Charter Oak official schedule and update …

First the ’10 schedule:

Week 0 at Glendora
Week 1 at Gardena
Week 2 Esperanza
Week 3 at Rancho Cucamonga
Week 4 Santa Fe
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 at Ayala
Week 7 Claremont
Week 8 at Damien
Week 9 Chino Hills
Week 10 South Hills

Save the date: Passing league game against Rowland, San Dimas and Glendora at San Dimas High. Passing league game against Upland, Bishop Amat and South Hills at Upland High on July 25.

Incoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Chargers will have six to nine current freshman up on the varsity team as sophomores. Coach Farrar says they’ll all contribute and they’re very athletic, but not very big. But hey, that’s what your sophomore and junior years are for. Charter Oak’s frosh team was 9-1 and won league. The JV team was 6-4.

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    Interesting that CO has a week 5 opening . Wasn’t someone in the valley looking to fill that spot not to long ago. Hummmmmmmmmmm



    High school teams play 10 during the regular season not 11, so they needed to have that bye.



    Do you think you can add a count off meter telling us how many days are remaining until kickoff???

    Currently we are at 200 days until kickoff if my math and dates are correct.

  • Aaron

    A couple of years ago, forget maybe when I was a junior CIF instituted the idea of zero week which allowed schools already in session to start their seasons earlier. This also allows more schools to play out of state games.

    Honestly that’s not a bad schedule no real chumps, if people wanted to call them that. Last year before Flores got hurt Santa Fe was the class of the division, strong program and deep program.

    It’s too bad to see the Charter Oak-Bonita rivalry die.

  • Dan

    Ouch Aram!
    Did you have to use that picture? Can you rub it in a little more lol?
    So who did the CO freshman lose to? Was it Rancho C.?

  • footballwatcher

    Who else does glendora play in preseason? As of right now looks like one of the toughest preseason schedules in sgv

  • Frosh C.O. Dad

    C.O Freshmen Team lost to Rancho Cucamonga but actually we were without our starting QB, RB, WR, (2) DB, and LB. I promise you with those young men in the game we at least compete with the Cougars but seriously probably beat them after 4 quarters of football.

    There is legitimately 10 Freshmen (practiced 4 weeks during the playoffs) and 8 Sophomores (practiced the entire football season) that will compete and contribute on next year’s football team. From what I’ve heard, what we’re missing is a feature premiere running back for next year and a few OL/DL.

    My son is excited and these young men are working hard this offseason..!

  • whitey

    co goes 3-2 or 2-3 in non-league game and the same in league, looks like 4-6, 5-5 or by a fluke 6-4….I can see why they wanted to keep the cupcake league/division they were in, intact.

  • Rumor has it

    Rumor has it Glendora will play besides CO, Monrovia, Lynwood, an OC team either Eldorado or Canyon of Anaheim but dont quote me,lol.

  • BigDog

    Just curious who did the CO frosh team loose to.


    Don, I was just think the opposite, what a great photo this is.

    Frosh C.O. Dad, is right we lost to Rancho but if our starters had not F’d up missing practices etc they hands down would have won the game. I still say that this Freshman class that CO put together would beat that Frosh team over there between Baldwin Park, West Covina, Walnut and Hancienda Hieghts. We all know that little city in between all those cities… wink wink.

    Bigdog, read the post below you will find your answer.


    Dan my bad I thought I saw Don! Damn I’m getting old.

  • Anonymous

    How does the second string RB from loyola get a offer from Arizona and the SGV’s best only gets a ride to SDSU???? Mind boggling, this means that the division you play in makes a big impact when it comes to recruiting time…

  • Get your facts straight

    The 4-way at Upland is incorrect.

    Considering Amat is in their dead period at that time this is not going to happen

  • AMAT 73

    It’s just too bad we didn’t get a chance to see that game because we fielded a pretty good freshman team ourselves. 😉 😉 ;-). But let’s not go down that road again. Good luck with the youngsters but as we say it’s not rebuilding it’s reloading . Bring up young that way the have 2- 3 years exp when they are seniors.

  • SGVsBest

    Is Whitney calling the kettle?
    Seems to me that the other “Powerhouse” is projected to go 4 – 6 this coming season! No defense in 2010! Of course, you’re hoping that Garfield and Huntington Park will help pad the schedule!
    Who’s the cupcake now Whitney?

  • Mike the Clone


    I see school will start early this year at G-High.

    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone

  • Anonymous

    My Bad! The Loyola kid got an academic scholarship. Not a football ride! Don’t I feel like a huge moron south of the 10 and east of the 605! Sorry boys…

  • There he is, ladies and gentlemen. The most infamous blogger around. MTC!!!

    Hey man, you gonna be sitting 50-yard line starting at 4 p.m. for CO-Glendora? Or is the party in the parking lot at that time of day?

  • Mike the Clone

    Oh Great….AT, That ought to bring out the haters.

    You know how I feel about the Bagpiper/CO rivalry, it never should have ended. All these kids know each other, like each other and hell their probably dating one anothers sisters. Besides it’s for bragging rights. Pulling the plug was a mistake and made the bagpipers look weak. Can you beleive that there are still some “buttonwearers” out still still pounding their chest about being league champions. Gezz I’m still trying to get these complacent “do gooders” to raise the bar. This year I’ll look for being just respectable in the new realignment. Should be an interesting. Will we see the great coaching divide????

    I like the Monrovia game, but really wanted to see Bishop Amat on the schedule. That way Joe and I could have thrown some chin music at each other for old times sakes.

    OK enough of my bolviating.I think I left enough there to piss a few off….let’em swing away.

    Congrats on the new gig AT!

    I AM OUT!


    Mike the Clone

  • Dan

    CO actually has a pretty nice schedule, good to see they even included a pac 5 caliber school in there with Esperanza, not sure why Esperanza was taken out of the Sunset league, they had a down year last year but year in and year out they’ve been able to play competitively with the big boys.

    yeah rub it in, well at least if you like the picture that much it tells me that beating West Covina is still considered a significant win by the CO fans. lol

  • whitey

    ahhh sgvS 43rd best…….. please refresh my memory, when co THOUGHT they were a good team and played AMAT, what were the scores again? someone got into the deep end of the pool without their floatees, they got whupped……….look it up sgvS 43rd best! the rap on Amat last year according to you and the “so-called guru” was that Amat had 3 or 4 wins on their schedule, I guess 10-2 means you missed your it by a mile……….if I were 43rd best in anything, (like you are) I’d find a new moniker! or scam, if I’m guru…….. co, 4-6 or 5-5 and first round cannon fodder for a number 1 seed…………if they even make it that far


    whitey, you will be eating crow at the end of the season. The wise learn from others mistakes and then there are people like you who will never learn. As far as CO’s schedule goes week 0 will be a huge test and everyone will know from that game how good CO will be this year. Glendora looks like they will be fielding a great team this year. The battle for league will come down to CO, Chino Hills and Damien as far as im concerned these are very winable games for CO. CO will make a deep run into the playoffs so dont under estimate the CO coaching staff and players, like all of us CO fans did this year with Amat including myself.


  • CO Bro

    Hey MTC,
    Pizza at Petrillos before the Glendora / CO game? 1st pitcher is on me!

  • D1 athletes

    Mr. Rufus looks like a D1 athlete that should be playing at florida, usc, texas alabama, etc! Great action photo too bad its not so good for Mr. West Covina getting posterized in basketball terminology.

  • Dan

    Tell you what though, That kid from West Covina had a great senior year for the Bulldogs if it’s who I think it is, including a 106 yard interception return for a pic six, some plays you win the battle and some you lose, all part of the game.

  • ?

    If yo look carefully, you can actually see he has the ball (rt arm by waist) So to me anyways, looks like he just caught a pass then was hit, or hit as he caught it. Either way he caught it. so a positive for him. great catch

  • Too much FUNDIO talk

    Hey the kid caught the ball. It wasn’t intercepted, wasn’t fumbled and probably was a first down so how was he posterized? In fact as a former safety I can tell you, “No separation, no victory!” Rufus is a Safety and the ball is being caught on the numbers side of the field in the seam area where only tough guy receivers venture and “win”. If you look at the angle of the hit Rufus had a choice to intercept or make the kid pay, he gambled or didn’t and the receiver won, unless someone knows that the receiver was knocked out of the game. I will say this, he caught him flush. Great play by both players. Kenny Easley, George Atkinson, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, all idols of mine, would be proud!!! That’s why football is a man’s game and too many bloggers never been there and just talk trash or out of their fundio! Back in the day when clothelines were in vogue I used to make hits where the receivers head was in a head lock whikle we were both in the prone position, side by side, me on my stomach and him on his back….wimpering something about …why? lol. Looked bad but rarely did anyone get hurt but it did make receiver think twice about going over the middle…some even grew Alligator Arms!

    Fred as always, great action shot…maybe you should give the photographers more credit or maybe put up a Best Pictures of the Year and have bloggers vote and comment…what do you think? Another god idea in the Trash Bin?


    I think CO was on offense in this photo, Rufus was going deep but the ball was a little behind him. I could be wrong also.

  • ?

    Look at photo again, you can make out the football in his right hand at stomach area, it clearly blocks out his number. So if Co on offense then intercepted, if not still a catch.

    Either way good catch. By the way I enlarged the pic to se it better and the ball is there.


    From my angle it looks like Rufus took a swipe and missed and the WC made a diving catch. But then again you could say the WC kid is making one heck of a cut since one foot is on the ground making Rufus miss on a high tackle . Or that was one great pass between Rufus’ legs and the receiver was on the same page knowing the ball was coming thru that opening. Also the angles are wrong for CO to be on offense in this picture.

  • BAHS

    What’s with the “cup-cake” schedule comments? As any “real” football fan knows, On any given Sunday (Friday) a “cupcake” team (your words not mine) can come up and bite a higher ranked team in the rear. Of course the higher ranked team “should” win and is expected to win, but there in lies the excitement in games like this. Do you think for a moment that Garfield or Venice wouldn’t try to buils a season on a victory over Bishop Amat? IF and I know it’s a HUGE IF, but say DR or WC would have managed a victory over Amat, do you think that factoid would have already disappeared from cyberspace….HEll NO!! The DR Bills would still be drunk on their victory and telling anyone who’ll still listen how they beat the Lancers. WC would too but to a lesser much more tolerable degree I’d imagine. My point is this, everybody gets up to play the “Big Boys”. Rivalry games are the same way. Never take any team for granted, that’s how you get beat. Amat will prepare for Garfield and Venice as if they were DR, wait they kind of are, well, then like they’re Servite, Lakewood or Notre Dame. Respect all, fear none. Keep the smack talk coming cuz obviously some people aren’t done eating that crow they ate last year with regard to the Amat Lancers. Go Big Blue. P.S. Nice Hit by the c.o. safety but an even better catch by the WC receiver! Great picture!

  • Dan

    Aram I take that back,
    Great picture lol, and great observation by all you bloggers who spotted it. I didn’t look close enough to realize that was the ball in his hands. I agree nice catch and it looks like a pretty physical hit by Rufus after the catch, pretty sure that was Andrew Perez for WC making the catch. Great job on both sides of the ball, nice example of our SGV boy’s giving it all they got!

  • The Tax Man

    Anyway you want to spin it Baby Boy – The Amat – not a champion since 1995 – Lancers will TAX the A$$ of “Your team” mr. drive-by artist. We all know who you are even if you use a different window shooters name everytime you post. The fact that you continue to belabor the “haven’t won a championship” point, only reminds The Family of Three things; One, the toughness of the division (PAC-5) that Bishop Amat plays in, Two, the level of competition that Bishop Amat plays and Three just where we stand in relation to the other teams that we continually hand their a$$es to within the area….here’s your a$$ back and many thanks! Love, The haven’t won a championship since 95 but happy to kick your a$$ anytime – Lancers!

  • Amnot A Champion since 1995

    Just like Uncle Sam! You have become the same old story, Tax Man! All talk, No action! Your memories, 16 year-old dusty banner, NFL coaches, and Sunday service collection plate cannot bring you back to the ‘Old Glory’ Days. You just can’t win the big one, says Lakewood! The Family of Three things; One, the PAC-5. Two, the level of competition IS too good for you, and Three just where you stand in relation to the other teams that continually win here in the valley! So now you’re hoping that your “Cupcake” schedule including city schools and St.Paul will get you another 10 win season? Reality and your head coach know better! You’ll be 3-2 by league time and 4-6 before Thanksgiving. You’ll be having turkey leftovers while ND and Crespi are practicing. Again! Same old story, TAX MAN!

  • Tax Man

    Amnot – READ THE POST BOY! Obviously you have comprehension problems and no matter what, you won’t get it. Maybe twisting words around works in your arguments with your life partner but not when the logic is written down for you. Stay on point MORON! You chose to try and twist the black and white to suit your assinine perspective and it just doesn’t work. You really are pretty sad though. Like I said…anytime you would like your ass handed to you by a team that hasn’t won a championship since 1995, schedule us! Otherwise, keep the verbal diarrhea comming dim wit.

  • Tax Man

    AManidiot – Hey dude you already said that, over and over and it’s just as stupid the first time you said it! Your “attack” is weak brother. What YOU don’t understand “Special Ed Boy” IS that at least WE have these “Old” memories to rely on. What do you have? Oh wait, you don’t claim a school. Here’s something current for you son, schedule us for a game and we will be happy to hand your ass to you, backwards most likely, and it will be in the here and now and without a current championship!


    Isn’t funny the last of the constant posting idiot hold out haters of Amat (sgvsbest,amnot) have those one or two lines over and over about no title since 95 or still hang on the victory of Lakewood as their battle cry. Mostly all the other haters have enough sense and understanding of the game of football that seeing recently what Amat has accomplished and where they are headed Amat has earned some respect back as far as being one of top teams of the valley and can see things are different at Amat now in football. Yes we have a long way to go but to come on here and say we will go 3-7 , 4-6 is to show just what type of idiots these people truly are. They are what they are ,feeble recluses who have nothing and think nothing of themselves to be able to stand for one school or team they can be accountable for win or lose but only to hang their hat on a winner because they will never have what it takes to claim who they stand behind . This is just a blog for people to give their opinion on sujects and sometimes it gets heated between rival bloggers but mainly on the subject matter and no racial or economic cheap shots. But to these 2 individuals it is a matter of enjoyment in their nothing life to come on here a pick Amat and cities and races as their target of life to get back at something for the hell hole they reside in which passes for their daily life. To them I say I am glad Amat gives you that outlet you need to get thru the day and to make you feel like your life is worth living. So whether you know it or not Amat is what makes you happy . Just think where you would be without Amat .

  • Burge

    Many of you may not believe me, but CO may have a challenge going up against Santa Fe. Santa Fe comes into every game expecting to win and they won’t make an exception for the defending champs. Should be a great game I know the Chiefs will be ready to play this one.

  • chiefs

    SFHS lost to many skilled players and are small on the OL and DL.


    Come on man , something new for once. You’ve been blowing the same horn week in and week out. Test your brain, try to think of some new without giving yourself a hernia. Not to straining remember you have go back to life those tires on Monday boy.

  • CO distant fan East Coast.


    Were talking about the same Santa Fe team that lost to Cal 28-0, and the CO team that beat Cal 38-10??? You wont be ready for CO this year or next.

  • Hmmmm

    Wow, is it me or is anonidick really sgv’sbest trying to validate himself?????? Nice try loser. we know you are one and the same. How weak, trying to prop yourself up as another drive by poster that likes and agrees with you. HA! YOU ARE LAME DUDE!!!!! GO AWAY!


    You’re right , what was I thinking. Trying to reason with an idiot like sgvsbestdumbazzazz is kind of silly. Now that you have opened my eyes as to just what kind of idiots we are dealing with, and you confirming that you are of the same idiot spawning ground I will just go on taking you and sgvsbestdumbazz and the rest for what you are , just a couple of dumbazz ,can’t think for themself idiots. As someone wrote earlier , birds of a feather flock together. Looks like the long lost dodo birds are making a come back.

  • Hmmmm

    SGV’sworst, Yea, I bet you would recognize a baptismal by sound, your Mom did alot of baptismals for the Valley. Maybe that’s how you got your name…? That’s it! You really are a mixture of all the best the valley had to offer(your Mom). Ok, you can keep the name. You are a mixture of the SGV’sBest!

  • Hmmmm

    SGV’sworst, Yea, I bet you would recognize a baptismal by sound, your Mom did alot of baptismals for the Valley. Maybe that’s how you got your name…? That’s it! You really are a mixture of all the best the valley had to offer(your Mom). Ok, you can keep the name. You are a mixture of the SGV’sBest!

  • ACLU

    Mr. Aram, Maybe instead of levity, you should try to police your blog better. Maybe removing the offensive sexual innuendos and racist comments would better serve a “Football” blog. I think your attempt at re-direction falls way short of taking responsibility for “your” work. This is YOUR BLOG and it does have your name on it, if that means anything to you? People will go back and forth with eachother and respond in kind as long as YOU let it. Why not require a VALID e-mail address for all posters. That way when a blogger continues to cross the line with obviously racist and non-football related garbage, you can pull his plug and save us all the trouble of having to skip over the offensive stuff? Please think about it? Some of us would truely appreciate it.

  • just sayin’

    To “Hey Aram ” – if you read the blog instead of just looking at the pictures, Aram mentioned a 4-way w/CO & Amat that might not happen because Amat is taking their mandated 3 week dead period at that time. Then SGVsBest (clearly NOT an Amat blogger) came in and changed the course of the conversation. So if the “non-Amat” bloggers can get Amat out of their head and stay on topic – I’m sure the Lancer folks will play along.


    I thought this blog would be much different then Fred’s . When all the hoopla of an all football 24/7 blog started I thought great some serious football fans without the nonsense you have to wade thru on Fred’s blog. But lo and behold this blog, do to mainly sgvsbest and his loyal followers is becoming just another cesspool for his insults to schools, communities,religions, and races. If you want to continue with that type of posting just stay on Fred’s blog and leave this one to true SGV football fans who like talking football with a few of the my team is better than yours with reasons and facts backing it up without all the insults. Aram you should change the name of the blog , because this kind of shit would never by heard in the huddle. I am not a fan of Amat but it is just getting old reading this crap from both sides of the coin. Go out to a field and settle it once and for all.

  • ACLU

    Mr. Aram, I don’t mean to pounce but I meant to say instead of “allowing” all the levity. Thanks for your time.

  • Same old Aram

    This guy hasn’t changed. He allows vulgarity and cuss words on his blog. Does the Tribune Brass believe this is the proper image that they should depict to their readers? Wait until the personal attacks begin!

  • Lancer Land

    This blog has instantly become as classless as Freds blog, must be a worlds record. How these two guys (Fred, Aram) allow this trash poster to continue is beyond me.

  • SGV’s best or worst or whatever his/her name is has had his/her IP address banned. Sorry it took so long, but I hadn’t read the comments on this thread in a few days. I can’t police this blog 24/7, so feel free to email me at if there’s something offensive you want quickly brought to my attention.