South Hills ’10 schedule … good luck, you’ll need it …

Week 0 – Corona Centennial (scrimmage)
Week 1 – at Baldwin Park
Week 2 – West Covina (Thursday)
Week 3 – at Tesoro
Week 4 – Monrovia (Thursday)
Week 5 – at Los Osos
Week 6 – Damien
Week 7 – at Ayala
Week 8 – at Chino Hills
Week 9 – Claremont
Week 10 – at Charter Oak

Aram’s take: How can South Hills be expected to play that nonleague schedule, then step up and hang with CO, Damien and Chino Hills in league? And then win a playoffs game in a challenging new division? Look, I respect Coach Bogan and the Huskies program to the hilt. But I have to be honest here — this has to be the most brutal schedule of any local team. I’ve even said to Coach Bogan that I hope he’s good in the trenches because he’ll have to be to survive the new league, especially after playing that nonleague. I give Coach Bogan credit for taking on such a challenging slate, but I have a feeling the Huskies have bitten off more than they can chew (cheap pun, I know). South Hills had better be as good on both lines as “The Scouting Guru” thinks they are.

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  • Whittier Daily News

    When are you going to the whittier area. We have football teams over here also.Before you hacks start talking sh*t about as. I will put money that La Habra would beat every team in the SGV, and give BA a great game.

  • SGV news

    Whittier News, This thread is about So. Hills schedule. Stay on your side of the hill and be quiet.

  • Whittier Daily News,

    Very soon and very heavily during spring and summer. The trouble I’m running into is I know the Trib coaches very well, but I have no repoire yet with many of the Whittier and some of the Pasadena Star-News coaches. Plus, they’re under the influence of the shoulder to cry on, but once they meet me and enjoy the coverage I’m certain they’ll want to participate. Like you said, it is a great area. No doubt about it. La Habra can hang with anyone anywhere.

  • Huskie Dawgs Bite!

    We came, we saw, we kicked it’s A$$! This schedule destines us to greatest that our Valley hasn’t seen in a long time. Ask the Guru he’ll tell you from first hand that we are legitimately the team to beat in the Valley next year. Buy a preseason ticket for us playing the State Bowl Championship Game because if and when we win our Division the invite will obviously be next.

    You may not like us Aram but FredJ loves us so ultimately he’s who keeps writing us our checks not you! We have the Coach of the Decade to go with the other hardware we will collect next year. Charter Oak’s best days are behind them and Damien just simply cannot play at the same talent level as us. My advice Aram is jump on the bandwagon now before we start circling our wagons because there may not be room for you in October and November.

    P.S. My last comment is were training to dethrone a champion so Charter Oak you better be in the weight room!

  • whitey

    I see 2 solid games in non-league Tesoro and Los Osos, the others are…….average? Replacing La Habra with Los Osos is not an improvement in my mind, two solid,quality teams there. SH would have to go 14-0 to get in the state bowl game and that, won’t happen, but it is kinda nice to see SH,CO,SD play some competition and not go the cupcake route, AGAIN….still curious to see Amats non-league schedule posted, Aram?

  • BigDog

    South Hill lost to Diamond Ranch two years in a row ” AT HOME ” and i think its finally hit home for Bogan. Maybe he sees the success that Roddy Layton has had the last two seasons against his teams and realizes he needs to toughen his boys “recruits” up before the playoffs.Well lets see if his recruits have the endurance to make it to the big dance this year. Saw Bogan in Diamond bar the other day? maybe he’s expanding his recruiting boundaries.


    Week 0 – Corona Centennial (scrimmage)~ Not a real game the players wont even be going 85%.
    Week 1 – at Baldwin Park ~ Too easy
    Week 2 – West Covina (Thursday)~Decent game
    Week 3 – at Tesoro ~ Great game
    Week 4 – Monrovia (Thursday)~ Too easy
    Week 5 – at Los Osos ~ It looks like La Habra was tired of beating SH every single year. The is a down grade.
    Week 6 – Damien ~ SH will lose this game
    Week 7 – at Ayala ~SH will win
    Week 8 – at Chino Hills ~ SH will lose this game
    Week 9 – Claremont ~ SH will win this game
    Week 10 – at Charter Oak ~ SH will lose this game

    Looks like there is only two quality games in the preseason this year for SH.

  • The Ranch

    south hills will be 6-4 or 5-5 I do have to agree with SGCV football. Aram not that many quality oppenents besides west covina, and tesoro. Just wait until you see the Diamond Ranch schedule this year.

    DRanch is all over south hills any year even if were on a down year. Layton takes Bogan any year to the house for a good old fashion whoopin.

  • Aaron


    With that M-town game you mean Monrovia will just walk over South Hills right?

  • bucman

    Hey Huskie Dawg…
    You need to chill out…you are not that good..SH is a tough team..they dropped La Habra because LH is at a much higher level…Chino Hills knows that- because the AD didn’t want to schedule them..CHills not ready for LH. SH will give the Huskies a challenge and SH boys are a bit more street…tough!!! Charter will run over you….

  • annonymous

    SGV, you are about the dummbest Blogger I’ve read on these blogs in ages. If you think that the Monrovia game is going to be SH easiest game you’d better think again. I am actually a Charter Oaks fan and I think that Monrovia will hand pretty much everyone their Ass this coming season. I know a lot of those kids and belive me the valley recruiters are on all fours begging most of them to go east, If every one of those kids stay put you are going to have a monster of a team to contend with. Go back to work and figure out the fith grade cross word puzzle.

  • New York

    With the upper division teams on South Hills schedule, I can understand why Monrovia would be overlooked. That’s fine. I don’t recommend it, but I understand.

  • tdrohan

    Pretty tough schedule leading up to the Sierra league.. Monrovia shouldn’t be taken lightly at all, but I do see South Hills athletes being too much. Then again who knows? Every year it always seems like South Hills plays in games they should win and for some reason don’t come out on top.

    The Sierra is going to be very interesting. I think it will work out very well for Chino Hills as well as the newcomers. Without Glendora, the league champ the past three seasons, the Sierra loses some of its luster. It is obviously a huge stepup for both Co and South Hills, but not nearly the same as it would have been had the Bagpipers stayed.
    In any case, an early prediction for league?
    1. Chino Hills: The perennial top dog now that Glendora is out, although probably wouldn’t have changed that status.
    2. Charter Oak: If they can figure out who is toting the rock this year… With Santiago continuing his progression with a weapon like Rufus, can’t count out Dom Farrar to find somebody to make plays in the backfield.
    3. Damien: Spartans got their first “big win” in recent memory when they beat a shellshocked Glendora squad at Citrus last season.
    4. South Hills: Just don’t believe it until I see it.
    5. Ayala: Always give a good game in Sierra league play.
    6. Claremont: Will assume the role of “Brahma” or “Cowboys” for that matter…


    annonymous, lets make one thing clear im not a SH supporter I was just making a comment on their schedule. Next time you come on here grow a pair and use your real name, dont hide who you really are! As far as Monrovia goes they don’t stand a chance with SH after the damage that a strong Tesoro team will do to SH. Bogan will unleash everything upon Monrovia and will beat Monrovia pretty easily. Dont get me wrong Monrovia is a good team but they are not on CO, BA, Glendora, SH, DR or West Covina level. Monrovia will be 2-3 before they even enter league. They need to find someone else to run the ball besides Nick Bueno. NIck threw for about 900 + yards and ran for 1400yards thats ridiculous. Look at Rowland if Nick goes down the entire season goes down the drain. The only way they might stay close with SH if they pound the ball with Ramirez and keep bueno in the pocket making throws and his usual runs.

    P.S let me know the teams that “Monrovia will hand pretty much everyone their Ass this coming season” as you say…

  • Goldenarm


    Monrovia will have not one, but probably 4 top drawer runners to carry the ball next season…..Bueno will not be the primary ballcarrier. Look for the the offensive backfield to be loaded with scorching speed…and for these individuals to be utilized much more creatively than last season.

    Maddox bigger challenge is to reload the O and D -lines, which were thinned by graduation. Losing defensive rocks like Lowden and Hagerty will hurt, but Maddox seems adept at finding the right kid for the right spot.
    Monrovia is a building and rising program – and those in the know – know better than to INSTANTLY establish them as a top tier team among some of the established “powerhouse” teams being mentioned.

    As New York states though, excellent coaching staff/ community and admin support – the Cats have an exceedingly promising road ahead of them for seasons to come.

  • Glass House’s

    SGV Football dont let annonymous get you down. As you know yourself no one uses their real name on here. I’m sure SGV Football is not on your Social Security Card or your Birth Certificate.

  • AMAT 73

    Huskie Dawg,
    I know we all like to stand behind our chosen teams but once in while you need be realistic. First off you come on here writting your schedule destines you to greatness the SGV hasn’t seen in a long time. What do you consider the back to back championships of CO and also the recent rise of SD and their championship. I will throw in the recent resurgence of AMAT these past two seasons of big wins against OC teams and a Serra league co championship and other teams on the rise. So the valley has seen some great things as recently as last season. Seeing as you have been trumped by DR who both CO and AMAT have beaten handily the past 2 years and who SH just seems not to be able to get by in the playoffs the past 2 years .I won’t even bring up La Habra because we all know about that . For you to ask us to put stock in what the guru says is not even realistic as he was the one who wrote AMAT would maybe win 3-4 games last season and would claim Hags coach of the year along with a trophy if he won more , well 10-2 and still nothing from him. So please let us know why and what is it that you know that will produce this State champ. You still have to get by CO which I don’t think is possible for you and the rest of what is a pretty tough schedule let alone playoffs ,if you are fortunate enough to make them. Not putting SH down but just going by recent seasons and trying to see what you see to post something like that.

  • QB coach

    SH is very much like GHS in many ways. They both have very warped perceptions of their own programs.

    SH has a nice history and a good coach but neither are as big and bad as the husky bloggers think. SH needs to be carefully they dont fall into the average zone over the next few years.

    GHS situation a little worse, partial league titles and early exits from the playoff is their claim to fame. They have a huge void in playing serious football as evident in the amount of Tartans playing football at the next level. Clearly stuck in the average zone.


    Glass House’s, I don’t mean your real name, just the blog name.

    Goldenarm, hopefully if your backfield steps up they can really show Buenos potential throwing the ball. Hopefully it doesn’t back fire and show a lack of arm strength or accuracy.

  • Huskie Dawgs Bite!

    Perfect, lunch break!

    AMAT 73,

    Thanks, I was waiting for an old man’s perspective like your own. We are from another generation that likes to talk “smack” to our opponent and anyone else that’s willing to let our words bother them maybe in your generation you called that “teasing” but regardless I’m just trying to generate some lively blogging.

    Actually now that I had a moment to ponder my thoughts Im not “teasing” but instead I am very serious about my predictions. I know firsthand what our offseason has been like so far and better yet what we have graduating this year. Notice I said graduating because our underclassman cannot be at fault for what last years team was guilty of and I am sick and tired of everyone criticizing South Hills and even the Guru. (He works hard!)

    So you may not believe me when I tell you this but next years team has something to prove, especially the coaching staff, and we are going to play with a chip on our shoulder. I truly think trust me when I tell you this that no other team in our Valley especially has the athletes we have on our team next year. (Too many names to mention!)

    Charter Oak is old news and you my friend are even older news! San Dimas is good for being a small school but they know they cant compete with us and have said so themselves. Seriously, dont even start comparing programs because I promise just one example would be I guarantee you people recognize the name South Hills for football before they are aware of or even mention Bishop Amat. No one respects Bishop Amat football except for yourselves. Go outside our Valley and people respect South Hills football! We will represent..!

  • Maybe not

    QB Coach let’s revisit the Glendora comment. Most of those next level kids don’t need to play football at the next level and really just want to be high school kids for as long as it last. Look at MTC’s kid, decent Center who made CIF and never played another down because dad is loaded so why bother? Ever see how many 50k Bro trucks are in the parking lot at GHS, plenty! It’s NOT the coach at GHS, it’s the kids. MTC never could admit that. With a pool in the back yard, the snow covered mountains an hour away and all the desert toys in the garage why take football to that all or nothing level? Isn’t that why the GHS players hated WG because it “meant” so much to HIM! In 7 years of Pasquerrella Football how many D1 signees has he had while Damien, Ayala and Chino Hills have had plenty. When you look at all the perks those kids have since birth why bother when you can fire up the bikes, fire up the toys and fired up a party and just have care free fun while you’re a kid. No knock on Glendora, they have it going on as a community and maybe that”s why no one wants to leave home.

  • AMAT 73

    Huskie Dawg,
    It is not that your word bother me so get all giddy that you accomplished somethnig you didn’t . You write of a old man’s perspective but in your own words you do agree with me in the fact of what was fielded the past 2 years at SH gives you no reason to post as you did from someone on the outside looking in. Now you write that this coming season SH has something to prove and will play with a chip on their shoulder. So evidently in your opinion they have not lived up to what you expect from them either. Now I can’t tell your generation as easy as you can tell mine from the 73 in my screen name but I can tell you are fairly young from the talk smack term . I my time and still now it’s called talking shit ( hope that goes thru )not teasing and for your information that is what you were doing. Now having said that, for you to say that CO is old news and that AMAT is even older and that SH is recognized for football before AMAT and that no one respects AMAT other than ourselves is absurd.Loved watching you guys on Fox game of the week , oh that was CO and AMAT this past season . Now the killer is your go outside our valley and people respect SH line, well is that because in our valley you are losing respect at a record pace? Where outside the valley would that be , the OC or SFV or places further. I could go the the Whittier / La Habra area or the OC and what do think would be the answer if I asked AMAT or SH who has the better football program. Now guessing by your post I would venture you are SH 05-06 give or take.

  • SGVsBest

    Maybe Not –
    I disagree. I tend to think that those kids work just as hard as the all other SGV kids.
    For sake of the discussion, and I’m just following your logic here, shouldn’t the opposite be true also? Did you say yes? Yeah? Ok! Then why can’t LaPuente Bishop Amat win anymore? Using your same logic, can you explain that one?



    Oh snap you wrote some dialogue instead of the other BS you have written. Thats a good step in the right direction. Now just keep up this talk going and try not to beat the dead horse anymore with the BA crap.

  • SGVsBest

    SGV Football –
    I’ll tell you what others here have frequently said to you also!
    Go back and read my post, moron! All of it. Slowly so that you can understand it!
    What did you think? Is it just good talk or is the dead horse BA crap smelling up your nose?
    C’mon man! Have you forgotten all the beatings you’ve taken from these people?
    Nuff said!


    It is evident you are insinuating based on Maybe not’s post that since Amat is in La Puente which is far below the economic level of Glendora that they should win. You could say Amat is a community within a community since the student body comes from all areas , you know with the recruiting that Amat does. As far as the winning part Amat has not won a title since 95 but they have won and gone to the playoffs and are co champions of their league and do send kids on to D-1 schools. I know you hang your hat on only CIF champions as being winners but that’s your way of seeing things . What happens if and I mean if CO fails to win it all next season will you abandon them and jump on the winners band wagon if say Damien wins it all or do they have to go a few years without winning. So using Amat is a very good example and by using them since you know Amat is mainly spoiled rich kids,because they prove the theory of Maybe’s post as totally wrong because not everyone can afford 6-7 grand a year for an education, that’s ecomonic side of it . So this time in what you thought was a candid way of bashing Amat, they actually prove your thought of ” those kids work just as hard ” .

  • Maybe not

    SGVBEST how many times do BA kids ditch school to go snowboarding at first snow? Try never! How many BA kids have toys for the desert, the river and the snow and in most cases share that experience with their still got it dads? Most BA parents are working class and it shows in their work ethic. Glendora kids enjoy grade 13,14 and 15, what am I saying, enjoy the luxury of stretching their high school years at Citrus College and still live and party well in comfortable homes or working for Dads, Uncles or Friends of Friends who own businesses.

    BA hasn’t won since 1995 or when ever for a simple reason, level of competition. What escapes you is the difficulty of having Type A schools all going for one singular prize rather than like others earning Championships when CIF adjusts the competition. As Aram and others have said, how many Championships do the McD lead teams with current realignments?

    Using “your’ logic of reversing the roles my answer would be no! The reason is simple the SL is made up of friends and neighbors while the Pac 5 is made up of college recruits. Look at it this way, Glendora drives a car fast on city streets while BA drives on a racetrack with professional drivers…get it?

    Rollinson, Thomas and Lara ain’t Morrison, Pasquerella and Martin, level of competition dictates frequency and coaching matters more when both coaches matter. Hope that helps.

  • Impartial opinion

    To Maybe Not: What you said is so true about how the kids in Glendora are born with all toys and pools and 50K Trucks. I heard of kids crashing their car and the very next week they have a new ride. Just amazing! My problem with one of your comments was you stated how the players hated WG because it “meant” so much to him. Please dont lump the entire team into that comment. There are kids on the team who would give there left nut to win a Championship and I am sure they are also disappointed in the way some of their team mates may not take football as serious.

    QB Coach: Your comment about how Glendora has a warped perception of it’s program is a little warped in itself. Yes they have shared a few league titles and havent gone very deep in the playoffs but I really dont think the fans come on here and and blog about how great we are. Sure there may be a few but nothing like C/O, SH, or Amat.

  • Mike the Clone


    In response to Maybe Not…..Dude you were all over the place with the nonsense tirade about spoiled Glendora kids. These kids up here work just as hard if not harder than anyone else. We have a bunch of gutsy balls out kids.

    With that said we have a staff that is uncreative and predictable….plan and simple. Sit in the stands at a Glendora game and Mom and Dad’s can tell you right away what Pasqy’s going to call. The “buttonwearers” call it before the play even gets off. Funny stuff.

    The “buttonwearers” have become so complacent now, that winning a league championship title is a big deal. That’s right a LEAGUE TITLE not a CIF Championship. Go back through some of the blogs and look at them. It’s always Pasqy is a good coach look at all the Sierra League Championships. Great coaches win CIF Championships, good coaches win League Titles. but that’s what they are happy with at “Bagpiper U”. Lack of creativity and predictability ain’t going to cut it with realignment. Beleive me I know to many of those guys out there to know.

    I like this analogy:

    “Glendora drives a car fast on city streets while BA drives on a racetrack with professional drivers…get it?”

    This statement and this statement alone leads me to believe that you “Get IT”. At Glendora we just need our crew chief to know that we’re tired of driving the city streets, let’s start being professional drivers and race on a track if you know what I mean.

    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone

  • Why Not?

    Coach Pasquerella has a problem. NO white boys want to carry the rock!!! Rodriguez, Holmes, Banks, Vega, ect ect. Where is Glendora’s Gerhert? Come on Bros, try doing some of the heavy lifting. lol How many D1 signees have the Tartans had during their three year Championship run? Or during Pasqy’s run? How about walk ons? How about anything from all those All ACIF players over that time? Any JC signees during that time? JC signees mean desire, walkons mean desire, taking a NM St. ride means desire, how many GHS players have gone that route, who didn’t drive around in Bro trucks? sorry but stop blaming the coaches and try cutting down on the toys. in this case that would be addition by subtraction,lol

  • BAHS

    sgvsbestidiot-NO one cares if you agree with Aram. You have shown yourself time and time again to be a racist idiot! Don’t try to latch your drivel onto any of the intelligent posters in here who actually have a valid opinion. Change your screen name again and do a drive by which is what bloggers of your caliber are known for. To say that level of competition has nothing to do with championships absolutely seals your number one ranking as sgv’s best – IDIOT! Go away dude, you’re cancer.

  • BAHS

    sgvahlzhiemerpatient – Dude, you make my point “PAC-5” participant. The top level of HS football. There are many teams in the PAC-5 who find it difficult to win a Championship at that level and there are several that have NEVER done so, even beyond 16 years. So I don’t find your attempts at a “put down” so degrading. I could see if Amat played in any other division than the PAC-5, Hell, I might even be a little put off by the lack of a championship “IF” we were in say, DIV II. But that’s not the case. We (Amat) play DI football. Championships are the ultimate goal and we will continue to work towards that goal IN THE TOUGHEST DIVISION OF HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!!! Just so we are clear, I-ME, would rather go watch your team play in the lower level championship game than have my Lancers drop out of DI football just to compete for a championship at a lower level. The day that Bishop Amat drops from DI will be the worst HS football day for the entire valley. For The Family because it happened and for the valley because now you will HAVE to play us! One man’s opinion. Keep trying SGVsNitWit. I look forward to your next regurgitated post of the same information but with a different twist.

  • misinformed

    Please tell me the comment was not:
    “The kids at GHS hated WG because it ‘meant’ so much to him”

    That is one of the most ignorant statements I’ve seen… Anybody who knows why BJ Gonzalez was let go knows that is flat out irony… Go back and watch the tape of the Upland game. The team sure did.

  • First Team All CIF

    Didn’t he earn CIF honors as a Freshmen?

  • CIF Historian

    NO ! All League, yes. Whats your point!

  • Puuulleeeeeaaassssseee

    Aram, please toughest schedule? Corona is a controlled scrimmage, so won’t be that bad. Baldwin Park? Weak! West Covina barely above average in SGV standards. Tesoro is OK, but not a powerhouse on the OC, so really… Monrovia is horrible and Los Osos will be not be the same this year. The league will still have Ayala (not very good) and Claremont (Horrible). South Hills will lose to Damien, Chino Hills, and Charter Oak. This is not a tough schedule. I know you and Fred like to stroke SH (even hired their water boy on staff), but Puuulleeeeaaassssee, the toughest schedule? Not even close.


    I guess what truely bothers you is no matter what you print it dosen’t mattter. Until the day you no longer exsist you will forever hear Amat fans write of being in the PAC-5 and playing against the best that will accept the challenge and sending well educated men on to D-1 , D-2 , D-3 , or whatever college they choose or chooses them . So if in fact someone on the blog has validated your point and your’s only on that subject, as you did say gracias , go on to something else now . Doesn’t matter if it is about Amat which it will be because they are in your mind and you can not remove Amat from your daily life. Just pick a new subject. How about with some good factual back up as to why you profess Amat’s defense will suffer next season. You have come on here posting no defense in 2010 , so lets hear why. Graduation losses,no upcoming players. Come on be a contibutor to a good topic for discussion. Prove to us you are not just an idiot like all the other drive by shooters . The only difference I see between all of them and you is your stupid enough to register your screen name and they aren’t.You will probably try to say that is showing your courage or some bs to prove manhood but no it is stupidity and ignorance because anyone who registers blogs with at least a semblence of decency and doesn’t put players ,cities, whole student bodies,or races down as you do and really doesn’t want to be known as a complete as_h_le like yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Okay this is what I got so far.

    9/3/10 ~ @ Garfield
    9/10/10 ~ @ Dominguez
    9/24/10 ~ Damien @ BA
    10/15/10 ~ Crespi @ BA
    10/22/10 ~ @ Loyola
    Then you have
    Notre Dame

    So there are three games missing any help filling in the blanks would be great.

  • BAHS

    sgvdipshit-Great now your using MY post to validate your verbal vomit. Whatever you nutless wonder, you’re a joke. All you prove is that, you – just – don’t- get- it! I am done with you loser. I have no more time for a nit wit! later.

  • just sayin’

    SGVsWorst – or you could insert these schools who have never won a D1 Championship or those who haven’t won on outright in LONGER than 15 yrs (and remember – until this season Servite hadn’t won since in TWENTY-SIX years. I’m sure they entered each of those seasons with more aspirations than a “participant”).
    Edison (since 1980 – THIRTY YEARS!!!!!)
    Fountain Valley (since 1988 – TWENTY-TWO yrs)
    Crespi (since 1986 – TWENTY FOUR yrs)
    or all those Pac5 schools who have never won a D1 championship
    Newport Harbor
    Mission Viejo
    San Clemente
    Santa Margarita
    Notre Dame Sherman Oaks
    I would dare ANY of SGVsBest to have the nads to schedule any of these “participants”


  • SGVsBest

    Hey just sayin –
    Keep twisting reality Chubby Checker! The fact is that the Pac 5 hasn’t been around but a few years. Get out of here with your 16 year old excuse!
    The difference is that Edison, Crespi, Newport Harbor, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Santa Margarita and Notre Dame Sherman Oaks ALL HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE!!! You, Aliso Niguel, JSerra, and the other DON’T, BAHhhhhhhhhhhhs!!!
    ANONYMOUS – You can add Huntington Park HS to one of those 3 “powershouses” missing in BA’s “cupcake” schedule!

  • Serra League Champions

    Isn’t a Serra League Champion by definition, a fighting chance? SGV Sangra you stepped in that one! Anyone know how many Serra League Champions made it to the CIF Championship Game? Didn’t Loyola win a few times and before that wasn’t MD a winner in that 16 year span? Seems Amat played and beat both.

  • As I See It


    South Hills has a schedule that normally Diamond Ranch plays. Now you know why DR shows up to the playoffs with a losing record and still gets to the finals. Losing to DR two years in a row perhaps has taught Bogan something. But in worn you Bogan – it is a double edged sword because you get beat up on the line big time. Normally, DR only has 25-30 kids to begin with so I hope you have a large turnout for your 2010 football program because you are going to need the bodies.

  • just sayin’

    SGVsWorst – I think it said “schools who have never won a D1 Championship” – and D1 has been around forever in one name or another – as in the HIGHEST division possible. Call it 4A, Big Five, D1, or Pac5 – it’s the TOP and there are only 3 schools that have more championships all time at the TOP than Amat and only three that have won more than Amat’s TWO titles in the last 20 years. FAR more than participants – League Champs in the 4th toughest LEAGUE in the COUNTRY

  • just sayin’

    BTW – the Miramonte was ranked 301st, Sierra 385th, San Antonio 434th and Valle Vista was the 1,275th toughest league in the Nation

    I’m just sayin’

  • Keep it Simple


    Let’s make this real simple. Please answer just one qustion….What team do you root for?

    Simple – nothing else – give it your best shot.


    If only is was that simple. You would think that would be simple enough to answer. This would mean for him to have to stand for something and the only thing he stands for is stupidity and ignorance which seems to suit him just fine as you can see by him posting the same message since the beginning of the 09 season . Be ready for some kind of sarcastic comeback coming your way and he will tie it to Amat in his twisted mind. He lives for Amat and Amat only . They are deeply planted in his mind and he can’t get them out.

  • C.O. Mom

    I haven’t posted for a long time but still read everyday and enough is enough and here’s to a lady’s point of view!

    I can PROMISE you that “SGVsBest” has not, does not, and will not represent Charter Oak then, now, or ever! None of us at Charter Oak agree with or like what he says or represents either and every time he posts a comment he upsets many of us too. Plain and simple he is his own person with his own agenda.

    Bishop Amat fans you do realize by far and large we can say without a doubt almost every Charter Oak fan respects you BUT the ones that pretend to be a part of our fan base but are NOT and those that are probably many like you have that are on the outside looking in.

    So with that Charter Oak hopes your offseason is going well and sometime soon in the very near future administrations and coaches can agree on a game not for supremacy in the Valley as much as a game that every fan in the Valley deserves for one night and can celebrate and enjoy and let’s be realistic based on our previous record with you and your level of play you would probably be favored by at least two touchdowns and a field goal.

    High school football equals kids and families, community, sportsmanship, etc. which actually makes Bishop Amat and Charter Oak more alike than opposites.

    Here’s to both of us surviving this transition and representing our Valley well for a long time..!

  • Lancer Land

    CO Mom,
    Beautiful and classy post. Too bad someone of that character has to latch on to your school. From what I understand, he doesn’t even live in the CO area. We are all from the same valley, CO kids and Amat kids grow up next door to each other, too bad some posters don’t see it that way.

  • AMAT 73

    CO Mom,
    Very nicely put . I agree with you totally as I for one and I know many of the AMAT faithful have much respect for the CO program also. I also hope the two sides get together and get the game scheduled because it could be something great for the SGV as many of us want to ssee that game. It is too bad that this sgvsbest has latched on to CO like a leech because as you say it is a bad reflection on CO. The problem is that he is allowed to continue and never brings anything to the blog worth posting. I thought this blog would be much more serious in the aspect of football related and good discussions with of course some of the bantering between bloggers but this persons posts are worthless.Not so much for attacking AMAT but for his continual racist remarks and belitting of communities.

  • Keep It Simple – Got it Right!

    Hey – Keep it Simple found a way to get SGVBEST to shut up

    Simple direct questions are the topper!!

    Thank You!!!!!

  • Chad

    South Hills is moving up in Divisons so let’s give them credit for that, even though they were forced into this move. The Pre season is above average and their league schedule will be tougher even though Glendora is now in the Baseline- I sure would have loved to see S.H. and Glendora play every year. For the bloggers who say that Los Osos is a down grade from LH you must have lost your mind. Los Osos beat Bishop Amat two seasons in a row (once at Amat) and a Rancho team (twice) who beat CO by a lot. No other team in or around the SGV can say that so if you think that the Los Osos game will be a down grade from LH you don’t know what you are talking about. Granted, LO will not be the same team this year, they lost 19 starters, but that is what they said about last years team who went to the Finals. Good Luck Huskies

  • Scoreboard

    Chad – Well said my man! You make a very valid point. NO ONE in the SGV can say the same. NOBODY!!!!!!