Mendoza turns down Los Altos job; Back to Square 1?

Former St. John Bosco coach Kiki Mendoza has turned down an offer to be Los Altos’ next head coach.

Mendoza phoned the school Monday to inform them of his decision. But I’m starting to wonder if he called some our blog regulars first since it was widely reported here days ago by certain bloggers/insiders. Love you guys. Keep doing what you do.

Anywho, now I’m getting the feeling that Los Altos, for all intents and purposes, is back to Square 1. Mendoza was reportedly one of three finalists, but don’t expect the other two to get a call now. The school is going to open the position back up and go through all of its applications again.

By the way, one player from the ’09 frosh team has transferred to Bishop Amat.

Anyway, I spoke to Coach Mendoza to get the answers behind his decision. Here’s what he said …

Why?: My decision had nothing to do with anything negative on the Los Altos side. The people at the school made it so difficult to say now. But everything didn’t line up like I thought it would. I live in Seal Beach and my wife teaches in Downey. With all of my family being out this way and me having to be out there (Los Altos) late at night, it just didn’t line up. My family sacrificed for 20 years with me at St. John Bosco and this situation was going to be put me too far away from home.

Were you scared off by the current state of the program?: Winning games is a matter of what the talent level is at the current time and nobody can control that. They’re going to be successful there because the administration wants to have a good program. I was very impressed by the way they handled the process. I could tell they take great pride in the football program. Whoever the next coach is, they’re going to get plenty of support from the principal and the AD, that’s for sure.

Now … onto AD Steve Garcia … talk about a guy with a lot on his plate. Garcia knows what’s at stake here. He’s feeling the pressure and I’m certain he’s trying to do the right thing. Here’s his answer to certain questions and concerns …

Is it true the school is mandating that former coach Felipe Aguilar has to be part of the staff?: That’s not true. We want the person who’s in this position to take ownership. Any coach needs to build his own staff.

Are you back to Square 1?: We’re not back to Square 1 totally. We’re still in the process of finding the right person for the job. There’s still a lot of candidates who put their hat into the ring and we’ll go back and cultivate some of those names. We’re trying to do what’s right for the kids. Our kids are still working hard and there’s still 50-60 kids doing what it takes to get ready.

  • conq

    Funny that the word is that someone within the LA admin actually told coach mendoza that the program was ONLY lacking a quality head cach! ONLY lacking a quality head coach from becoming contenders again?…glad to see that coach mendoza did his home work and didnt fall prey to the lies and deception of the LA Adminstration.
    Come to think of it, maybe that statemnt aint far from the truth, with the boys sports program over at LA having fallen off so dramatically, maybe all they need is a QUALITY athletic director to make gron up decisions, Like say, ohh.,….a Jeff Lucas!

    Your a joke Garcia!

  • BOB

    I quess the Gano shoe’s are too big to fill.It will be very hard to get a big name coach to come to this school, too much bagage. Time to look for a up and coming assist coach. Good Luck.


    All I can say is poor kids, they will be busting their butts full force pretty soon once baseball and track are over. Hopefully they can name a coach soon so they can retain as many players as possible and build confidence in passing league get some W’s in preseason before league starts.

  • LA Tradition

    Those comments sound like the politically correct answers.

    If the job was too far for Mendoza to travel, why did he apply in the first place?

    Do you think Garcia is going to tell to make a statement to a sports writer that he is requiring the new head coach to keep some of Felipes staff?

    Check out LA’s football website they have removed all the coaches but three for the 2010/11 season. Interesting how do these guys already know they are going to be on the staff next year, when they don’t even have a head coach yet?

    By the way Aram that kid that transferred to Bishop Amat was one of the top two prospects. The other has commented to another private school, will be transferring our in June.

    These are a few reasons why the LA faithful are so down on the school administration. The LA tradition went right out the door when Garcia came in. What would you expect from a Bishop Amat transfer (Garcia).

    BOB, get a clue Gano left because he saw the writing on the wall, you can’t win with Tradition even Coach Mendoza is aware of that.

  • DRanchhhh


    I just read on FB that Austin Lacy has suffered a Heart Attack. ARAM, please confirm. If so or if not, please Pray for a speedy and blessed recovery. Stay BA Fam….

  • football jones

    Back to square ZERO!

    ADMIN has officially plunged LA into the ABYSS.

    One stupid move after another.

    Where will this end?

  • insideman

    How about the AD taking the job??? I hear all the negative stuff and with the economy, just give the job to him and be done with it.

  • LA Tradition

    Interesting I commented on the coaches listed on the LA football website, check today and they are gone.

  • Insider

    what is the Los Altos football website???

  • Pat B

    I hope that LA goes after the one coach nobody is even talking about. He has been out of the limelight for the past few years while he was taking care of his daughter (who is going into high school next year). Now that she is old enough to take care of herself, he is ready to jump back into it and boy does the SGV need him. He already has a CIF/State Championship under his belt and has won multiple league titles. He has coached at local schools as an assistant over the last few years but is getting that itch again. I don’t want to name names but he is a knowledgeable, trustworthy coach who would make LA very grateful for talking to him. (Or even TC).

  • LA Tradition
  • perfect!

    jose casagran or jason carlin! perfect fit for the coaching job maybe garcia should look into these two coaches! anyone of them will do, they’ll know how to turn around the program quick!

  • Dropping the ball late in the game

    Interesting comment from Garcia about opening it back up and excepting new applications. That is sending a very clear message; LA isn’t interested in any of the coaches that have applied to date. Garcia has also not been very honest with the public or the coaches he his interviewed. He has made it very clear on multi occasions that multi well qualified coaches have applied for the job. Then why was Coach Mendoza the only one that LA offered the job to. Coach Mendoza applied for the job, so at the time he wanted the job. In between then and now the only thing that has changed is the communications between him and Garcia.

    With the process being reopened, we are talking middle of April before LA has a new head coach. The paperwork process through the district could take weeks; until he is cleared he can’t step on the field. LA may not have a working head coach until May. If they have another Mendoza incident it could be June. Getting real late in the game to be dropping the ball Garcia!

  • The Mess

    OK heres the process LA went through. I may not have all the information but the information I do have is correct. First they called and offered the job to Matt Koffer the head coach at Rosemead. The feeling was that he was the perfect fit. He turned the Rosemead program around so he could do the same at LA. At that time no teaching position was available, and Felipe had to be his offensive coordinator. Coach Koffer said thanks but no thanks. Next stop was Coach Arellanes of Northview. They offered him the head coach job with no teaching position also; dont know if the Felipe requirement was in place. Coach Arellanes said teach at Northview and coach at LA, no thank you. LA wasnt getting any quality head coaches applying so about one month ago the teaching spot opened up and they call Coach Arellanes back and offered him the job with the teaching spot, once again Coach Arellanes said no thanks. At the same time they were moving forward with the interview process. The first cut was down to the top five candidates. Of the top five at least one of them had no varsity head coaching experience. Then they dropped it down to the final three and had another round of interviews. Out of the final three Mendoza was clearly the one they wanted.

    I can only assume that Mendoza threw his name into the hat late in the game. Mendoza was clearly the coach they were looking for. Once he declined the position and LA reopening the position. That was a very clear message to the other two finalists. In summary they had one candidate that meet their requirements but he turned down the job.

    Within the coaching circle it has been made very clear stay away from the LA job. The only big name head coach that will take the LA job is a coach that is trying to rebuild his name. Interesting that Morrison name has been thrown out there. Morrison leaving Damien with a sub .500 record has nowhere to go but up. He might be a good fit, damaged goods, nobody wants him

  • friend of Alhambra

    What program did carlin turn around. He’s been shown the door at a number of schools.

  • LA Parent

    Dear AD GARCIA,

    i sat at this years football awards banquet with my son an familiy and you stood at the mic and announced you were going to get us a GREAT football coach, not a good football coach, a GREAT football coach. I hope you were telling us the truth, and not just blowing smoke. No ill intended to MR Koffler and MR Arrellanes, but if you truly did offer the job to these men, that is not a GREAT head coach! Do you get that?
    Im hoping Valasquez made a misteke by transferring to AMAT, but every day that passes, its looking like he and his family did the right thing.

  • Too Late

    Great point “dropping the ball”, this guy garcia is flat out not telling us nor the public the truth. One day he mentions that there have been many well qualified coaches that have applied, then next thing, he is re-opening the application process. Did every single “well qualified” coach turn down LA. When was the last time we thought we’d see the day LA fotball was getting turned down flat out? this guy garcia is a boy of no integrity and is in over his head, and i think if Aram could comment off the record, he would have some interesting comments about him and his administration. I sat at the football teams award banquet with my son and he promised us a GREAT head coach, not a good head coach, a GREAT head coach, i hope you were telling the truth AD Garcia. Then again maybe the commentor below is on to something, just hire yourself Garcia, from what i have heard from other parents, you have been telling anyone who will listen that if you had been in a more head coach – coordinator position, the team would have done much better. interesting…i just hope you would have been a better football coach than you were a varsity girls basketball coach, my daughter played for this guys a few years back and this team was just bad, horribly coached team. But wait, i remember the whispers that year that all he could say was how his team just had no talent, and he was doing what he could with what he had. Seems everyone but garcia is saying how the current football program at LA just lacks talent. So when he says a team he is in charge of lacks talent to win, it holds credibility, but when an individual like aguilar “does what he can with what he has (lack of talent)”…its grounds for a change? i guess that could make sense in a wierd narcissistic way..

  • SGV For 30 Years

    LA Tradition?

    Maybe it’s time for LA to realize that it wasn’t Felipe’s fault that LA has fallen from once glory. The fall started in Gano’s last 2 years. Garcia is taking quite a beating on this blog……………as he should. The way I see it, it’s time to make another change at LA. They should be starting their search for a new AD. When they handed it over to Garcia, there were 2 candidates. Garcia and Lucas (Boys Basketball Coach) it’s looking more and more like they chose the wrong person. So here is my solution to fix everything at LA. Garcia resign as the AD, turning it over to Lucas. Lucas then can hire Garcia as the “Great Football Coach” he promised everyone. Then after going 0-10 in the new “easier” League, Lucas can fire Garcia as the head football coach because he doesn’t win with all the talent that he says is still at LA. By the way that would be the second once proud LA program that Garcia killed. LA girls basketball did once rule the SGV.

    Side note, Felipe will not be on Garcia’s staff. He will be on Gano’s staff at Damien and they will be making some noise in the Play-offs.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!

  • X-Future Parent

    I remember Felipe’s first year in charge he told the kids that they had a good change to be CIF champions that year; they ended the season 1-9. I wonder what the kids are being told now. Let’s be honest no quality coach is going to take a program this late in the game unless they are desperate. These kids aren’t weak players they just don’t have any quality talent to support a team of role players. Even Wilson with Moe Vega is way better off than LA. Now you factor in no head coach and the program is going to take even a bigger hit than the past few years. This four year plan is now a five year plan. Sorry but I can’t see me taking my son to a program that is going from bad to worse.

  • reality

    Hey here’s a novel thought. Since there is a teaching position open how about hiring a proven EDUCATOR. A person with a proven track record of inspiring students in the classroom and also willing to turn those effort’s to the football field.Now is a good time to think out of the box and hire a good leader first and supposed genius coach second. Do not just toss away a valuable teaching post in this environment.

  • reality

    Hey here’s a novel thought. Since there is a teaching position open how about hiring a proven EDUCATOR. A person with a proven track record of inspiring students in the classroom and also willing to turn those effort’s to the football field.Now is a good time to think out of the box and hire a good leader first and supposed genius coach second. Do not just toss away a valuable teaching post in this environment.

  • WilsonFootball

    You can see the parallel between the LA and Wilson program. You guys are just a year behind us. This is going to be real tuff year especially since you are getting a new head coach way late in the game. I will say it is going to get worse before it gets better. Coach Zavala was way behind the other programs last year and he was hired I believe in January.

    This off season we are lifting every day of the week, speed camp twice a week and once a week each group works out on specialized training. For example the quarterbacks and receivers work out with the offensive coordinator once a week; the linemen work out with the linemen coach once a week. That just wasn’t possible last year with a new staff.

    Our coaching staff has been strength this year with multi new additions to the freshmen staff, one came from LA. What is really nice about this year we have three sometimes four coaches working with the kids every day. Being the second year the complete staff is involved in off season training, which is great for the kids. We even have our kicking coach working with the kicker and long snapper once a week. This is a huge difference and the kids see the support they are getting from the coaching staff and appreciate it. I wish you guys the best it is going to be a very long season but it will get better.

  • LA

    My first son played at LA and I am just not sure that is where my other kid is going. It is very clear that the program is going nowhere the next few years, no matter who we get as a head coach. It is also very clear that Garcia isn’t going to get what he promised. You know what; Garcia is way over his head, he should have never made that comment to the kids. He sounds just like Felipe promising the kids a CIF Championship his first year (1-9 record). Man it must be terrible for those families involved in the program now. How are you going to motivate these kids, they have to realize they are playing for nothing. Going into a season knowing you have no chance is a terrible feeling. At least the 1-9 team thought they had a chance going into the season. Knowing what I know now if my son was on this team sorry but he would be transferring to Wilson. At least he is getting the best education in the district and a chance of winning, a lot more than you can say about LA.

  • Aram

    I have one question: Why can’t Los Altos be as good as Schurr?

    You LA peeps give the impression that either you are CIF champs or 1-9. There’s no in between? There’s no reason LA can’t be a consistently solid program like Schurr, if not slightly better. It’s about the same demographic make up.

  • La Fan/Dad

    I don’t get it. What’s all this talk of transfering out? My kid won’t play there. The program won’t be good for another 4-5 years.

    My son played and started both offense and defense for LA frosh team this past year. To be honest before he started at LA he had asked me to please enroll him at another school because of what was going on with the football program, and he wanted to go to a winning school.

    I thought about what he said, and came to this conclussion. Sorry, but your staying.

    I could have easily have taken him to another school, and even paid to have him go to a private. I chose not to.

    You see my thinking was what would he learn from the situation? Running away is ok? Taking the easy way out is the way to go?

    I’ve coached football for over 20 years, and alot of those times we had some really bad years. The boys had no experience, and quite frankly it was sometimes frustrating. But it was my job to teach them, and thats what I did plain and simple. They got better and games were won and some lost. Some devoloped into great players and some didn’t, but they were good role players with big hearts. Heck a few championships were even won.

    I truely believe that for my son at least, he will learn more about life by staying. He will become a better man for it. He is a very talented young man with lots of heart, and eager to be the best he can. I know he will probably not ever play ball in college or the NFL ( he got his mother short genes, but luckily my football skills J/K), but few ever do. But my goal for him is to learn about loyalty, hard work, and teamwork. This he can do anywhere, so long as there are other young men alonside, wishing to do their best.

    Who knows these young men that stay, and those that come along in the near future, just might surprise us.

    Oh, and the LA football players are getting ready, they have weight training, and work outs daily as they wait for a new coach. So they aren’t just standing around.

  • LA

    La Fan/Dad,

    Sorry but I don’t agree with you. I went through those 1-9 and 3-7 teams, they aren’t fun. Why would you want to put your son through that? If you are worried about playing time then LA is the place for you. Your kid has four years then he is done, no do overs. If I had it to do over my son would have been gone. Look at this years freshmen team the top two players off that team are gone. We don’t have the talent to be able to lose the top two players and still compete. Who are we trying to kid we don’t have the talent to compete in our own league, no matter who our head coach is. The way it looks right now next years team maybe the worse in LA history, sorry but I wouldnt want to be part of that.

  • http://qwer lkjh

    Los altos is on the down slide. Unfortunately they have no talent any more. there are no big names or key players like there used to be at los altos. the best thing they could have done, was to build around that freshman tight end VELASQUEZ. But they couldn’t even keep him from transfering. Now he’s at BISHOP AMAT. It’s only getting wost for los altos.

  • Said Day at LA


    You know its got real bad when you are talking about building a team around a freshmen TE. I don’t care how good you think he is. Now maybe a freshmen quarterback or running back that starts on varsity his freshmen year.

    It is ironic that LA is now what they use to feed off of in their glory years. It has been years since LA has had an upper classmen transfer in. In their glory years the second string kids would transfer out, now the top first string players transfer out.

  • http://qwer ikjh

    dear Said Day at LA ,

    Your completely right. But its sad that, that is what it was going to come dow too. They were going to build around the tight end. Because after this year’s season is over. He would of been their biggest hope of at least winnig maybe just three games.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    You didn’t read my whole post, and if you did, you missed the most important thing.

    My goal for him is to learn about loyalty, hard work, and teamwork.

    Playing time? Trust me he would earn that anywhere he would have gone. Every coach he has played for has been surprised at his skill, and work ethic. He’s earned his own spots.

    I don’t get involved with the coaches I let them do their jobs. I do however talk to my son, and offer advise if asked for.

    Either way I wish nothing but the best to the player(s) that have transfered out, and praise and support to those that are staying.

    I won’t talk down the program because it is what it is. My negative comments won’t help it, won’t improve it, and most of all won’t do anything for the most important thing of all, the PLAYERS still there.

    As you probably know High school football is just a game. There are more important things that these young men need to learn. The majority of young men on any high school team will never play it at a higher level. So why not use it as a learning tool to make them better men.

    What I will do is offer my support to the program, coaches, and the players.

  • LA Fan

    Why all this talk about the freshamn tight end. He is good but in the varsity depth chart he would be 4th string or maybe 3rd. LA has 2 other tight ends that are at least 6 ft, 200+ lbs and just or even better than the freshamn. If he wants to try his luck at Bishop, goodluck, because playing at Bishop is difficult and might not see the varsity level until he is a senior.

  • Silly

    I like this dad
    La Fan/Dad said:
    “I thought about what he said, and came to this conclussion. Sorry, but your staying.I could have easily have taken him to another school, and even paid to have him go to a private. I chose not to.
    You see my thinking was what would he learn from the situation? Running away is ok? Taking the easy way out is the way to go?”

    I have an honest question to all of you Los Altos people. Do you think that this is the chickens coming home to roost now? For so long your kids have held the belief that there were transfers coming that would be the program. So rather then nuture and develop the talent in your area, they simply went some where else. And now that you need that 2nd string kid to be there for you, they dont exist. What happens to Los altos if you start developing your kids instead of someone elses? The parents that want to transfer out. Why not stay and help develop your kids. Rather then look for that elusive instant gratification, why not stay home? What local program won a CIF title in our area that would allow you to justify the transfer? West Co. NO. South Hills. No. Rowland. No. Walnut. No. Get the idea. I believe that the gratification derived from seeing my son, my team and my school develop a winning attitude is priceless.

  • LA

    LA Fan/Dad,

    That is where we are different. I feel loyalty, hard work, and teamwork is taught in football in general. When you are in a program like LA in the situation that they are currently in, the loyalty, hard work and teamwork aren’t where you would like them to be. These players arent proud to be LA. Even at school the football players are made fun of, because as their classmates say they suck. Knowing that is the environment you are putting your son in, why do it?
    The kids don’t have fun when you go 1-9, I know.

    Now as far as your kid playing no matter where he goes, you and I both know that isn’t the truth. The only two kids on that team that would have played no matter where he goes were KG and SV. You said your son is short so he isnt one of them. If you have coached football for twenty years you also know that some coaches wouldnt play a kid just because of his size, no matter how good he is. They rather work with the big kid, coach him up. LA use to be one of those teams, no longer as seen by this years freshmen team. This years team was the smallest LA freshmen team I have ever seen. Being that the two biggest kids are gone, that is going to create more major issues at the varsity level. These small kids are going to be even smaller at the Varsity level. The old LA wouldnt have worried about it, because they would have got upper class transfers to replace these kids at the varsity level. LA of now is going to have to play with them.

    I was at Dicks yesterday saw two Walnut kids one was 68 and the other was 64 both returning players next year how is LA going to compete with their 58 kids, is Ortiz even 58, we have a very small team. This is Walnut not D-Ranch or West Covina.

  • New York

    Should Los Altos join the Valle Vista or Montview League? The Valle Vista may make a lot of sense if Los Altos no longer gets the transfers.

  • Dan

    LA Fan/Dad,
    Great post on March 3 at 8:26 pm, you do get it!
    Now if a lot more parents at LA had your point of view, maybe the situation at LA wouldn’t be what it is. If all that talent that transfered out had stood, just maybe the coaching job at LA would have looked a little more apealing to someone like KiKi Mendoza, or one of the other coaches that turned it down, and just maybe they turn LA back into one of the SGV powers that it used to be. I agree with you, loyalty, hard work, and being part of something bigger than youself are more important life lessons than being on the championship team. If there are enough people at LA
    who have similar views as your’s then LA is not without hope.

  • when the going gets tough the weak abandon ship

    All those Gano complainers have turned into Los Altos complainers and into Garcia complaners after being Felipe complainers. Is see a disturbing trend don’t you? My question to the current batch of complainers is this. With so many future gang bangers and gang banger wannabees at Los Altos doesn’t the ever so thin veil of authority these young men have in their lives become thinner with all the complaining? I can see Dads complaining all the way home and then being surprised when most of these hoodlum posers make calls from jail or the unemployment office calling dad to come get them. Seems odd that the same dads that want their kids time at LA to be better are the same Dads that are tearing everything Gano and DeSpain built down. Good luck with your kids and the lessons you’re teaching them. When the going gets tough the weak abandon ship!

  • College

    If your son is going to play four years of high school football and done, then you are right LA will do just fine. But for those parents that feel their child has a chance to play at the next level then LA isnt for you. That is also why year in and year out the top talent at LA is leaving. Look what happen to Brown the kicker at LA two years ago. His junior year he was getting looks from multi D1 schools, real looks, he made visits to the schools. His senior year (1-9 record) he had no line multi kicks blocked, missed fields goals that he would have normally made. He ended up at Mt. Sac, because of the team he was playing on. You talk loyalty, Im talking 100k plus of a free education down the drain. It is going to take at least a few years for LA to turn it around. These parents and kids cant depend on Garcia and the school administration to make the right moves, they havent yet. They dont want to be the next Brown.

  • LA Fan/Dad


    I hear you. But lets be honest here, how many of these young men will actually get a scholarship? Look at any program and answer honestly out of all the young men on the team, how many go on to play at a higher level on a scholarship?

    Instead of focusing on football for a ride, maybe the parents should emphasize academics. Most kids have a better chance of getting an academic scholarship than an athletic one.

    But like I said I wish anyone who leaves the best. I’m not knocking was just asking a simple question. reread my post I don’t believe I ever mentioned any players in a negative way.

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Oh and forgot to say, 3 Daughters (all athletes for LA) graduated from LA and went on to college. I haven’t paid a thing they are doing for themselves.

    My son has already been in contact with Anapolis, and will be going there for a summer program this year. They are monitoring his school progress and have advised him on how to get admitted there (he did this on his own).

    Someone mentioned gang members all over LA. Well in all the years My family has been part of the school, I’ve yet to see a gang there. So I don’t get it. Before you say I’m clueless I work in law enforcement and come in contact with gangmembers everyday.

    Still im not naive and I’m sure there might be some there but come on lets be real they go to all our schools, even those privates.

  • http://asdf ….

    La Fan/Dad is PADILLA

  • LA Fan/Dad

    Didn’t know I was hiding.. lol

    Too bad you are.

    Now remember one thing I’m an adult and can take it. so be very carefull what you say about my family.

  • Your Joking …….


    You have got to be kidding me. I started laughing when I found out it was you. Your comment; Playing time? Trust me he would earn that anywhere he would have gone. sorry but you have lost touch with reality. Are you trying to tell me he started on both sides of the ball at LA? Where in the hell did you coach football for over 20 years? Man I was reading all these comments and come to find out it is just another die heart LA parent.

    I must have missed the comment about gang activate at LA, but for you to make a comment denying it is just crazy. LA has major gang issues for the last three years. I think it was last year during summer school a gang drove on campus and jumped one of the kids in the parking lot, the kid was air lifted to the hospital, what you forgot about that one. What about the new school record last year, seven fights in one day (arrests). Why do you think LA stopped the out of district transfers this year, gang violence.

    Sorry but it could have been a lot worse, I really am being nice

  • Hypocrite


    Your Comment,

    “My goal for him is to learn about loyalty, hard work, and teamwork”

    Does hypocrite sound about right.

    In 2005 your son played at HLP, he TRANSFERRED from another program the year before. In 2006 and 2007 he TRANSFERRED somewhere else. In 2008 he TRANSFERRED back to HLP. In all my years of coaching over 20, I have never seen a child TRANSFER in and out of football program as much as yours. Now you have the nerve to come on this thread and talk about loyalty, hard work and teamwork. Say what it really is, your son doesnt want to play for the school that you put your three daughters through and that would be embarrassing to you, a loyal LA parent, all about your ego.

  • Padilla


    My son has played where he lived. Prior to HLP we Lived in Montebello so he played there.

    Then we moved, He played HLP its first year in existence. The next year he wanted to play Soccer with the area travel team so he did (I don’t force my kids to play when they don’t want to, but I did tell him he had to choose one or the other not both at the same time.) He realized that he wanted to stick to football, after playing soccer. So he went back to HLP, and there he remained until LA.

    Dude you need to research better. If your going to call me out, at least get it straight.

    What I don’t understand is why so much hate? I know who you are already just by your message. So let me propose this to you. You know me, so as an ADULT come to me and let it all out, I will listen.

    Now about my “ego”. If you know me as well as you think you do, I’m a pretty quite parent compared to many. I don’t stand on the side during practices for the most part (although I must admit I was there a few times in the summer this year). I have never, and I mean never talked to a coach and praised my son, or told them what he should or shouldn’t play. Even here I stated that he earns his positions, not me. As for “die heart LA parent” hardly, but I do support my kids.


    You did read where I said “Still im not naive and I’m sure there might be some there but come on lets be real they go to all our schools, even those privates”.

    Now like I said you seem to know me (so you say), let’s talk. I’m not hiding.

    I reread my post on this blog and can’t for the life of me get what set you guys off. Interesting. I didn’t talk about anyone personally, except myself.

  • 411

    Just in case you didn’t know, the Amat Freshman squad already has a 6′ 200 lb TE. He did a pretty good job blocking and catching this past season too. As it is with any level team at Amat, the competition will be tough. That being said, Welcome and we look forward to seeing whatcha got come football season. Go Lancers.

  • Target Practice

    Padilla I see the drive by cowards have found a new target. Call them what they are “cowards”. They talk behind coaches backs, kissasss when the time comes and second guess every move in the stands. Then when the wife “cuts them off” because they smell like beer and farts they come on the blog and hand pick a target to make themselves feel like men again. Don’t hold your breathe on seeing any of the driveby mudslingers in person anytime soon. They do their best work when your back is turned or in dark places where no one can see them. Here, I’ll be the first to hold my breathe…call 911 I think I’m feeling light headed already….lmao Hey Padilla, any man that carries a gun for a living has my respect. Good luck out there.

  • Come on …..


    Do you realize how stupid you look on this blog? First off youre not hiding; your screen name was La Fan/Dad. Not until you had to start talking about how great your kids are that someone else call you out. I call that hiding, busted, and now cleaning up the mess.

    Not sure but I heard a totally different story of why you left HLP. You wanted you son to play QB, and there was no way he was going to get playing time at QB. Not mistaken he was the third string QB and the first string was one of the best in the conference. Im sure his dad will know the real story behind you leaving and coming back. I was told you came back because your son could make weight at the lower division and didn’t have to compete against this kid. That was the reason why you did come back.

    Loyalty, hard work, and teamwork……..

  • Padilla

    Quarteback LOL, now that’s funny. Keep it coming. Interesting how people make up this stuff. Like I said talk to me.

    As for hiding no, everyone here (or least almost everyone) uses a blog name. If I wanted to hide I would never have said anything even remotely personal that would allow you idiots to know who I was.

    The funny thing is I know who this is and I know your style, so you won’t be adult enough to talk to me in person, but thats ok also.

    Bravery behind the keyboard suits you.


    Come On

    You do know you come from a long line of drive by artists who have the same M.O. You call out others for “hiding” and yet “HIDE” yourself because the “light” hurts your eyes, “light” being accountability. Secondly, all drive by artist follow the tried and trued “tactic” of bagging on bloggers who actually mention their kids accomplishments or God forbid their “parenting” methods. God knows it’s a crime to “teach” your kids or to have your kids have “aspirations” to something “greater than themselves.. And finally the driveby artists come with the always ready, “Do you realize how foolish, stupid, disgraceful, comical or any other fill in the blank with a negative reference look to…here’s the clincher…’EVERYONE ELSE!!” when nothing could be further from the truth. I like to cal it the Ridicule, Attack, Accuse & Denigrate method known in Drive By Training Sessions as RAAD , lmao

    Padilla don’t worry, the drive by artists may have their fun “here” but sooner or later they have to return to face and live in their “REAL WORLD” and that my friend is pure and unadulterated joy for those that have been in their cross hairs.

    El hombre sin destino es el hombre que no vino.

    “A man without destiny is a man who never arrives”

  • Morrison?

    Personally this Padilla stuff is getting old. What ever happen to the Morrison siting. If that was as close as the blogger had stated it would have been anounced by now. It is really looking like April working on May, this is just crazy.

    Hay Padilla with your 20+ years why don’t you apply for the job, sorry couldn’t help it.

  • Know your “skill set”

    Enough with the “you should apply jokes…they’re baseless.

    I absolutely love when people tease about coaches who coach pre-high school, for years, and nothing else. Just to be clear aren’t we talking about the men and women who actually “teach” kids how to handle the ups and downs of sports, the innards of being on a team and of being a solid team mate, about taking orders and doing the right thing for the right reasons, about how to handle success and how to deal with failure. Who teaches kids how to catch, condition, throw, get up when you’re tired, get up when you’re knocked down, get up when you’re not the best. Who teaches a kid the difference between living up to your parents expectations and living up to their own, who teaches kids how to “be the man” and how to “be a grunt”, how to handle coaches who make mistakes and team mates who drop winning catches. Who teaches kids it’s okay to cry when you lose and cry when you win? Who does all that? I can’t tell you how many kids I’ve coached who still come to me after games and know Ill tell them the truth. The bigger question, in my opinion, is why are there so many coaches at the high school level that should have stood pre-high school? That’s where the real damage takes place where careers are ruined and players lose out on scholarships. At the end of the day, pre-high school coaches have one responsibility…make them “coachable”! Fundamentals and competitive spirit aside nothing gets done at the next level if players aren’t coachable, and you can ask “any” coach how important that is at the end of the day. So who teaches kids “coachability”? Nothing get under my skin more than unqualified coaches who abuse the privilege don’t improve their skills as CIF mandates.

  • Coaching

    Very interesting comment. The real issue is LA has to fill the job and their isn’t very many good coaches out their. LA in their current situation is going to be hard pressed in drawing one of these experienced head coaches. If LA had made this move two years ago it would have been a totally different situation. I am not saying they are going to get a quality head coach. But getting a proven head coach just isn’t going to happen. As is proven by LA not filling the position they are in the same situation Wilson was last year. A head coach lacking the proven experience or a OC/DC.

    Garcia has three choices, first hire someone like Morrison, someone with head experience sub .500 record. Second choice is hire a proven OC/DC with no head coach experience. Or thrid is wait, and it looks like that is what he is doing at this time. Now if he hires a Morrison, he can some what save face. He is in a very difcult situation, all options aren’t what he promised the team.

  • Aram

    If LA can still get somebody like Morrison, they’d better jump at it. I don’t care what his detractors say, he was at Damien and Marin Catholic. True, he didn’t win a CIF title at Damien, but he wasn’t 1-9 either. In fact, I remember him beating LA. I remember him spanking CO. Just because he didn’t live up to the somewhat wild expectations doesn’t mean he’s not a good coach. And at this point, the Conqs need somebody to stop the bleeding (see frosh who left for Amat recently).

  • Coaching


    Agree, but that isn’t what Garcia promised the kids at the banquet, sorry not even close. Now Mendoza was, but we all saw what happen with that. The Mendoza incident was a major hit on Garcia’s creditability. Mendoza was definitely interested in the job before his interview with Garcia. During the interview process Mendoza saw something he didnt like and had a change of heart.

    The major issue here is the school administration needs to realize they are no longer an elite football program. Now they are going to have to work for everything they get. The coach that takes this job has a major job ahead of him. Looking back at what has taken place the benefit of LAs downfall can be seen at La Puente, Workman and Wilson High School. Football players are no longer going to LA to play football, they are staying home. With the league realignment LA looks like the worse choice of the four High School programs.

  • AD GARCIA only affects Boys programs????

    Coaching maybe he just read the blog. Good coaches do their homework. If any coach with his pedigree read what was written on this blog they’d want nothing to do with the community that spans that kind of drama. There are good coaches everywhere but they don’t need drama on top of the economic turmoil every one is dealing with.

    As soon as whiff of Mendoza’s interview the Boosters should have bombarded this blog and his SJB office with well wishes and “can’t wait to meet you’s” instead of teh Garcia blows and lack credibility and all the talk of talentless lower level teams and turn coat Alumni.

    Ever try looking in the mirror for the root of Los Altos problems. It hasn’t seemed to affect the Girl’s programs one bit…ouch!

  • Litmus Test

    Aram which area coach is Morrison better than in your estimation and why?
    Which coaching staff is not better than the one Morrison had and why?

    Charter Oak
    South Hills
    Diamond Ranch
    West Covina
    Bishop Amat
    San Dimas
    La Habra
    La Salle
    Chino Hills
    Los Altos w/Gano

    Morrison at Bassett sounds like a perfect fit. Don’t laugh, it worked for Smolin and he had success there and has continued his career climb. Stay objective Aram you’re a journalist after all.

  • Aram

    Litmus test,

    That’s not a fair question. My point is that Morrison has wins (and losses) against some of those teams. Some people say Gano owned him. Really? I can remember both wins and losses and great games that could’ve gone either way. I don’t call that ownership. Same with Charter Oak and Farrar. You are dreaming if you think that at this point LA can do better. It would appear to me you’d want Morrison over some guy who’s never been a head coach … and I’m starting to think those are your choices.

  • coach

    wow I read this blog hoping to read something of substance, instead I wasted too many minutes of my life reading about whining parents bitching at each other..

    As for the Coach, Kiki is a stand up guy but Morrision would be a HUGE pick up for LA.. He was run out of Damien by a bunch of whining clueless parents who felt they had a say in the school athletics because they pay tuition.. I cannot stand private school parents, this is exactly why my child will never attend Damien. It’s gotten out of control at the high school level especially, at a private school like Damien. I know several of these parents I have to deal with them every weekend at my kids athletic events. They’re an embarrassment to society.

  • who’s whining now?

    Sure Morrison over Mendoza , huge! Right! lmao

  • Coaching


    Morrison would be a good pickup for Los Altos, but is Los Altos a good pick for Morrison, I dont think so. LA expectations are unrealistic based on the current talent level. As Garcia commented to the parents and players he is going to get a big name quality head coach and bring the program back to its championship ways. LA just doesnt have the talent to compete with the DRanchs. The real issue is LA perspective on the situation; they feel a head coach change is going to produce a team that is going to once again compete for league championships, that isnt even close to happening. This late in the game Morrison would be a great pickup for LA. At what point does Garcia roll the dice and hire that coach with no head coach experience. We all know he will get hammered by the LA faithful.

  • LA Talent by the numbers

    The subject of Talent at LA has been brought up on multi occasion so I reviewed their stats. I figured the stats will tell the real story. The starting quarterback threw 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions all year. The backup quarterback threw 1 interception and 0 touchdowns. Shocking number of the five touchdowns three of them were against Wilson. Take Wilson out of the equation, LA in 9 games throw 2 touchdowns and had 4 interceptions. At the running back position, the starting running back ran for 57 yards a game with an average of 4.54 yards per carry. The backup running back ran an average of 36.7 yards per game and had an average of 4.45 yards per carry. Shocking note is I believe these are the two backs that the Tribune had as first team backs.

    Interesting note LA beat Wilson 54 to 17 a league game, next year Wilson is no longer in their league. West Covina is and LA lost to West Covina 12-47. Here are some numbers on the team that I would consider one of the worse in the valley.

    9 touchdowns 14 interceptions (LA 5 TDs 5 Inter)
    Yards per game 103.1 (LA 100.5)
    Total yards 1031 (LA 1005)
    1145 total yards rushing (LA 1322)
    Top two runners averaged 4.45 and 4.59 per rush. (LA 4.45 and 4.54)

    Amazing how close the numbers match up on these two programs. What is even more shocking is on the defensive side of the ball Bassetts numbers were clearly better than LAs.

    Int 9 to 17 (Bassett)
    Fmb Rec 5 to 9 (Bassett)
    Sacks 11 to 15 (Bassett)
    Tackles 365 to 442 (Bassett)
    Fmb Rec 5 to 9 (Bassett)
    Blk Pnts 1 to 2 (Bassett)
    Blk FGs 2 to 3 (Bassett)
    Punts 31.40 to 32.43 (Bassett)
    Punt Return Avg 18 to 26.86 (Bassett)
    Kickoff Returns Avg 24.90 to 28 (Bassett)
    Scoring 169 to 160 (LA)

    I know scoring isnt defense but I had to find one that LA led in so I could stop this madness. I believe this is clear proof that LA is lacking talent to compete.

  • dubb3trathree

    Talent by the numbers,

    Makes some good points, That is one of the biggest problems LA faces is lack of talent. There league is way to difficult to win now with that lack of talent or size. First I was on Maxpreps. LA does not have one returning Offensive or defensive linemen over 6’ft except 1 kid. And he is soph. That is LA’s biggest problem. In high school the teams with the best offensive/ defensive lines usually dominate. And if LA doesn’t have at least more than 1 they are in for it. I checked the rest of the roster. No returning LB is over 5-8 and 170 lbs. There is no way that could take on the kids at West Covina or Diamond Ranch. This is all stemming from the no school of choice in the district anymore. Even if a stud kid that lived in Workman’ or La Puente’s back yard wanted to go to LA they can’t anymore. Because LA has closed that. Having lived in this area and coached many of these kids that play at all the HLPUSD schools. That was why LA dominated. All the best kids were choosing to play at LA from all over the district. Think of it this way. Say RB Bradford from Workman 6′ 215(was leading the valley in rushing before a knee injury in week 7) and the LB Vargas 6’235 from LP (Mntvw Lea. Def MVP). both studs. And the best player over at Wilson. Just 3 players. Had they been at LA like in the past years. LA would be fine. But now their not their. I know for a fact Workman has a stud RB soph that is going to play for them. And LP has another great QB ready to play. And Wilson has a good rec. If a coach was to get all 3 of those kids at LA they would be formidable. But they can’t go to LA if they wanted to cause the district decided LA was over crowded and caped its enrollment. So a big LA problem on talent is the district has taken away LA biggest strength its open enrollment. So now that talent is staying home. To be honest LA is now no better than La Puente, Wilson, or Workman. All of these schools now probably have the same talent and depth. LA should be in the Mid-valley division and the Valle-Vista league. But their history is gonna cost them 5 years of hard times in my opinion.


    So isn’t the real problem at Los Altos the fact that so many Dads in the HH area are short, fat and slow? I’m not kidding. Be honest with yourselves, when you say there isn’t any talent aren’t you saying the Male population in that area are producing non athletic offspring?

    It seems fair to extend the lack of talent argument to the Gene Pool from which any new coach would have to work with. Now I’m not saying short is a bad thing but thin and short, or short and slow, or short and slow and thin, or short, slow, non athletic, hey it adds up. I’m trying to be serious here, work with me, lmao!

    Keep talking about lack of talent and see what door step that leads you to….YOUR OWN FELLAS ! “YOUR OWN” .

    Keep in mind that DB used that same excuse and even went to far as saying it had something to do with a demographic shift. Well Mark Keppel, who they used to love to reference played for a CIF Championship in Basketball with an All Asian team.

    Stop whining, get your kids into weight rooms and off the couch and nut up, shut up and play. But whatever you do stop bagging on the kids that have enough respect for themselves to still believe wearing Los Altos across your chest means something.

  • The Future

    Another factor that school administration has to take into account is the long term plans for LA football. Does the school administration feel they can win with kids from their attendance area? Most teams are going to have up years and down years but I just dont see LA being able to compete with West Covina and D-Ranch even on their down years. On LAs up years they can compete for third place in their league. Is third place good enough for LA?

    This is where the long term factors kicks in. During the league realignment the principals sent a clear message moving Charter Oak and South Hills up and keeping LA right where they were. All three programs lost their individual battles. If LA is able to compete in their current league then during the next realignment (5 years) LA will stay right where they are. If LA fails over the next five years then they may get their request honored and moved down with Wilson. That is where it gets even more interesting, LA winning one or two league games finishing 5th or 6th in league wouldnt be acceptable for LA. During the next league realignment that 5th and 6th place is good enough to keep them right where they are. As seen during this league realignment it took being the last place team four out of the five years to get Wilson moved down. We can all assume that it will take a similar record by LA.

    The long term projection of LA football doesnt look good. League titles, CIF championships just arent going to happen for the next ten years at least. During this time the other local programs will continue to grow. LA needs to deal with their future, another average team year in and year out.

  • LA

    Arrellanes to interview today.

  • Who really is the better Coach

    Would be a good move for Arrellanes, going from a 1-9 record VVL to Los Altos. That is just the coach that Garcia promised the kids. A proven coach with quality head coach experience. We all seen what he can do with lack of talent in the VVL.

    If this is true Garcia is making a major reach. The guy wants to make sure he can say he got a better head coach than Wilson to save some face, but did he?

    4-6 2006
    7-4 2007
    9-3 2008 Gave up 143 points 2 more games 11.9 per game
    1-9 2009 Gave up 329 points 32.9 per game

    The program showed continue growth, huge drop in 2009 when Zavala, defensive coorinator moved on to his head coach spot at Wilson High School.

  • Aram

    The Arellanes rumor can’t be true. Didn’t he say on his facebook that he’s not interested in the LA job? LOL. Gotta love facebook.

  • Silly

    Sorry. Someone out there attempting to stir the pot. The job is flown on ed-join and will not close until the 19th of this month. If Coach A is interested in it great for the school, but no one will be interviewing until the job closes. Add to this job, the way you LA fans are blogging on this site it is a wonder that any sane coach would attempt to come to LA. Have you read how you are commenting on some very good coaches? Settle for Morrison. Very Good coach. Retreads? Go walk in your stadium and take a good long look at it. While I am sure it holds some great memories for some, it is old and tired in appearance. It needs new turf or grass. The plants need trimming. The fences need to be straightened. And when you paint the bleachers, which need to be replaced by the way, put something under them so the paint doesn’t drip all over the concrete.
    Wake up.

  • Coaching

    So many interesting angles to this situation, first off LA is on the clock big time. The AD, Garcia made a promise that he can’t keep, and the LA faithful are swarming. The names being thrown around are Morrison good pickup for LA, but a very risky move for Morrison. Then you have Arellanes a great move for him, coming off a 1-9 season and dont expect it to get any better next season. What is so crazy about Arellanes he is looking, and still turned down the LA job multi times. If Arellanes gets the job the LA faithful may run Garcia out of town. What adds more complexity to the situation is Garcia’s lack of experience limits him ability to make a good choice. Honestly from what I have heard he is filling the position by name recognition.

  • Define Good, RESPECT GREAT !

    The comment that Los Altos is a risky job for Morrison is soooooo true. If he goes 1-9, 3-7, 2-8, 4-6 does he get to 7-3? If he gets fired, for the third straight time, is his coaching career on the ropes after his experiences at Marin Catholic and Damien where he had problems since his second year (2-8) , truth be told. I think it was an even riskier move for Mendoza who must have had major Jonesing going on to even consider that career flush! Talk about a top tier career killer on the level of Emmitt Smith with the Cardinals or Terrell Owens with the Bills, sometimes you just have to say, No!

    Not to beat a dead horse but I’m wondering what criteria people use to assign “good” with coach and “great” with staff, and visa versa. San Dimas, after winning a CIF Championship, has Mustain’s name being bantied about for HC gigs, DR lost an assistant to the college level and currently staffs former USC and NFL players on staff, BA has at least three if not four coaches who could easily slip into most SGV Head Coaching job, Damien has at least three former coaches on their staff, CO has at least two assistants who are way overdue, not familiar with Bogan’s people but I’m sure he has his studs so which coaches on Morrison’s staff over his six year period could anyone consider a viable Head Coach in the making ? That’s a huuuuuge RED FLAG!!!

    It’s remarkable what people say on this blog with no basis in fact. Just throw out a comment and see if no one calls you on it or if someone does, they’re being mean. Bag on players but please never ever ever never take a clean AD look at a coach and his resume.

    Maybe the reason Los Altos has no one in mind is the same reason SGV is in a Fish Bowl…every school should have a short local list and a head hunters OC/IE list of coaches at a moment notice. Los Altos and Wilson obviously didn’t. All we have here is a rethreads of Arrellanes, Morrison, Zane or maybe even Ward, crazy as that sounds. Glendoras Le Duc is a master at “prepping” his lower level and assistant coaches for “coaching careers”…did Morriosn do that? No. Does any Damien Head Coach do that?

    Mendoza could have taken over at Damien, in a heart beat, but Morrison would have never ever gotten an interview at SJB, and that’s a fact! Yet he’s a great hire for a major rebuild like LA, in that toxic environment? Why?

    People blog about this kid or that kid being weak and not having “it” and yet anyone says a coach isn’t very wise or his hiring practices are inherently flawed and you get drive by attacks from all angles. Why not consider JC assistant coaches. There are tons of quality programs in the area, Citrus, Chaffey, MSAC ect. with assistants who’ve paid their dues. Why not consider them?

  • Aram

    Define good, RESPECT GREAT,

    Interesting post. Very thought provoking. Not sure I agree with it. I think one of my problems with it is that you can’t compare Morrison or Arellanes or whomever else you want to call a “re-tread” to Gano, Farrar and Bogan. Gano, Farrar and Bogan are legends. They’re three of the very best in Valley history. It’s not fair to compare anybody with them really.

    Morrison or any of the guys you call “re-treads” haven’t been around as long as those guys either. In Gano and Farrar’s case, they have very sharp dudes on staff who aren’t interested in a head gig, i.e. Lehigh and Fair.

    Also, I think you underestimate just how great the Valley is in terms of coaching. Yes, you have your guys like Gano, Farrar and Bogan, but you also have guys like Singiser, Koffler and Escamilla. Do you have any idea the amount of actual COACHING those guys have to do to get and keep their programs where they are? Not Escamilla anymore because he’s not coaching, but Singiser and Koffler don’t get top-flight talent yet they continue to put out winner after winner after winner. Then you have guys like Pasquarella at Glendora. Snyder at Rowland. Zernickow at SD. Thomas at Covina. Roddy at DR. Heggins at BP. This “Fish Bowl” is insanely deep with great coaching. And when I say “great” I mean “great”.

    The question now is where does LA fit in these days. At this point, I honestly think LA had better jump at getting a guy like Morrison or Arellanes if it still can. If not, you’re looking at a less-experienced guy who may or may not make a name for himself at LA. And if that’s what it comes down to, then why not keep Aguilar? And what PR nightmare it would be for Garcia and Co.

    There is a lot at stake. And to those who are sweating Garcia and what he said at the banquet, I ask you what you’d expect him to say? “Hey, we’re gonna go out and take shot on a young guy with a limited resume”???

    You guys are giving this guy crap when he did the right thing and went after a name guy like Mendoza, and reportedly tried to lure Koffler or Arellanes. He’s trying to do what he said. If those guys get talked out of coming to LA, that’s not Garcia’s fault.

  • dubb3trathree

    With regards to what Aram and the previous poster have written on. That is one of the biggest problems at Los Altos. They feel they have to make this big splash like this is the NFL or college football. Yes this a well respected high school in the SGV. But it is not always the case were you are going to be able to get the name (brand) coach that the LA program is used to. I think of it in these terms. LA wants the big name, but none of the big name coaches want to come. So what is LA to do. Well what do big time colleges do or NFL teams. They go and look for that young up and coming star. Like 4 years ago the Steelers gave a shot to a young upcoming coach that no one had ever heard of. (Tomlin) Well 2 years later he wins the Superbowl and has a team that is always considered a contender. He (Tomlin) was not well known outside of the NFL circles many people said what does a 34 year old kid with no head coaching experience in the NFL gonna do with a team. Well he built on the teams core philosophies and created a mind set of how he wanted to continue the Steeler tradition. Well the next man may have the problems at LA they have tradition, but if someone can come in and be giving a fair chance maybe LA can succeed.I think LA needs to open up their eyes and maybe look to find that young guy that wants the challenge. That young coach that is just as smart and talented as maybe some of these older coaches. Ive played college ball,and some of the smartest coaches are young guys that understand the future of football. Yes experience helps but it is not always the deciding factor in having a great football coach or team.

  • New York

    Good points, but remember that the Steelers had just won a superbowl a couple years earlier and retained Dick Lebeau as Defensive Coordinator. The Steelers are the strongest organization with very supportive owners/management. In other words, a young head coach in Tomlin benefited from a very strong supporting cast behind the scenes. That is a great lesson for any football program. If you want a great program, you need far more than just coach. You need a PROGRAM: Admin, community, assistants, the whole enchilada.


    Where do they start at LA . To think they are going to regain their status as one of valley’s top teams is a dream. The method that was used before in the Gano era is gone. People tend to forget they were a winning program with rich tradition long before Gano stepped in. The way of building thru transfers and what not is long gone . Why did Felipe fail is more the question that needs to be answered. Was it because Gano left the program in shambles or was it that Felipe was just in over his head. Either way it is something to think about . The thing is LA needs to start from scratch. There seems there is nothing to build on there anyways. Find a good young coach who is looking to make a name for himself and have the parents and alums realize it will take time and to have some patience with the new coach as they did not have with Felipe . It will be a long road back but it needs to start at sometime and sooner than later. Make the theme help bring us back to glory and build on that.

  • LA longterm?

    Interesting factors in LA attempt to rebuild the program. Principal Cheli McReynolds has made it very clear that LA is going to rebuild their football with local players only, no recruiting. She has been pressured by district administration to make sure that happens. Any head coach that takes over the LA program will be watched very closely. As we all saw with Felipe, one of the major reasons for his demise was his actions off the field. Please understand the school district is going to cover up any illegal or inappropriate activities. It only took a few inappropriate moves and Felipe was asked to step down. These are the same issues any new head coach is going to deal with. The school district doesnt want any more law suits, out of LA.

  • Coaching

    Good vs. Great Coach
    Aram, I couldnt stay away from this one. A good coach is one that wins when they are expected to win. A great coach is one that wins those games that they are not expected to win. Gano, Farrar and Bogan are good coaches, they beat teams that they are expected to beat. Who did Charter Oak beat this year that they should have lost too? The best coaching staffs and great coach is, Bishop Amat (Steve Hagerty). Compare the talent level at Bishop Amat to some of the teams that they play and Bishop Amat has no business playing these guys. Somehow Hagerty finds a way to win or at least keep his team in the game. All those titles that Gano, Farrar and Bogan won were won in the office not on the field, and you know exactly what I am talking about. Side note Gano won a couple at Dennys.

  • LA history

    YES!! i was waiting for someone to say that … gano farrar and bogan only won becuase of the transfers and were and still ARE scared to schedule a big boy except gano this past season who was pretty much forced to schedule amat (farrar and BA)now we all know that DR lost to CO in every game they played, but at least roddy was not afraid to schedule the big boy in the sgv. i dont get y these coaches are looked up to as legends, a legend is someone like Despain, who hran and kept the best program in sgv during the 70’s and 80’s. Gano accomplished nothing at northview, it wasnt until he had Cody that he started winning and getting long lines of transfers, who principal roberts assured got admitted into the school. Hagerty should be viewd as the legend, rumors were that BA was not going to achieve well this past season, and what did they do? … we all know that.

  • (*) Recruits don’t coach themselves????????

    Lots of schools get transfers, but allot of schools don’t win. Give Gano credit for winning. Second point. Damien had a 130 pound 5’5″ RB and a 150 pound 5’6″ FB and a new coahcing staff and played one of the most exciting Damien vs Bishop Amat games since Pasquerella laid it down at Keifer Stadium. It was a Hagler Hearn type shot out that went south for Damien when a first time punt returner, all 5’5″ 140 pounds of him fumbled at the 9 yard line. If Gano doesn’t go for two in the closing moments of the game it’s 7 point game. As it was the game ended in Amat’s favor for sure by it was an exciting game. Make no mistake the Lancers were the better, harder hitting team but Gano and Co represented themselves well. Even my best buddies at Amat would say they were surprised. Now I won’t say what would have happened with Gano’s LA teams and Amat’s because strenght of schedule makes players and teams better but Gano did coach one hell of a game. Too bad Damien didn’t build off of that game but that would have required the leaders to actually commit, something they didn’t do until the Glendora game.

    Tough to compare Amat’s teams who play against Rollinson’s Mater Dei coached teams and Loyola’s Grady coached team, ect with what the FishBowl has to offer but….Gano did coach some pretty good players and anyone of those great start at Bishop Amat…that ought to get them going Aram. lol

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