    L 14-17 West covina W 26-14 Verbum Dei

    2004: 5-6 — cif 1st rd. L to redondo union hs 16-34

  • New York

    Calpreps has Paramount’ enrollment at 5,705. I’m not sure what to make of that. CA Dataquest has it at 4,533. Either way, that is a significantly greater number than Monrovia’s 1,807.

    A new coach could potentially turn them around. We will see. We play them late in the pre-season. The past few years Paramount seems to have started well but then faded by mid-season.

  • Dan

    New York,
    4 to over 5 thousand is insane, you would think they would be a pac 5 power with those numbers, your right about them starting well then fadeing, we had some games with them earlier in the decade and they were tough games.
    They would go on and win another game or two and then start fadeing during the end I almost seem to remember reading somewhere that they lose a lot of kids to grades late in the season.

  • Goldenarm


    You are right about Arcadia, they will be a stronger team next year and suffered through a fairly horrendous season this year. They are under the tutelage of a guy (Coach D)who has proven he gets the best out of whatever bodies he has suited up. With former TC head coach Randy Backus likely returning to coach backers/etc and a solid line coach, the Apaches will be ready – and make week 2 interesting against Monrovia.
    Maddox remains unquestioned the best hire any area school has made in some time. He simply has proven the right man for the job. Yes, he did inherit a near bottomless talent pool that miraculously replenishes every year, but he has brought vital focus and discipline to the program that assures Monrovia will just get better and better.
    It is a little strange that M-town endures a kick-ass preaseason then opens with Blair. In my opinion, the Blair program is hanging by a thread just to survive. It may be this program will soon vanish entirely.

  • New York

    Another insightful decision by Maddox was eliminating the Zero Week game and Week Five bye. I think Monrovia does best with no schedule interruptions.

  • What’s crazy to me is didn’t Monrovia lose some talent to Charter Oak and they’re still this good? Isn’t Brandon Golden a Monrovia kid?

    Also, I think that when Monrovia is getting the Duarte kids, they really become strong. I don’t think Monrovia was this good when Coach Crutch was at Duarte and the Duarte kids were staying home. But if Monrovia can keeps its own and get the best of Duarte’s pool, then they’re a power.

    New York, can you confirm this. Haven’t some of the stud Monrovia players of the past been Duarte kids? Jesse Canada comes to mind.

  • New York

    Many Monrovia and Duarte players are related and grow up together. I hesitate to use the term “Duarte Kid” or “Monrovia Kid” because sometimes it is tough to distinguish. Many of these families have lived in the area closely divided by Mountain Ave. for a very long time. Some kids might live on one side but attend every year of K-12 on the other. Many kids play for the Duarte Hawks Jr. All-American teams but attend Mayflower Elementary and Clifton Middle School. That’s how it is. Monrovia does not have a Pop Warner/Jr. All American system anymore. Some play for the Arcadia Indians are the Kare Youth League.

    It is also true that a hand full of would-have-been major contributors transferred out of Monrovia two years ago, and I wished them the best. By the way, Monrovia handily beat Duarte twice during Crutch’s final season.

    Last year was still part of a rebuilding process. The well is never depleted at Monrovia. We’re on our way to becoming a very good football team again through discipline and hard work. Last year’s team had a very different demeanor than any of the team in the late 1990’s. These guys are now more even keel and business-like. The guys in the late 90’s were headhunters from the linemen through the skill guys. Those guys took down Etiwanda and Diamond Bar. Heck I remember when an upstart Monrovia in 1994 (G’s second season) beat a West Covina team that had been in the D-2 semis the year prior. Granted, WC had graduate Miguel Merriweather… We will see what these boys are made of this year. I feel good about the direction Monrovia is going.

  • Goldenarm

    The “formers” list goes on for miles.

    One of the strangest of outcomes has got to be that of Josiah Thropay.

  • Dan

    I believe thats correct Aram, Seems like I remember
    reading that Golden transfered out of Monrovia as did Thropray who went to Amat then to CO. Didn’t Powell and one of the linebackers transfer from the westside too?

  • New York

    The future of Monrovia Football looks great as long as the City provides a safe environment and Coach Maddox and his assistants continuing doing what they do. We have a new football field and stadium coming soon, as well as new gym and science building. The City is pumping tens of millions of dollars into the schools.

    Our history may be that of an underperformer in the 14th week, but we are traditionally strong during 1-13 when things are rolling at MHS. This preseason looks win-able.

  • old room dog

    Ryano, you are doing everything right. If you want to be the best, you have to schedule up and beat the best.
    I am very proud of you. I see a CIF Championship in your future rather than later.

  • Apache

    MOnrovias frosh lost to arcadia 2 years ago big… Why not talk about arcadias underclassmen

  • AHS84


    That Arcadia Frosh team from 2 years ago was a well coached team, specially on the defensive side of the ball. They were aggressive and were always attacking. I believe they caught Monrovia’s Frosh team off guard and in their defense some key players were out for that game. I believe that loss was the only one they had that season. As far as the Arcadia Frosh 2 years ago, there’s a good bunch of talented kids in that group. Arnet, Stuer brothers, Rousset(spelling), Carr and a few more that I don’t know the names of. There is also a receiver in that group that has tremendous skills but needs to get his attitude checked. Their defense will keep them in games next year. If Maldonado is healthy, along with Arnet, the running game will be fine. Carr will need receivers to step up. The only possible problem I see Arcadia having next year is putting an o-line together as most if not the entire line was made up of seniors. I saw maybe one kid in the jv o-line that might help next year. On another note, I noticed that an Arcadia jv asst. coach, who was also the defensive coach of the Frosh team from 2 years ago, has the same last name as a certain Monrovia QB. Is there a relation?

  • Apache

    yes there related he is Nick Buenos uncle…but ahs is stacked