Hello from Carson … yeah, I did it …

Special thanks to tommyeats.com for the photo.

I’m down in Carson to cover Amat’s playoff game vs. Lawndale. Yeah, I know, Lawndale isn’t in Carson. But it’s close enough to give me an excuse to try Five Guys Burgers and Fries. If you’re ever in Carson, I suggest you stop by. This was my first time. Dude at the counter asked me “Did you want double meat?” and I said “I think we both know the answer to that.”

Also, keep checking back to see not only if I lived, but also because I expect to have to some very interesting news for you soon.

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    Dammed ! Iam starving

  • Trojan Man


    Fight On

  • Five hours after the burger (and fries), and I’m still breathing.

  • Anonymous

    I knew about your interesting news a week ago! lol Surprise surprise! I think not!

  • CO Bro

    My son who is in the Navy in So. Carolina said the Five Guy’s Burgers are way better than In-N-OUT! True or not true, I personally do not care for In-N-Out.

  • sgv scouting

    If Five Guys is good for the President of the United States (just watch the NBC News special that they did on the day in the life of the President) — it’s good for the fat man. Great call Aram!

  • Paul Lopez

    Anthony White resigns as the Temple City Football coach. He takes the Buena Park Head Football Coaching job.

  • New York

    How efficient of an operation does Five Guys run compared to In-N-Out? How consistent is the product? How quickly can a whole bunch of people move through the line?

  • anonymous

    Mr. Jones you are correct!

  • NY,

    It isn’t a drive-thru. At least this one isn’t. You go in and place your order. There were only a few people when I went. The burger is better than In-N-Out. But I should say that I don’t see what’s so great about In-N-Out. In fairness, they’re two completely different animals, no pun intended.

  • Dr. Oz

    That cant be healthy! Way to promote good health Aram.

  • Ghost of Captain Chaos

    “Dr. Oz”

    I see lettuce.
    I see tomato.

    F Off.


  • My job isn’t to promote good health. My job is to be a football fan and this type of eating goes part and parcel with it. And it probably appeals to most of my readers … or at least the ones I’m specifically catering to.

    So on that note, I apologize to all the children. You should take note of Aram’s lifestyle and do the opposite.

  • Aaron


    Having had Five Guys…I’m not in agreement. Everytime I get off a plane to come home, I always hit up In-N-Out for my first meal on California soil. But if you don’t eat a double-chili cheese burger from the HAT, don’t know about their pastrami as that is what I get.

    But In-N-Out is my first stop every time. You might want to go out to Santa Barbara for burrito’s at Freebird’s, however El Merendero in La Verne is pretty darn good as well.

  • Fat Man

    Dr. Oz is not allowed on this blog unless he wants to talk football so from one fat man to another. Keep the good times rolling literally…!

  • Dr. Oz

    HAHA, Ok I will see all your size 44 beer belly’s on my operating room table when I’m performing a quadruple bypass on you. Keep eating Fat Man your making me richer. lmao


    Aram, good job on the count down clock.

  • baobay

    oh, look too greasy