Covina ’10 schedule … are the Colts on the verge again?

Sept. 3 at West Covina
Sept. 9 Gladstone
Sept. 17 El Monte
Sept. 24 at Walnut
Oct. 1 at Northview
Oct. 8 Wilson
Oct. 15 at Nogales
Oct. 21 Baldwin Park
Oct. 29 Pomona
Nov. 5 at San Dimas

Aram’s take: We all remember how good Covina was the last time I was patrolling these streets. I’ve heard rumblings that the Colts might be ready to put together another good team. As far as the sked, you have to point to that Sept. 24 game at Walnut to be the real test as to whether this team is for real. Also, concluding league with BP, Pomona and then San Dimas is just plain brutal. If the Colts can’t get through that stretch with at least one win, they can probably forget about the playoffs.

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  • Funny

    Well Gladstone and El Monte are a JOKE. I say El Monte actually gives them a game. Aram, you are right, Walnut is the test. Walnut is no power but is a better program than Covina. The schedule is soft and then the league is what it is. Pomona is only brutal for one fact….The TEAGUE factor. The dude is a BEAST! That kid can touch the ball 30+ times vs. the Colts and Thomas will be back shoveling sh#$ in the Stables over on Puente.

  • Anonymous

    Okay this is what I got so far for the Bishop Amat Schedule.

    9/3/10 ~ @ Garfield
    9/10/10 ~ @ Dominguez
    9/24/10 ~ Damien @ BA
    10/15/10 ~ Crespi @ BA
    10/22/10 ~ @ Loyola
    Then you have
    Notre Dame

    So there are three games missing any help filling in the blanks would be great.

  • lake of size up front and at wr

    Covina lacks the size

  • sgv know it all

    Out of the gate covina will lose to Gladstone. Gladstone returns one of the best athletes in the valley and one of the stingiest defense. Good luck covina


    Nice picture of the AZTECS! ARAM, you’ll know when covina is on the verge again, WHEN THEY BEAT THE AZUSA AZTECS IN THE PLAYOFFS!

    gladstone??? Get by AZUSA first before, YOU MAKE A STATEMENT ABOUT WINNING COVINA!LOL…



    ARAM, why not put the score up to that nice SANDWICH TACKLING.

  • SD Saints

    Don’t get cocky Aztec Pride. In the end you got smashed too!

  • whats the deal

    anyword on coaching situations at LOS ALTOS? BASSETT? WORKMAN? LOYOLA?


    SD SAINTS; Don’t get too cocky yourself! Yeah I rememeber your side was nervous as hell for three qtrs! Your fans couldn’t believe AZUSA was ahead several times. Okay, we lost at the end, but for three qtrs we were rolling!

    To bad we didn’t play SD at Citrus College, I bet we win! How’s that for being COCKY!

    I mean i don’t see SD on this article, i see a team we beat twice in the playoffs, so why come in here and try to beat down on the AZTECS?, Isn’t your C.I. F title sufficent enough.

    “In the end we got smashed”, ( NEW SEASON JUST AROUND THE CORNER SD,MAYBE WE MEET AGAIN). What, are you trying to stomp on my feeling, with your big (SMASHED) word? You know your the first fan from SD running his mouth about that game. I was there SAINT, and AZUSA was playing all out until the 4th qtr. AZUSAS defense ran out of gas, and having your halfback playing defense, will finally catch up to you at the end! (sd saint, why don’t you go shine your trophy, it’s getting a little dusty.


  • Bon and Raised SGV

    Aram… I welcome you to stop by Covina anytime and see what the fuss is about this group. I hear people say we are small we are up front however VVL is the best place to be small.

    This group of soon to be Juniors have skills to impress!!!

  • SD Saint

    Aztec Pride,

    Never nervous!! It’s true that our kids played tight in the first half, and you guys played well. However, the Second half score was 29-3, so don’t get too happy with your performance. I also heard that Z tried to set a game up this year, but AZ coach declined.

    “To bad we didn’t play SD at Citrus College, I bet we win! How’s that for being COCKY!” You can drop the “Y” for that comment!!

    Enough said, need to go shine up that trophy!!!!

  • I haven’t had “the talk” with KG yet. That’s when I’ll know just how legit Covina will be.

  • BabyBlue

    SD OWNES Citrus College. Gladstone got smashed by us and Azusa….It would have been worse, we kicked your ASS and we would have put 100 on you at CITRUS.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Please have your talk. You will like what you hear. We are excited to see our developments.

    Colts will win League!


    Football: St. Bonaventure forfeits league title, 11 wins
    February 23, 2010 | 2:05 pm
    Ventura St. Bonaventure has forfeited 11 victories and the Channel League championship from last season after discovering that cornerback Troy Hill was a fifth-year senior and should have been ineligible, Coach Todd Therrien said.

    Therrien said Hill arrived at St. Bonaventure from Ohio and apparently repeated his freshman year. St. Bonaventure did not learn that he had attended school in 2005-06 as a freshman in Ohio until Oregon alerted the school after reviewing transcripts.

    Hill had signed with Oregon.

    Click this link to view the new coach at Loyola.

  • Who Cares

    You come up with crap nobody cares about. You need to read the title of this thread again. Your sooooo boring!


    Who Cares,

    I didn’t come up with this I copy and pasted from the LA Times website. I think alot of people are interested to know who the new coach at Loyola is. Where was I supposed to put news about schools we don’t cover??? Yes this is a covina thread but who cares right you only had 13 comments and going on 2 days. If i’m so boring than skip over the damn post. Plain and simple.


  • Who Cares

    HAHA, if anybody wants to know about teams other then the SGV let them look in the LA Times themselves Mr. Breaking Newsman, lol. Im sure the majority of the real SGV Football bloggers could care less. Now go back to C/O and pray you can at least be 4 and 6 next season, hahaha.


    BOY! How very imaginative of you SD(SAINT)???. Drop the “Y”, WOW… good one. Come on have some class, this is HIGH SCHOOL BLOG and if you want to get that drastic, go on an NFL FAN blog. You’ll see alot more of your favorite word their!





    CITRUS COLLEGE IS THE HOME OF THE AZTECS! ” 100 POINTS”, MY AZZ. I was at SD’s LOCKER ROOM when they walked in the half time cursing and couldn’t belive AZUSA was running the ball all over them. I believe our fans out number your fans and heck we had people on your track.




  • De La Salle

    De La Salle, Southlake Carroll, Don Bosco prep will put 200 on ALL YA GUYS …. BEASSTAAAH!!! CHHONK!!! CJONQ! CHONK@!

  • BabyBlue

    I said we would score 100 pts,nothing about defense. We scored 50 on you guys….50 (ouch:) and like you said, we weren’t at our best. Thanks for the support from AZUSA. P.S. Your coach is Terrified of playing us that’s why he wouldn’t schedule us this year.

  • Saint


    FYI, I was also in the locker rrom at half time. There was no cussing from our locker room at halftime (any time) and no panic. Just adjusting and motovating our kids because all week long the kids were looking ahead to play M-Town. Sorry the kids over looked you for a half. But we adjusted and got the job done.

  • News break

    The new mid valley div could look like this next year.
    Almont, Academy, Mission Valley, Rio Hondo, Montview, Valle Vista League.
    Aztec pride didn’t your school lose to bell gardens 34-6 last year. BG did not even make the playoffs last year. The Mid Valley will be the Almont’s fish bowl.

  • wrong

    Hey New Break,

    That wont happen: you only get 16 auto bids for the division. you have too many leagues posted.

  • New York

    De La Salle,

    You must not know the situation very well. Coach Ladouceur has too much class to do something like that.

  • GAME 11


    I hear Scherf and Thomas are signing a contract for Game 11 for the 2010 season. Any truth to this rumor?

    If it is true I say the Aztecs win again.

    Thomas needs to think before he uses his connections in CIF. Azusa is not the team he wants to play they have beat you 2 years in a row and they were not close games.

  • billyb

    Babyblue and saint whatever your name was

    Try doing just a hint of factfinding. Azusa already has a full schedule next year. Of course SD would love to play us Saturday night after our Friday night game, I’m sure. Know what you are talking about before you post. Ignoramous!!!

  • News break

    If it passes, the two top teams in each league are in with four at larges. Ask the coaches who know what is happening in CIF.


    Does anybody know what Azusa’s 2010 schedule looks like?



    Do you know what i find funny, here your stating SD would put up 100 pts on us, but here enters DE LA SALLE, stating they would put 200 pts on (YOU)! Wow,i’m waiting for your reply back????, CRICKET, CRICKET… What you have no words for Mr. de la salle? probably the best football school in California!

    You’ve probably heard the saying before, THERE’S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH IN THE SEA, EATING A SMALLER FISH UP! Here’s what I would have told him, go choke on a grape. Get it, that’s what they do up North is pick grapes!LOL… OKAY it’s not that funny, but DE LA SALLE IN THE HOUSE??? WHAAAAAT.

    SD saint, I said when they were walking to the locker room at halftime! “Never nervous”, YEAH RIGHT! What you were in the locker room? (COACH)??? Yeah you were probably hearing Coach Z, getting on their AZZES for playing like they were in the first half. “NO PANIC”, I BET YOU WERE, WHEN WE WERE UP 14-7. SAINT, OUR PROGRAM CONTINUES TO GET BETTER EVERY YEAR, under our new coach. What just two seasons ago, I can remeber when SD, lost to Rosemead in the playoffs, and what if my mind serves me right, didn’t they put up (50 pts.on SD.(ouch…. that!” SMASHED”!

  • billyb

    news break
    i believe the cif blue book stats that all 7 and 8 team leagues get 4 entries,5 and 6 get 3, and 4 team leagues get 2. Knowing these facts how does your theory work?

  • YOUR KILLING ME smalls..!!

    born & raised sgv

    Umpaa lumpaa dupidee day,WILLEY WONKA league would be about it,same midgets are on the baseball team this ain’t park ball can’t(Good talking points)wish um big,maybe you can have the other teams play there 5 foot and under squads.go colts!!!!

  • Born and Raised SGV

    “this ain’t park ball can’t(Good talking points)wish um big” ….WTF??
    I can’t tell if you are with the Colts or against the Colts?

    Please read your entry before sending..Thank you.

  • YOUR KILLING ME smalls!!!

    b&r sgv

    Listen here Mr.Frodo don’t get short(midget)with me..

    Go Colts(shetland)

  • I will immediately snatch your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.