• No More Clubbin

    Guess Miguel got the message. Thanks for checking him Aram! Maybe Pasadena will get some good coverage now.


    I was on the LA Times Insider and they were arguing this discussion. Did Amat just lose a player to Chaminade???

    “I Just wonder how that Kid Blue was going all the way to Bishop Amat,and now he is at Chaminade. he lives right by Chaminade and going to la Puente. Hey Top Dog Chaminade is a good School but even they want to win and are letting everybody into the school. The Kids that are transfering in are not 3.0 they are way below that.”

  • Goldenarm

    Oliva getting the job is what most expected – and is no shocker.

    The kids know him, he knows the league, and is a good OC….and the SG program quickly has someone to grab the control stick.

    A good opportunity for Oliva to show just how good he is….or is not.
    Good luck to the Matadors.

  • eliasbuckwalter

    um goldenarm – I think Aram was being sarcastic….ha ha

  • Goldenarm


    thanks for clearing that one up