Anthony White resigns as Temple City coach …

Anthony White has resigned from Temple City after one season to become the next head coach at Buena Park. White, who replaced Randy Backus, went 5-4-1 and missed the playoffs in his lone season.

White graduated from Rosemead and played at Utah. He had assistant coaching stints at PCC, Wilson and Rosemead under Matt Koffler before Temple City gave him his first head varsity job.

Aram’s take: My poor alma mater. First Mike Mooney leaves for San Marino, then half the city council goes on trial and now one of the area’s hottest young coaching commodities jets after one season. I don’t blame White. He lives in Buena Park, so it makes sense. Plus, he joins the Fullerton school district, which is supposedly lucrative as school districts go. So where do the Rams go from here? Spring ball is nearing. Spring passing league is nearing. And now the administration is scrambling for a replacement. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of good names out there.

  • Golden Bear

    Smart move by White. It was difficult for him to live up to the expectations of the community. What will the administration do now? Who’s next?

  • curious

    whats TC schedule look like for next year?

  • Anonymous

    Bad move by BP! Why hire a guy who takes over a program and leaves after one season and doesn’t make the playoffs. If your BP and have gone year after year in mediocrity, aren’t you looking for a proven winner and some stability? I guess there weren’t more qualified candidates! Anyhow, i’m sure White is a good guy, maybe he is doing what is best for him and his family!

  • hijole

    white is a joke! his staff wanted to leave after 1 year! he’s been to HH wilson rosemead PCC and temple city in like 5 years! moves to where he thinks he can be succesful and then leaves! BP goooooood luck!! ur gonna need it!!

  • bob


  • GetIt

    Aram, YOur alma mater? Call Brian Mustain and get him there. GREAT football program in the right division and this man would be great. He can coach there for the next 20 years.

  • Aram


    Yes, my alma mater. I did graduate from there (barely). Mustain’s an interesting thought if he wants to be a head guy again. What about Scott Morrison? Talk about a coach fitting the personality of the kids. We’re gonna have fun with this opening … because as Temple City knows, that’s about all we can do with it.

  • Goldenarm

    This is not a bad thing for the Temple City program.

    What is bad is that the same braintrust who exited Backus (after TC’s first CIF semi-final in 10 years)remains in power at TC, and have no clue regarding who is a good fit for head coach at Temple City High School.

    I personally think White has a great future in coaching and definitely is hungry and dedicated enough to be successful. I disagreed with many, many things that happened last season, but Coach White is by no means a loser. And trust me, I still feel the disapointment of last season and would hang it on somebody if I could. Tie-breaker Friday was just about as bad as any day of football I can recall.

    The administration lusted for “new direction”, apparently thinking something “new” is better than simply winning football games and playing fundamental good football. Mooney and later Backus, had instilled and kept a hard work ethic in place at TC…and it was not lip service, like so much is nowadays. During this era, We won MANY games by outworking better teams – we built 0-10 freshman teams into league champ varsity teams.

    I hope White’s departure does not further erode what all began with a string of events mishandled by TC admin and has now morphed into another head coach vacancy. With Monrovia building it’s program by leaps and bounds, SM under great leadership and La Canada on the upswing, the Rams take another backward step and find themselves with no captain on board and all the enemies stronger and rested. The RHL will not benefit by a weakened TC program.

    I pray the Admin opens the interview process and LISTENS this time around.

    Good luck to Anthony White.

  • GetIt


    Were you and Brian buddies? Alumni, GREAT coach, plenty of experience, enough said. Mustain trumps Morrison. All others need not apply.

  • Aram


    Brian was a grade older than me. We sometimes ran in the same circle and sometimes not. He was a really good football player. Pretty intense dude. He surely does know the program history and what’s expected. Again, who even knows if he wants to be the head guy again.


  • Trojan Man


    Best of luck to Anthony. He is a GOOD MAN!He may be looking out for his family & his future. Who would NOT want to coach closer to home.


  • Ram

    Take care Coach Thank you for all you have done. Good Luck we will be rooting you on from ‘the city’.

  • Wow

    Hate all you want on this Coach you gotta do what you gotta do. Take in all of Gods Blessings. Good Luck Coach

  • Goldenarm


    TC’s schedule is the same as last year, only change is SoElMo replaces La Salle on the preleague schedule.

    We lose our entire O-line, Max Ruckle and starting QB to graduation.

    There are some talented kids, from both junior and sophomore classes in the wings. But unless the Rams can revitalize up front, it won’t make much difference. A great line coach is an absolute must for next season. We have a handful of big people, but they need some guidance and work to succeed.

  • Career change

    Morrison is an interesting sell for one reason, he’s had two programs that were previously successful and left when both programs had hit rock bottom with in five years. That’s telling seeing as both programs were extremely well funded, had a string of success and were both private schools with intense Alumni bases and community support.

    My guess is Morrison is best suited for a predominately Hispanic low income population with extreme shortages in funding and players. Maybe they can loosen him up and remind him why football is suppose to be fun and extremely competitive. Maybe with that population he can learn some people skills to go along with that intense football mind. Is it any wonder Rollinson learned so much being at Salesian? Ask Rollie about his time at Salesian and he’ll tell you it was all on a wing and a prayer…but it was one hell of a ride!!

    Too bad things didn’t work out at Marin Catholic or Damien seeing as both were dream jobs that Morrison could have retired from like Rollinson at Mater Dei. Or maybe Scott is another great former player who doesn’t connect well with people and players as Jerry West and Magic have found out, it’s easier to do than to teach. Still think he’s a bust anywhere else seeing as there were no blogs during his time at Marin Catholic or was there?

    You know he might also do well at a school like Pasadena as well but TC with their issues, why strike three with that program?

  • Goldenarm

    career change

    TC is thin on talent and lacks team speed year in year out- but coaches like Mooney and Backus found ways to win regardless.

    If Morrison can do similar, lend him a Thomas Guide and send him our way. Just remind him at TC we can’t outrun…leaving us no option but to overrun.

    A pass at TC is actually a fumble that got caught in a updraft.
    Damn, I may need to copyright that one.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno thinks that the indigestion Aram is feeling is not the burger he ate in Hawtorne but that Aram called White “one of the area’s hottest young coaching commodities.” Were you smoking those jalapeno’s? White has no stability at any one place, has established nothing, and went through two staffs in one year at TCHS. What happened to th original staff after the Eagle Rock Mafia came abroad? Reno would make Aram the lonseome end like Jack Dundee!

  • New York

    Any word on that star freshman QB who came from the Glendale area?

    Last time TC had a similar record and a coaching change (following the 1995 season), DiFiori came on the seen with a Veer offense and good Defense that produced some pretty good teams. Is there any chance TC goes back to its bread and butter?

  • Goldenarm

    depends on the hire.
    lets hope so

  • QB coach

    White had a staff made of ERHS guys who did well at ERHS & Glendale. I am sure one of them would be a good candidate.

  • UHwarrior

    White has his work cut out a BP. They have been perenial losers for quite sometime. The Freeway league that he just got into is alot tougher than he thinks. The good thing is that BP is so bad they can’t go anywhere but up. White will get a rude awakening with the likes of La Habra, Fullerton, and Troy on his schedule. In all sincerity I wish him Good luck. A better BPHS football program will be great for the league and the over all CIF division.

  • pacific league

    What do you guys think about Chris Long over at Hoover, he might be a great fit. Hell he got them competing they played Pasadena tough 21 – 13 and Arcadia 35 – 28 when was the last time Hoover ever came that close to either school. He’s a young and tough coach!

  • c.chong

    chris long’ hoover had THE STANGS on the ropes for a long time. apparent touchdown was insead ripped away for 100yd stang TD.

    air ball

  • Goldenarm

    My suspicion is they already have a head coach in their sights, and as blogger QB coach suspects – he is one of the Eagle Rockers.

    There will not be a long search this time around, that would require energy, commitment and thought – none of which is in abundance at the TC admin level, at least when it comes to the football program

  • good football


    Do you know Brian Mustain? He was the DC at san dimas last year and won yet another cif championship (thats 3 in 12 years). Is there any reason to think that he might be interested?


  • GetIT

    Good football,

    Well… Who wouldn’t be interested in coaching the school they played at? They man must be somewhat interested. Great historic program, winable league, winable CIF, Good football numbers, Aram went there 🙂 What else is there to say? I am sure Aram is on the phone with Brian trying to get him there.

    Aram, you may have to pay for the moving truck and get the school to pony up for a new house.

  • Goldenarm

    Mustain sounds like an excellent candidate.

    Winnable league has always been the case for TC, but Monrovia in my opinion, is distancing themselves from the pack. Actually the “pack” for several years has been TC/Monrovia, but with the Rams now off-kilter and limboed once again – there is no telling what type of team they may field next season.
    Recall also that San Marino came within a play of beating M-town, before losing 14-12. They had a horrinble opening half against Azusa – and gagged away that game.
    I would love to see a defensive specialist come to TC,an alum, that would be great as well. Can anyone provide some background on Mustain, what is his coaching style, defensive alignment of choice?

  • FootballFan

    Oh no! not Zavala…..please! And He-Hole you just don’t have a clue, Coach Chow is the best candidate for the program!

  • good football

    I agree that Mustain would be a great choice for TC to hire as the next HC if he were interested. When they hired mooney he was the other finalist for the job along with zernickow (HC at san dimas now). Mustain’s background would suit TC well. He runs a tight ship, is grounded in TC tradition and history, is well respected among colleagues, peers and players. He has traditionally run a 50 on Defense and is diverse offensivelly but has a strong wing-T background. Temple City would be wise to at least inquire about him and his interest level. He would be a great fit!

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