Source: Los Altos offers job to Kiki Mendoza …

But will he take? I know the school is hoping to get something done soon. There is a school board meeting on Thursday. My source says Mendoza, who was let go by St. John Bosco this offseason, is the man if he wants it. But that’s still up in the air at this point.

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  • LA Status

    I wounder if he has any clue of the talent at LA. Inside source told me the sudden rush is due to the talent leaving the program as we speak. During semester break one of the top players left to Bishop Amat and another has told the school he is leaving at the end of the semester, getting a full free ride to another private school. The only quality player staying to date is Logoria, he did move and the move was to Wilson(Hacienda Heights) area. So he has to stay at LA his senior year.


    Kiki is an interesting pick for one reason, he comes with a staff which Morrison and others do not. Plus Kiki has the added bonus of families who live in the general area who travel and pay tuition to go to SJB. Think of CJ Guerrero who travels all the way to Bellflower so he might get kids. Plus he’s a sure fire option for the tough Pico Dons kids who go to St Paul and might consider a free education at LA in these tough times. Kiki is allot of things but no one I can think of is a better person, in person, than Kiki. I was at a CYO HOF induction where he spoke on behalf of a Jets Qb who was being inducted and was a former player of his. He captivated the audience with his professionalism, passion and demeanor, he just looked like someone I would follow, and be proud to say I did.

    Coaching in the tough league he’s coming from puts him at a huge advantage over most area staffs. He’s the right man for the job and any former LA players who transferred better get their butts back…he’s quite the stud and so is his staff.

    Great pick Los Altos!!!

  • just asking

    hey kiki are you going to bring that sophmore qb you had at bosco with you to los altos i heard hes really good we sure can use a kid like that

  • From LA to greener pastures

    “and any former LA players who transferred better get their butts back”

    Hey, sad, and bitter LA fan. What little talent you had is gone, and they left with no regrets. Only thing to be determined is who’s QB is going to be the worst in the Heights next year. LA’s or Wilson’s?

  • LA Insider

    Word is he turned them down. Jesus Christmas! Who woulda thought we’d see the day when LA was getting turned down by coaches? This used to be a position that coaches DREAMED of!

    I need a beer.


    Hiring Coah KiKi would be the best thing that LA has done in a long time , great mentor,great person and a awsome coach wish you nothing but the best coach Kiki to you and your family we all know you will do well in whatever you decide.

  • Wilson Supporter

    How can you even compare Schrieman to LA’s quarterback? Schrieman as a sophomore was brought up and did a great job last season.

  • JOKE

    Wilson Supporter:

    Please define “great job” in reference to Schrieman.

    I guess considering the garbage O-line he had he did a great job of not getting himself killed or broken in half!

    But he’ll probably tear it up in that joke a league you little b!tches went running to!

  • The New LA

    LA Insider,

    What do you expect, the word on the street is school administration wants way to much control. How can you expect a quality coach to except a job with one hand already tied behind his back. This LA administration has already chased away two quality coaches early in the search, sorry three now.

  • Who’s The Real B……..


    “joke a league you little b!tches went running to!”

    You played Northview and San Dimas both in our new league the last two years.

    Lost 7-9 and Won 34-6

    San Dimas
    Lost 16-27 and Lost 6-33

    That is a record of 1-3 against them.

    If they are little b!tches then what are you…….

    Los Altos has attendance of approx. 2400 kids.

    Wilson has attendance of approx. 1600 kids.

    Just based on attendance the two schools are now in the proper leagues. If your football program didn’t such so much you would have went up with South Hills and Charter Oak.

    One more fact for you to think about, this league realignment was started up a couple of years ago. At that time Roberts your principal was crying that you needed to move down with Wilson. Needless to say it didn’t work, have fun……..

  • Come clean

    The new LA who were the other two. You seem to know how many why not say who so we know you’re not just bagging on the LA Admistration.

    Hard to believe they would interview Kiki and not give him the job. I’ll wait under I hear it from a reliable source, him!

  • New LA

    More than willing to give you some more infor on it. Very early on Garcia was in communication with Coach M. Coach M turned down the job because of the Felipe clause. Felipe would be his Offensive Coordinator. Shortly after that conversation Garcia was in communication with Coach A. Coach A turned down the job due to the conditions at the time. No teaching position, so he would be teaching at one school then travel to LA to coach. Coach A said no thank you. Once the teaching position openned up Garcia then called Coach A and offered him the job again. At that time Coach A told him he was no longer interested in the position.

    Garcia is in a tuff situation, he has coaches that have applied with no quality head coach experience but per his own requirements he will look like a fool if he hires one of them. This is a project job, Garcia isn’t going to pull in a top head coach, unless it gets real late in the game and the coach doesn’t have a job, he’s desprite.

    That is why LA is still looking …….

  • Great Job …

    I have to say the LA administration has done a great job with this football program over the last couple years.

    We can talk about quality coaches that this program chased away, like Saul, Bobby and now Felipe.

    We can talk about going into March with no head coach.

    We can talk about the kids sitting around doing nothing; don’t even know what system they are going to be running next season.

    We can talk about why the top players are transferring out again, over the last three years every freshmen class has lost the majority of their quality freshmen players. This years freshmen class is just another example of the mess this administration has created. How can any coach expect to compete with the majority of their talent leaving.

    Thank You Garcia for the great work you are doing

  • Rank the Coaches in the SGV and where does Morrison rank? Try it sometime.

    Aram lots of talk about Morrison but Gano, Farrar, Mendoza, Roche, Monger and Pasquerrella owned him. Dispute that. In fact I doubt San Dimas or Bonita would trade Coach Z or Coach Podley for Morrison right now. Aram and Fred both know Coach Garrison as well and would Monrovia have traded Garrison for Morrison when Garrison was there? My guess, after the job he did at Damien this year with the OLine, it’s no. So there you have it, almost every single school worth their salt has better coaches in place than what Damien had with Morrison and Co. and we still hear he’s a perfect fit at TC? Why? Aram we haven’t even considered South Hills with Bogan or Diamond Ranch with Layton or Bishop Amat with Hagerty as possible coaching peers. Let’s try the IE with Upland and Salter or…you get the picture. Seen Verti’s at Upland and they just won a title so that man might be a better fit for TC now that he’s had a couple of seasons to rethink his Amat errors in staffing.

    Scott’s had two bites of the Big Boy Apples and was fired twice within his contract time and now we have Mendoza from SJB in the same LA applicant pool? That’s not even fair. Mendoza brings instant credibility with parents, players and area coaches at the Pop Warner and JAA level where athletes/parents will know Mendoza has delivered D1 athletes over the years. talked to a few coaches I respect and every coach say Mendoza to LA was golden, and would consider strongly being part of his staff in any capacity. That’s instant cred!!!

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    hey la status: there is no such thing as a “free ride” in high school dummy. i dont care whose dad you’re talking to… it doesnt exist. get real.

    every punk around here thinks they have the “inside scoop” on kids, coaches, programs. there are no conspiracies and no complicated situations. administrators are worried about budget cuts and not football right now, so they are lagging. LA wanted a high profile coach, none applied, so they waited until the last minute and offered the job to this guy. its that simple.

    and to everyone talking about “talent”: i’ll bet all of you have seen amazingly talented teams play horribly and with no discipline – probably at least one every game. i’ll also bet that you have seen marginally talented teams win championships. the best high school team in history (De La Salle) NEVER beat anyone of any merit because of “talent.” it amazes me how much all of you… people… talk about “talent,” as if it was impossible for a coach to build a program without some pop warner hot shot and his dad gracing the team with their presence. it happens all the time if you open your damned eyes (South El Monte).

  • Talent

    Your comments are sound but you aren’t addressing the real issues. School administration, talent and future talent. Let’s just adress the talent issue, the program has basicly no talent. Future talent, all the local youth programs are sub .500. Why would a Mendoza or Morrison want that job. Really the only difference between the LA and Wilson job last year is LA HAD tradition. Tradition doesn’t win games, and these coaches are aware of that.

  • Private School aka FREE RIDE

    Jeremiah Johnson,

    I will address the free ride issue, let me educate you. Bishop Amat cannot give an athlete a free ride. But they can and do give low income STUDENTS (football player) free tuition. This is common practice at most of the private schools in the area. I am personally aware of multi kids that had fees waived that played baseball at Bishop Amat.


    Talent of course Tradition wins games. Maybe you didn’t go to a school with Tradition but I did, and “it” wins games. Knowing those who came before you and how they played , the level and conduct and commitment of each past player speaks to you when you put on a jersey. Even today my chest swells with pride knowing my alma mater is on the Championship hunt again, thats tradition

    Ever wonder why programs that were once successful are still successful 10, 20, 30 or 40 years later? Tradition! Ask your self why Loyola’s coach stepped down so quickly. He knew what was expected of him and he didn’t think he was the right man for the job. Same with Bishop Amat, Notre Dame and Mater Dei. But no example is better than Servite who rose from the ashes to put everyone on notice that the Friars are back!!! That’s tradition!!!

    Look at USC Football, Notre Dame Football, Alabama Football, Oklahoma Football….that’s Tradition. Tradition means you never accept being mediocre, even when you record and every knucklehead in the world says you are!!!!


    How dare people talk about a lack of talent as if they can predict and assign a young man’s determination. Come on LA …NEVER FORGET WHY YOU WERE CHAMPIONS AND REFUSE TO EVER ACCEPT YOU’RE NOT!

  • HAD Tradition

    8-22 record over the last three years. If tradition wins then I guess LA has no tradition.

  • HAD Tradition

    8-22 record over the last three years. If tradition wins then I guess LA has no tradition.

  • The journey matters

    HAD Tradition, the last year Gano coached the Tradition was in full force as injuries swiped another Championship from their grasp. That year CO lost to EL Dorado and a “healthy” LA teamwould have beat the tar out of them, in my opinion having seen El Dorado, Charter Oak and Los Altos against common opponents.

    Tradition doesn’t look at a stop watch or a 30 second timer, it looks far beyond those limitations. I can see you never played for a school with Tradition and were only along for the LA Championship “ride”. Glad you “got off” now “stay off”.

    Servite never lost their Tradition and even though it took decades to win a CIF Championship, they always saw themselves as Champions. That’s the Tradition I’m talking about which you do not understand and can not see in your microwave, need it now, view of the world.

    Best to never chase a dream…they take too long!

  • Rowland Parent

    The journey matters,

    Are you LA guys trying to say that you can win without talent all you need is tradition. You show me one LA team that won a championship on tradition, those LA teams were stacked with talent You lack talent to compete in the league and division that you are currently in. That is supported by the inability of your administration to hire a head coach with quality experience. Your program has a long and tuff road ahead of it. The new head coach needs to realize that it is going to take a few years to rebuild your program. The administration and fans need to be patient, with CIF tightening down on the transfer rules LA is going to have to rebuild the traditional way.

  • Bob

    Sorry guys if Kiki Mendoza was offered the job he would of taken it by now. I gut feeling is he wont take the job..

  • football jones

    LA IQ test

    Fellow LA fans, the administration has plowed our beloved SS LOS ALTOS straight into an icebergand shes sinking fast!

    Many bloggers cheered when Felipe resigned. The Felipe Haters where in full force. Where are they now?

    Who is less intelligent; Felipe Haters or LA ADMIN?

    Its a coin toss.


  • Still A HUGGGGGGGGGE KIKI FAN !!!!!!!!!!?????????


    “Coaching in the tough league he’s coming from puts him at a huge advantage over most area staffs. He’s the right man for the job and any former LA players who transferred better get their butts back…he’s quite the stud and so is his staff.”


  • What are you NOOOOTTTTIIINNNNG about????

    Kiki Mendoza’s Braves beat Damien 40-7 and it wasn’t that close! They beat St. Paul 35-0 for a two game total of 75-7. I’d say he’s a cut above most area staffs considering who he plays annually Servite, Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita. The season before last, he beat Damien and St, Paul 71-10. Not sure what you’re thinking but whoever is at Rowland, Wilson, and other league staff’s and record don’t compare. NOT even close! Charter Oak’s staff doesn’t couldn’t hang with one tough game all year much less 8 a year?

    Just look at the stupidity of leaving Los Altos to go to Wilson after they lost every single game and continued their Bataan Death March for another season. If any of teh transfers had ANY game they would have transfered else where. That’s like leaving the Clippers to go to the Nets!!! Big WOW !!!

    Get out of the SGV FISHBOWL sometime, what a joke! Los Altos to Wilson is what we’re talking about? Now didn’t Los Altos with all their “best players gone” beat Wilson down this year and put 50 points on the “transfers”?

  • Rowland Parent

    You guys over at LA think way to much of your selfs. You have done nothing in league for years now all you can talk about is tradition, because that is all you got is tradition, you sure don’t have talent. Just for the record you lost two starting linemen to us a few weeks ago, why because you suck.


  • Maybe they don’t suck once they get to YOUR school

    Rowland Parent you have it wrong Rowland sucks. Isn’t it odd that two LA linemen can replace homegrown Rowland linemen yet LA sucks, right. “All you have is Tradition”, did you write that? Glad to see Tradition means nothing to you. Ask the Marines what Tradition means and stands for. Without Tradition all you are is a bunch of Johnnie Come Latelies to the Party called Life.

    What’s with the “No Talent” label? “Talent” being what? Isn’t that what they used to say about San Dimas? Things go in cycles and right now LA is done but in the world of “Move my kid because things are hard” dynamics it’s easier to spit on the CIF Championship and legendary players from years gone by. Both Wilson and Rowland “need” LA players or else they wouldn’t consider them feathers in their caps. Now isn’t that the truth.

    No problem with Rowland or Wilson per se just the don’t think it’s necessary to say LA sucks and has no talent when both schools have open door policies for the “no talent” players they speak of.

  • Rowland Parent

    Boy did you put your foot in your mouth on that one. I didn’t give you all the details on those two kids. One never played at LA, he was going to transfer in. The other player transferred into LA his sophomore year from ROWLAND. So who is stealing whose home grown talent?

    Please don’t talk about home grown talent and LA in the same sentence. When you guys did have talent the majority of it was from out of area.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    LA you need to face it. You will never be the LA of old. Wrong Admin, Wrong AD, I’m not going to talk about the talent level. That didn’t use to be a problem for LA. They would just go out and get players, and almost never lose anyone to another school. The Canada boys that went to South Hills, would have been at LA back in the day. That’s not the case now and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Sometimes the talent pool does dry up. The key is to know when to get out. The new guy has to figure out if he can rebuild the program and how long it will take. When Gano started LA was falling apart. He told Despain it would take about 3 years to get LA back to being LA. He was right. Gano turned it over to Felipe Aguilar (and LA guy) then bolted to Damien. I guess burn-out is based on Franks and Joes not X’s and O’s. Bottom line, they sent Felipe to a gun fight with a pocketknife. He never had a chance. The only upside for the incoming coach is that they can only improve on 0-10…………….or can he?

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!

  • Bob

    Years ago my friends son went to LA(when they were winning-Gano years). Somebody on those Gano staff knew how to bring in players from outside LA area. At that time I was told there was at least 25 transfer on the LA football team. I’m sorry but any school that gets that many transfers will have a better football team. Those days are long gone and that will never happen again. Unless the new coach can bring in those type of numbers in it will be a long time before LA can expect any winning or championship seasons…

  • Rowland Parent

    One comment from an LA blogger was interesting Things go in cycles and right now LA is done but in the world of “Move my kid because things are hard” dynamics it’s easier to spit on the CIF Championship and legendary players from years gone by. Both Wilson and Rowland “need” LA players or else they wouldn’t consider them feathers in their caps. Now isn’t that the truth.

    At least you finally admitted that you are done.

    Whos truth, yours. Rowland doesnt have a single player on their rooster that started freshmen football at LA.

  • dubb3trathree

    Well L.A fans I have to admit. I think this is going to become a very hard rebuilding process for this school. FIRST you need a coach that understands the SGV. I feel that is a big issue. Gano was from the area. He knew were to find talent and how to get it to L.A. IF Mendoza comes he will need to be able to do the same. Cause pulling kids from the pico /whitter areas is going hard. When Santa Fe, And Pico again are doing well in football. The biggest problem LA is going to face. Is that open enrollment is closed at LA. I know at least 6-7 of LA starters last season lived either next door to Workman or La Puente High schools. Well no open enrollment means those schools will now keep many of the players that LA was filling its roster with. And this is not counting the outside recruits that LA also used to get. So it is going to be very tough. To win and coaches are seeing that. NO outside recruiting , no school of choice for the district kids. LA would have to win with the kids in their area. And that is their final problem. Demographics. Those have changed drastically over the past 10 years. Families have moved out to the I.E. areas that used to Live in the heights and surrounding areas.Many of those families are the ones that used to fill the JAA Cougar Programs and recently the HLP Programs. Well even the enrollment with those leagues are way down over the last 5 yrs. That is a sign of families moving that ” Care about football”. Leaving less families and kids in the surrounding areas to chose from. And now many of the families that do live in the area. Football is not a priority to many of those families. LA in my opinion, should have went to the Valle vista league. Coach Rob was right to push for that to happen. Cause he saw that LA would not be able to compete in a couple seasons. What ever coach comes in. He is going to have to weather a 3-4 yr storm. Until they can re-align the leagues and move LA. And any real coach that understands this. Will be hard pressed to take the LA job!

  • Rowland Parent

    When reading these comments from LA supporters and other bloggers you start to see a pattern. Everyone see’s the writing on the wall. The long time LA supporters, football jones and LA insider realize that LA football is in real big trouble. You have one despite LA blogger reaching with his tradition but in general LA realizes the future doesnt look very good. As dubb3trathree stated LA should have gone down to the VVL with Wilson, but with all the championships and recruiting that LA has done in the past the future LA is going to have to pay the price. The next league realignment is in five years, until then soft non-league games and Diamond Bar.

    Why is it that LA has to win, LA (and Diamond Bar?) is now the new Bassett High of their league. They now need to learn how to deal with losing, winning is easy.

  • Coach R

    Coach Mendoza did turn down the job. He told me that school administration lead him to believe that all the program is lacking was a quality head coach. He made a few phone calls and realizes that wasn’t an accurate assessment of the program. He also had concerns about school administrations involvement in the program, based on conversations he had with local coaches.

  • inside LA

    The LA admin made a big mistake when it turned down Jeff Lucas’s application.

    The LA admin instead chose to swallow the jalapeno and blow some trees. End of story!

  • Goes from Bad to Worse ….

    This Temple City job opening is going to create another major issue when it comes to filling the LA job. I see the coaches that have applied for the LA job now applying for the Temple City opening. No coach wants to commit to LA when they may be able to get the Temple City job.

    Temple City has tradition and TALENT.

  • conq

    the LA Admin made a big mistake when it hired steve garcia…..period!…

  • LA Fan

    Any new news on who might be the next coach????? This situation is taking to long, they should have had a coach in the start of the January, now they are losing players and support.

  • Could be a while

    In LA’s attempt to hire an experience head coach they have put themselves in a tuff position. It is getting very late in the game and they need to pull the string.

    The Coach Arellanes attempt is an interesting one. Coach Arellanes went 1-9 last year in the VVL. There has been talk about Felipe being the O-Coordinator but if they got Arellanes I would think that he would want Coach Urrutia, his old O-Coordinator at Northview.
    Garcia’s inexperience has cost LA big time. The demands that he put on the incoming head coach were ridicules. Coaches talk and the word has gotten out, why do you think Mendoza declined the job. These head coaches don’t truth LA’s administration, that is the major reason this LA job is a hard sale. You had a 1-9 coach from the VVL that was looking turn LA down.

    Personally suck it up keep Felipe for another year, you can do a lot worse. You hire an inexperience head coach you could get a Hoyd. You wait for an experience head coach comes along it may be April or May till you fill the position.

  • insider

    i know of a hell of a coaching staff that will know how to coach the personel that los altos has but the school wants to keep some coaches on…… now why will someone want to take the job or even apply for it if they cant bring the staff that want!!! these coaches are well experienced, very successful, maybe over qualified for the job but still want the job and its a for sure they’ll make playoffs in the upcoming season. garcia needs to do a better job and give these guys a shot.

  • LA Parolee


    Dream on little guppy.

    Whatever you THINK you know, you don’t.
    Whoever you THINK you know, you don’t.

    Have a nice day in Lockdown LA.

  • LA Parolee


    Dream on little guppy.

    Whatever you THINK you know, you don’t.
    Whoever you THINK you know, you don’t.

    Have a nice day in Lockdown LA.

  • LA Parolee


    Dream on little guppy.

    Whatever you THINK you know, you don’t.
    Whoever you THINK you know, you don’t.

    Have a nice day in Lockdown LA.

  • Lost Any Repect I Had For LA Insider

    LA Insider,

    I think you are a little to far inside. You have D-Ranch, West Covina, and Rowland no way next year. I think these three will run 50 on you. Bonita and Walnut won’t blow you out but will beat you by two or three touchdowns going away. Your one league win will be Diamond Bar?

    Please inlighten us, who do you think are going to be your three wins. I would assume Bonita, Walnut and Diamond Bar. You couldn’t beat Bonita with a much more talented team this year, how in the hell do you expect to beat them next year.


  • Basketball: none other than boom got them dos Rod Benson!! Also, Luke Walton attended his frosh, and maybe his soph year – but then transferred to University HS in La Jolla. His older brother Adam graduated from TPHS, and went to LSU on scholly, but I don’t think he played much in college.
    Thanks, Martha, Job Search Expert from resignation letter sample

  • Basketball: none other than boom got them dos Rod Benson!! Also, Luke Walton attended his frosh, and maybe his soph year – but then transferred to University HS in La Jolla. His older brother Adam graduated from TPHS, and went to LSU on scholly, but I don’t think he played much in college.
    Thanks, Martha, Job Search Expert from resignation letter sample

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