Is Schurr’s Aaron Cantu the best QB in the SGV?

Some time this summer, The Fat Man is going to make an all-encompassing list of the 10 best QBs in the SGV. That’s not just Trib land. It’s the Pasadena and Whittier areas as well. The 10 VERY BEST QBs in the area entering the season. I will form my opinion by what I see this spring and summer. If there’s a kid who’s a brand-new starter and I think he’s good enough, he’ll be on the list. This isn’t just about returning starters. But YOU CAN HELP me get a jump by giving me a heads up right here and right now. A sort of push on who to look for.

You can’t argue with 2,500 yards and 28 TDs.

So far I’ve got 2,500 reasons why Schurr stud Aaron Cantu might be the man in the SGV under center this coming season. But hey, it might be Glendora’s Chad Jeffries. It might be Rudy’s kid Rio over at Amat. It might be Arroyo’s Steven Rivera. Or it could be Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago. Then you’ve got Rowland’s Michael Ball and Monrovia’s Nick Bueno. All Bueno did was lead his team to the finals as a junior. And what might Ball have done had he not gotten hurt? And La Habra’s Cody Clements might just be the best of the lot.

You do the math on Cody Clements … 2,095 yards + 29 TDs = 13-1 record.

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  • Born and Raised SGV

    There is over 1500 reasons why I will drop Covina’s Billy Livingston. He was a sohp last year who did not see nay action in the fisrt 3 games and came in as a starter 4 games deep. Those 3 games could have been 500 more yards especially against Rosemead and El Monte.

    Question? Why does it have to be Rudy’s kid and not just Rio from Amat? People make it seem that it is because of his dad that he has a name. The kid is a stud on his own.

  • Born and Raised,

    It’s Rudy’s kid because his dad cracks me up. That’s all. Just having a little fun.

  • DRanchhhh

    Cantu has the title with Jefferies in a close race. That Cantu kis is real but also, he had 3 very nice sized recievers to throw too all season. Im talking 6’3 or better. So that helps.

    On another note Aram here are film on Aaron Almond and Jaocby Carter from Diamond Ranch. I will let you be the judge. Just found these on youtube last night.

    Aaron Almond:

    Jacoby Carter:

  • SD Fan

    The QB from San Dimas was a Soph as well and led the team to a League Title and CIF Championship. The kid can throw the ball with the best of them. Once they open the offense you will see how good he really is.

  • DRraaaaaaaaanch,

    Horrendous soundtrack with those highlights. Kids these days …

  • Aaron

    I think the best on our side of the valley has to be Glendora’s Chad Jeffries.

    However, yes I’m going homer on this, just to put this out there. Garrett Pendleton should be drastically better, the kid has talent.

  • Aaron,

    Who’s Garrett Pendleton? Where’s he play?

  • thai soup

    That Shurr QB is good – almost a bit more than good- because he carries his team much of the time. As for La Habra- Clements is a good high school QB- not quite college level yet…. his stats look good because he has an excellent team- strong offensive line and of course Quezada- who carried the team most of the time- we will see if Clements has it, because it now will rest on his shoulders without Quezada…

    i went to the San Clemente game-great game – great atmosphere, but Clements was no Retting…La Habra beat them beacuse of Quezada and the offense line on their last series.

  • dust

    SD will never open the offense…see history. The kid will run his butt off.

  • Aaron

    Garrett Pendleton was the starter at Bonita for the majority of the games, he struggled the majority of the season with little experience coming into his junior year. However his second half of the season he showed amazing progress and why he has promise.

    6’4″, rocket arm and from what I can tell, a quiet kid, a gentle giant. I think his competitive streak went into high gear when he received the chance to start again. He started the first four of Bonita’s games…the offense sputtered except for the second half of the Claremont game where he led them down the field four straight times for touchdowns and was on the go ahead drive to be negated by a holding penalty. His first half he seemed to lock on to his favorite guy and then when the pocket broke down didn’t know what to do. Then the Smudgepot his where he only played a handful of series…the first offensive series where he threw a touchdown(the only Bonita touchdown). However it was Even Highley most of the game that night. He was benched until the Diamond Ranch game, he had an amazing game. Solid performances against Wilson and Walnut. Against South Hills he got his receivers the ball…they literally dropped twelve balls that were gimmes.

    That’s a lot to sift through, his stats aren’t like Cantu’s. 1473 yds 11 TDs 8 INTs

    He improved a lot in his second half, he’ll have better weapons this next year in five really solid receivers also a better offensive line. If they can find a running back which seems to have been an issue in the last decade, expect a lot points. He’ll be better and so will the rest of what was a young Bearcat squad.

  • Help Wanted

    The Kid over at Glendora should have a dynamite year but the only handicap for him will be his receiving core. With all the starting receivers gone he will have all rookies. Yes he has talent but Cantu was lucky to have great receivers to make him look good.

  • Jeffries at Glendora is head and shoulders above the others. He can run, his arm is by far the best. He’ll be in the elite 11 dual this summer. Talk to the SC coaches and see what they think of him. He’s at SC junior day tom.

  • Jeffries at Glendora is head and shoulders above the others. He can run, his arm is by far the best. He’ll be in the elite 11 dual this summer. Talk to the SC coaches and see what they think of him. He’s at SC junior day tom.

  • qb fan

    hey theres that sophmore rene medina over at bosco that has a great arm and started varsity games against mater dei,orange lu cabrillo and sierra and look good so keep an eye on this kid

  • SGV Football

    Aram, I agree with Aaron. The kid from Bonita could be the sleeper in the group. I saw the Bonita D.Ranch game and the kid had an awesome game. He threw the rock all over the field. He is very big and has a fantastic arm. I have been waiting to hear about him. But for my money I will take Ball from Rowland. very complete.

  • K


    A lot of these guys are very special players…Cantu, Rivera, Bueno, Clements. I think those guys should be at the top of your list.

    As far as a sleeper goes…I would give Stephen Anderson from Whittier Christian a look. He led WC to the Mid Valley semifinals last season and in 2010 he will be a 3rd year starter. He is small, but over the last 2 years he has thrown for over 3800 yards and 34 TD’s, that is while being a injured and missing a few games. He isn’t going to be at the top, but there is no question that he should be considered. WC is a small school…but just ask Arroyo, Baldwin Park, and even Monrovia…the Heralds are for real.

  • DRanchhhh

    B2G combine at Diamond Ranch High School today at 2 p.m. Come rain sleet hail or snow, get there and learn Speed and Core training techniques. This is a FREE event and we are welcoming 6th thru 11th grade students. FREE!! Come take advantage. 100 Diamond Ranch Rd. Pomona Ca 91766

  • !stang!

    From what I hear in stang nation Kevon Seymour the super sophmore will be john muir qb. I haven’t seen him throw but by far he is the best athlete. He is better then Nick Bm check out his highlight

  • BigDog

    Cantu Definitely the best QB in area no one is a close second. Kid from Glendora is OK and kid from CO needs alot of work. Cantu is a big time NFL style QB and expect him to get good D-1 offer if his grades are good.He had two big receivers to throw to last year also and a pretty good RB coming out of the back field that caught some balls as well.

  • Don

    Pendleton will benefit from many things, not the least of which will be the knowledge that he IS the QB next year. No surprise that his best game of the year was against a very good Diamond Ranch team with an injured EvAn Highley watching from the sidelines. (Highley sprained his knee in the second quarter of the Los Altos game the week before).

    If all of the basketball guys return, Garrett will have plenty of solid receivers to throw to but Bonita will need to (1) do a better job of protecting him and (2) return to Podley calling the plays. The Bearcats play calling this last year was often uninspiring, to say the least.

    GP will never be a nimble footed running threat at QB, just not in his DNA. He does, at 64, have the basis of a good pocket passer. Problem last year was Bonita rarely provided him with a pocket. The three second pistol passes Paradez was so adept at became five second lookout, (as in lookout Garret, here comes the pass rush), and he rarely had a chance to do what he does best, stand up straight and throw the ball downhill.
    Also, as Aaron pointed out somewhere, he will also profit from a renewal of his relationship with Chuck Chastain.

    As far as the original question goes, Cantu and Cody Clements are the best in the expanded area. Here locally, Id have to go with the kid from Glendora.


    SGV Football, pick a different name i’m sure you can be creative right?

    Travis Santiago and Cody Clements have the most experience and will be the driving force behind their teams in 2010.

  • Inland Valley Coach

    I dont have an opinion but truly not looking forward to playing against him!

  • CatsFan

    !stang!: You aren’t serious about Seymour better than Bueno, are you? Really? Come on now.

  • Elephant

    You’ve never seen him throw but you already know he’s better than Bueno? Huh?That’s statement has homer written all over it.

  • Wow. Just watched the highlight reel on Jeffries. I had no idea he has wheels, too. Can’t wait to see him this spring/summer.


    Thanks for the info on Pendleton. He’s certainly on the watch list.

    Also, I chatted with Rio Ruiz at the Amat hoops game on Friday. Kid nearly broke my hand when we shook hands. He seems very excited about throwing to Wallace G.

  • New York

    The game tape against D-Ranch shows Cantu as calm and collected moving his team down field against some pretty athletic competition. He also looks tall enough to get some big time looks. What are his physical stats?

  • DRanchhhh

    I wish Cantu was our QB.

    That kid is special. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as an athlete. I do not believe there is anyone better or close outside of Chad Jefferies from Glendora. Cantu is the best QB coming into the 2010 season, hands down!!

  • Whats your take?

    Hey Aram,

    Did you see the Steve Clarkson show at the Rose Bowl this weekend. I know Ball(Rowland), Booth(South Hills), Cantu(Schurr), Jeffries(Glendora),and Ruiez(Amat) all advanced to the next round of the competition. What was your take, how did the local talent fair against Claksons entries?

  • mtowner

    Nick Bueno to Anthony Craft. Watch out!

  • just a fan

    hey rene medina the soph from st john bosco also made the cut this kid looked real good

  • Former SGV

    Cantu is the REAL DEAL!!!!

  • J. Elway

    How did that kid from Upland look at the camp? I hear good things about him. Did anybody see him on Saturday?

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    Please do come out and watch Chad Jeffries this season. He is a great person, first! Has a rocket arm and the wheels to out run a pass rush if he has to (See Chino Hills game from 09). With all do respect to Mr. Cantu he still does play in the Almont league. I played in that league. Keppel, San Gabriel, Montebello, Alhambra, Bell Gardens. No offense but it is no Sierra League and now Baseline League.

  • Incorrect Take

    Hey Whats your take,
    Jefferies didnt go very far at the Clarkson camp due to him attending USC Junior day invite! Where do you get your info?

  • haha

    hey Aram,

    too bad Rio cant throw to Wallace until week 7 or 8.

  • haha

    hey Aram,

    too bad Rio cant throw to Wallace until week 7 or 8.

  • You wish

    Wallace Gonzalez is eligible after the week he last played. What week did he last play?

  • Johnny B. Good

    I personally know Cantu. The kid is a stud. Cool under under pressure, like you wouldn’t believe. Aaron is a legit 6′-2″ 190 lbs. He’s fully qualified for (good core GPA, solid SAT score) for the next level. For all those wondering who the best is, watch this vid. It’s vs. Bell Gardens, El Rancho, and Diamond Ranch.

  • From what I hear it’s going to be like Week 2 or something. Rio was pretty sure it wouldn’t be anything like Week 7 or 8.

  • Run Chad

    Only saw Chad Jeffries play one time, against Damien. Very un-impressed. Where was his ability to out run the pass rush that night? Sacked at least 5 times, maybe more. And the offense failed to put up any points. All that stood out that night was Chad’s poor performance.

  • Trinity Fan

    hey JUST A FAN….that kid Rene Medina is not bad. I watched him play during the season for bosco. And that kid has a big time arm. He’s gotta be at least 6’1 or at least 6’2 since last time I saw him throw against Mater Dei. He had a few interceptions. But his release and role out abbilities are not bad. He doesn’t seem like a running QB…but a good pocket QB with the ability to role out and throw accurate on the run. I think it was against mater dei were he roled to his left and on the run completed i’d say he aired out at least a 50-55 yd pass to that sopmore receiver Bryce treggz….they are both going to do good things if they work hard at it. Good luck to MR. Rene Medina….i’ll be watching you play alot this year.

  • Moron Alert

    Run Chad you know nothing!

  • false you wish

    you wish you are wrong he’s eligible the week he enrolled in the school so that is week 7 or 8. he took too long to enroll in Amat so he is not eligible week 2 because that is not when he enrolled

  • SJB

    it’s confirmed….Rene Medina from St. John bosco did make the cut this past weekend at the espnU steve clarkson camp. He’ll be a junior next year. Not bad…pretty good baseball player too. Varsity pitcher….not bad.

  • mlb scout

    Baseball pitchers make the worst QB’s

  • Short Receiver with good hands

    Cantu is a good QB from what i seen on the video link. I wish him a lot of success in the upcoming season. The comment that he loses two big receivers and that’s the reason he was so succesful this year. I believe its more than just being tall. This coming from a height challenged receiver I think i did alright im not very tall but, you got me thinking if i were taller i guess my catching and route running would have gotten better maybe could have got me a spot on a NFL team, maybe not. Good luck to all the QB mentioned above it sounds like it’s going to be a year of exciting area football.

  • Relax

    False you wish – Dude, I hope you are one of WG’s peers (teenager) and not an adult? What do people like you get out of coming on this blog and wishing ill will on high school athletes? You need to GET A GRIP, GIVE YOUR EARS A YANK and see the sun from a different perspective! These are high school kids with one opportunity to live their high school years. It may not be the way that you lived yours but c’mon man, to get off on hoping that a kid will be ineligible for his HS experience is just slimey and low. Clense yourself man, because you are DIRTY! Good luck with your HS career WG. You only get one. Tartan Pride!

  • So true Johnny B. Good, and hear, hear Short Receiver!

    OK, everyone here is the real deal:

    Cantu is legit in all respects (grades, SATs, stats, instincts, intangibles,) and is doing the necessary things to improve not just for his Senior year, but the next level.

    Without a doubt, he will play at the next level.

    Just like Tim Tebow has recently gone into seclusion to improve, so has Cantu. Everyday he does something to improve.

    Kimbo Slice – Schurr does not get the respect that they deserve. Someone said in another blog, “no one does more with less each year.” Many coaches will also tell you that they prepare for a battle when they play Schurr. In the past it has even been said, “our teams did not really know competition until they played Schurr.”

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    You are correct, Schurr is the real deal and does more with less every year. Including when we played them. They kicked our ass every year. That is the point I am making, the Almont league has it’s dogs (as does every league), but the next 6’7 300 asian OL I see in that league will be the first. I am sure Cantu is an awesome stud, I have never seen him play, but to match league for league (Almont to now Baseline) does not even compare. I wish both QB’s all the best. I do know Chad and he too has the grades, brains, intangibles and anything else you want to throw in there to “Be The Best”!

    Dear “Run Chad” if that was the onlt game you saw Chad perform in, you would know there was only so much he could do to outrun all five defensive lineman for Damien ALL NIGHT! Knock the O-line that night, they stunk!

  • Jack Elway

    mlb scout – John Elway pitched Granada Hills to a CIF Championship. Turned out OK for him as a QB – yes?

    falseyou wish – When you transfer you must sit out 1 year. You are eligible the week after you last PLAYED – not enrolled. Nice try though.

  • Run Chad

    Sorry to stir things up so much with my comments. As I stated, I only saw Chad play one time last season. GHS looked bad that night, being shut out for the first time in a long time. Chad’s running ability has been pointed to as a strong point of his game and as something that is attractive to coaches at the next level. Didn’t see it that night. Did see numerous sacks. Sorry if those facts about the game that night don’t sit well with the GHS honks. It is still the truth.

  • Damien Pride

    To Mr. Run Chad,
    First thank you for complimenting our pass rush defense that night we did an outstanding job. In defence of the kid were you really there watching the game or do you have an agenda against him or the Tartans in general? If you watched the game you would have noticed on every down we brought 5 and got through every seem on almost every play, 1 against 5 the odds are your going down. Our coach (Gano) made it a point to go up to Chad after the game and express to him what a tough kid he was taking on 5 defensive players on almost every down. You need to chill out or maybe learn some more about football and the circumstances before you get on here and be a little too critical.

  • Run Chad

    First off, stop pretending to be a Damien supporter. Thin veil of a lie.

    Second, is it uncommon to blitz a qb at the high school level? Didn’t think so.

    Third, why do you continue to dance around the facts? Why not refute them? What have I written that is untrue?

    No agenda. Only facts.

  • QB Coach

    Jefferies has all the tools and they will be tested this season in their new league. Dont confuss his ability with the teams ability. Based on my assesment and those others with experience evaluating QBs, Jefferies he has the ability to play D1 football (not sure if he is academically ready but only he and his counslors know that).
    I have limited exposer to Cantu but from what I can tell he has the IT factor. Not sure if his abilties are quite up to D1 standards but I am sure he is working hard to improve them.

    No need to hate on one QB to make another look better.

  • Baldwin Park representing “familia!”

    Enough is enough. I can only read so much on my lunch break before I have to post a comment for my boys!

    Only one of them is a C.I.F. Champion and had to go through the challenge of winning a very public competition for the position before winning games on the field. Imagine his statistics without having to share the position for however many weeks before being declared the starting quarterback and not having so many D-1 college football players around him.

    Oh, and did I mention he was only a sophomore last year and had to follow the Valley, C.I.F., and League Player of the Year in Chris Allen two years ago. Let’s give credit where credit is due and Travis Santiago has the best credentials at this point and if we were not talking statistics then look no further than just wins, losses, and championships.

    I will admit though some have also said he’s in the right system with the right personnel. Regardless, Ive talked to his Dad though and from what he says stop and imagine what his son and Dennis Rufus are going to be like this year when the offense is going to be showcased through them? My money says do not count the Santiago pedigree out anytime soon because I remember watching his Dad and Uncle back in the day and they were well ahead of their time.

    I think in this day and age we should be recognizing and rewarding two sport athletes that excel in more than one arena. You should seriously go by and watch this kid pitch this year on the mound. When other kids are at combines right now focusing on one sport, this kid is marketing himself hopefully going to be recruited in more than one sport. The kid is an exceptional athlete that in a few years will be a part of the same legacy that his family left after they graduated years ago.

    Honestly, I just wish he was a Brave like his bloodline! Good luck to the Santiago Family and Go Braves..!

    Who’s going to be B.P.’s QB next year anyways? I ain’t going to lie to you. Replacing Manny Salcedo this year is going to be a tall order. Our boy could ball!

  • Damien Pride

    Run Chad,
    Your A fool, if you only knew!

  • Run Chad

    Fake DHS guy,
    You are as elusive as you claim Chad to be.

    Is it that hard to answer the question?

    Another know it all clown.

  • Damien had issues

    How many QB are online making comments? Judging QB play is almost as tough as playing the position yet we have non QBs throwing around comments like they are in the old Run and Shoot !

    Jefferies is legit. Get over it. As far as Damien Pride goes with his conversation with Run Chad the truth is the Glendora-Damien Game didn’t highlight Chad weaknesses or shortcomings but Damien’s.

    Damien really put that game together after tanking the Chino Hills game the week before, The team had issues, many of which I’d go into but seeing as every problem child is the last of their clan…why bother. They are officially gone from Damien football and can do no more damage so good riddance!

    Gano and Co have some major repair work in store for them next year after allowing so much to go unpunished. ’nuff said on that.

    Chad is a flat out stud and probably the best QB I’ve seen in a long time. If he has any problems that I see it’s his unwillingness to push his team mates when the let finger tip balls hit the ground or when Coach P doesn’t appreciate he isn’t QBK who was an efficiency expert.

    Chad is athletic, has a cannon arm and is a natural big timer. I’d pick him over Baca, Deen, Mendrun, Allen or Alfaro because he has wheels and has proven he can come from behind to win games, which is the ultimate sign of a good QB.WG and Chad would have set records and blanked the SL instead of sharing the title with CHHS and DHS.

  • Smobiajob

    so informative, thanks to tell us.

  • cantu is the real deal
    look at the way he’s calm in the pocket
    he’s on his way if he keep’s his focus on the prize!!

  • I relish, lead to I discovered just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye