Schurr sked: Replace Carlos and win, que no? …

What will happen to Schurr without Carlos Arredondo?

Week 1: Cantwell-Scared Heart
Week 2: Downey
Week 3: @ El Toro
Week 4: @ Cal High
Week 5: @ St Paul
Week 6: @ Bell Gardens
Week 7: @ Alhambra
Week 8: Mark Keppel
Week 9: Montebello
Week 10: San Gabriel

Aram’s take: I’ve heard many doubts about Schurr, most of them privately, since posting the top QBs thread. There’s skepticism that Aaron Cantu can do the same type of damage in ’09 with his top WR graduating in June. We all know Cantu is one of the top QBs around. But if Sparty can’t replace Almont League co-MVP Carlos Arredondo (WR/DB), then Cantu’s numbers will suffer. As great as Cantu is, he needs somebody to get the rock to and Arredondo won’t be around next fall. OK, to the schedule. El Toro, Downey and St. Paul (St. Paul?) look like real toughies in the non-league. After that, there’s simply no reason the Spartans can’t run the table in league. They’ll be overwhelming favorites in the Almont. So let’s say they win one of the three toughies (I’m Schurr that Schurr fans are hoping it’s St. Paul), then you’re looking at an 8-2/7-3 team heading into the playoffs. I think that’s the best-case scenario. Also, I Schurr would love to see Schurr take on an East-SGV school in the non-league. I’m not saying it has to be Charter Oak or South Hills, but maybe West Covina or Rowland or San Dimas? Just the fan in me. Schurr’s schedule is certainly strong enough as is.

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  • Knight Rider

    If this schedule belonged to Amat, S Hills, Diamond Ranch,Charter Oak, Damien or Glendora. They would be the laughing stock of the valley. So why is Aram praising Shurr on this schedule. To me this schedule looks pretty week.

    Week 1: Cantwell-Scared Heart
    4-6 schedule last year they are not tough
    Week 2: Downey
    3-7 schedule last year come on… “toughie”
    Week 3: @ El Toro
    8-4 schedule last year; they might be a decent team.
    Week 4: @ Cal High
    9-3-1 Schedule last year; lost a lot from last years team. No more Terris Jones
    Week 5: @ St Paul
    Every Year they find a way to be weak.
    Week 6: @ Bell Gardens
    7-4 last year; might be there thoughest opponent in league
    Week 7: @ Alhambra
    6-4 last year; no more Mitchell Crockom
    Week 8: Mark Keppel
    1-9 last year Mark Keppel will continue the streak this year to.
    Week 9: Montebello
    3-7 last year, Montebello will give Shurr a fight this year and might come out victorious!
    Week 10: San Gabriel
    6-5 last year, no more Isac Valdez that might be a good thing for San Gabriel but a new coach this year doesn’t look good. Hopefully San Gabriel doesn’t turn into the Los Altos of the WSGV.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is that cif southeast division will be won by either one of these teams in order of best chance to worst chance: Muir, Rowland, West Covina, Diamond Ranch maybe you can add Bonita to this list since Charter Oak and South Hills are gone.

  • hs sports fan

    as rfor the Schurr schedule dont discount CALHI they won 9 games last year and went to thrid round of the playoffs- ST. PAUL? COME ON THEY WENT A WEAK 3-7 LAST YEAR- they got blwon out in every game down the stretch-schurr will be fun t watch but they will have a tough game when they play CALHI

  • Ouch

    Aram: Every time I see a formed Los Altos stud getting ink at another school it stings. I know you have been out of the mix for awhile and don’t know how LA fell apart. You are a good reporter with some delving you will know. Arredondo is only one of many over the last three years that left LA during the year that will become known as THE GREAT DEPRESSION.


    Aram, I see that your bilingual…

  • SGV Football,

    I have street cred in all ‘hoods. I speak the universal language of food.

  • BigDog

    I kind of agree with you but this kid Cantu can just flat out throw the ball. His numbers might not be as high next year if he doesn’t have some receivers but he is the best QB and he will get a D-1 offer based on the combines he goes to and his Junior year stats.He was just very fortunate last year to have those big receivers and he will definitely get kids that size when he gets to college.

  • Enough Already

    What a joke. Arguing about how good the Southeast Division is. You might as well talk about 8-man football. It’s all about the PAC-5. And if you have to ask who exchanges blows in that division, you don’t know real football…

  • Enough already,

    Remember when Amat lost Jesse Ramirez to Schurr and he set some CIF record? Now that’s what you call staying on topic with an Amat twist. See how it’s done?



    Your comment is joke! Football is Football and it doesn’t matter what division you play for! LAST TIME I NOTICED, THE FOOTBALL LOOKS THE SAME IN ALL THE FOOTBALL GAMES!

    Montview League football.

  • BigDog

    Aztec Pride
    Your right football is football just ask Jerry Rice. He didn’t come from USC or any big time school. NFL all time leading receiver?

  • AMAT 73

    Enough already,
    You’re name hits it right on the nail head. Enough already with the professing on the Pac -5 is all that matters and that AMAT is the only team in the SGV that plays real football. Football is football no matter if it is sandlot ,Pop Warner or any divison it is all play with heart and with the love of the game . For you to come on here with that type of post only adds to the thought process of many of the arrogance of the AMAT fan base . Stop because great football is played every Friday and Saturday on fields in the SGV.

  • hijole

    are u kidding me!!

    u replace burroughs with cantwell!! nice cupcake! earlier years didnt schurr score an average of 50pts with ok teams!??

    downey always finds a way to win against schurr or schurr finds a way to lose to them!

    Aaaah only reason they playing el toro is because old head coach mike mayoral is there now as the DC and former schurr asst coach rob frith is the head coach! schurr is gona be in for a big surprise when they face El toro!

    cal high will be a decent game if they can cover the pass!

    st paul should be interesting! coach estrada will be up for this 1. but doubt its gona be anything big

    if bell gardens can get their heads out of there a** theyll be back on top of the league! good luck though!

    alhambra? choke

    mark keppel Good luck

    montebello has the best kids around yet dont do nothing!

    san gabriel. looses head coach, looses “DC” bernard, losses DC sanchez! i see a decent offense but no defense!

    dont sound too good of a schedule now! good luck thought! schurr kids always bring the hat and always will! thats the problem! other team under estimate them!

  • spartan alumni

    AMAT73, Thank you for setting everyone straight…..we need to all remember this is HIGH SCHOOL football!!!

  • Enough Already

    Yup! You’re all right… Any of these teams could contend with the likes of Servite and Mater Dei any time. That’s why they schedule them, um – never! I’m in NO WAY knocking any of these boys who get out there and play the sport, the world needs men! It’s just my OPINION! Have any of you left the comforts of the SGV to see any of the big schools play? Leave your comfort zone and watch LB Poly play against Lakewood or Mission Viejo play Mater Dei. The talent is absolutely phenominal. I remember watching Toby Gerhart when he was a senior and remembering thinking to myself, “This kid is something special!” Again, I’m not trying to discredit any of these courageous young men who play the game, so quit your crying! There’s a reason why CIF puts teams in specific divisions…

  • AMAT 73

    Enough already,
    Yes I have seen plenty of the battles you are speaking of in your post. But the fact remains that you start your post with “what a joke”. It is just a bad reflection on AMAT as you do refer to if you have to ask who exchanges blows in that division , well everyone in the SGV knows only AMAT plays in the PAC-5 . To each individual their team or child is what matters and for you to knock anything lower the Pac-5 is wrong. One point you are wrong is that people of the SGV do not have to leave the valley to see the caliber of the teams you speak of . They can come and watch AMAT rep the SGV in the PAC-5 . That is what is so great about the SGV and now with the new Sierra we can see some of these big bad IE teams we hear so much about.If you are an AMAT fan can you remember 3-4 seasons ago when st paul gave us a run for our money and we beat them in OT . In football it is truely on any given Friday anything is possible. Just look at our past 2 seasons and you will see perfect examples of that theory. Other than ourselves who gave us a fighting chance.

  • Enough Already

    AMAT 73-
    If the OT win against St. Paul you’re referring to is the same season St. Paul won the Div. III crown, then they obviously were no slouch that year. So I don’t think that warrants a “On any given Friday” regard. And for the record, I’m not a fan-natic of any one school. I just think it’s comical when, for example, a team from division VII knocks a division III or above because they’ve had a bad season or two.

  • Dan

    Enough Already,
    What do you mean you weren’t trying to discredit any body, try rereading your original post real slowly.
    Your whole post was a discredit to the majority of the kids that play in the SGV.
    Amat 73,
    Thanks for your post, I know the majority of Amat fans have similar respect for the rest of the SGV as you do, it just a few of the knuckle heads on here that fuel the Amat arrogance mind set on this blog.

  • Enough Already

    Wait a minute, not once did I make a reference to Amat other than the generalization of the PAC-5. Is it my fault CIF doesn’t deem any schools other than them worthy of playing in that division locally? Maybe instead of making the general reference to the PAC-5, I should have listed all the PAC-5 schools so I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. And I’m not going to apologize if you thought I was trying to pit everyone against them. And I’m definitely not going to apologize if I hurt anybody’s feelings. That’s the problem with society these days. We “have to be sensitive” to everyone’s feelings. If it was a crime I committed in doing so, then I would have compassion. But if it’s my OPINION that’s offended people; oh well! Nobody likes to hear the truth. I’m not trying to come on here and get everyone fired up against Amat. If YOU ASSUMED I was a fan from Amat putting down the rest of the Big SGV, then you’re wrong. And how does that saying go? Assuming makes an … , not me…
    So let’s make sure we’re all clear- I’m not an Amat fan.

  • south east


    Is this your very first time blogging? LOL… Noooooo I went apologize,you can’t make apologize, I say I won’t, I tell you. Dude chill OUT! All you doing is making an A _ _ out of yourself.

    ASSUME, hahahaha. Man that’s old. Your crime was making a statement about the southeasr league, being an 8 man league and now your trying to clean up your message. But guess what, there’s no delete button to erase your insensitive remark and now you don’t know who your representing!


  • Enough Already

    Are you serious? You must have a public school education as your posting is evidence of. Another product of our failed system. Great job. Way to represent. Curse me out, call me what you want. It’s all good. I won’t get all crazy, typing in all caps as to suggest I’m yelling. I can handle it, you’re entitled to your opinion after all. Just do me a favor – ask one of those students at Amat to type your next reply. Why do people hate on private school so much, anyway? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer)
    I’m done!
    Good luck to all you guys next season!

    Aram- can I stir the pot, or what!!!

  • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!!!

    Enough Already – Wait a minute dude, why are you assuming that south east is an Amat fan? See, Amat fans can get riled up at just about anything posted negatively about their school! Ha, Ha, Ha. It’s all good Enough, thanks for at least having a lucid, intelligent post. Blogger Nation doesn’t have to agree but at least you have one (opinion) that doesn’t include racial put downs and momma talk.

  • AMAT 73

    Enough already,
    Don’t go patting yourself on the back so soon on stirring up the pot. Let’s even out the playing field here first. You come on here knocking the Southeast and by your post of the PAC-5 and the “if you have to ask who exchanges blows” and since this a SGV blog the point comes across as someone backing AMAT . Even Aram thought it was AMAT related hence his post right after yours. Now back to the level field . Who is the team you back . I know you stated you don’t favor any one school but now you are sounding like a fool we all know from this blog who was run out of town by Aram. Thanks by the way Aram. It is very easy to be a bandwagon front runner and knock others but come on you know you have one school or team you follow. No one is asking for an apology ,only honesty.

  • Schurr Alum

    It’s always interesting when people try to knock the Spartans and all Schurr does is continue to win. No other program in the area has had the same success as Schurr. The Spartans have won something like 16 league championships and the school has only been a high school for 35 years. Add a couple of CIF titles to that and you have yourself a pretty good program with a history of beating the likes of schools like Hart and La Habra. Call it what you will but Schurr plays in the league and division in which they are placed. And as far as scheduling tougher opponents I think the head coach decides who they play in the pre-season and inside sources say there are some teams that have refused to play the Spartans in a pre-season games(not confirmed on the source of that info.)
    Keep doing what you do Spartans.

  • Dan

    Schurr Alum,
    Easy big fella, any team that has a write up on them is bound to take a few shots, Schurr has been a consistant winner in the Almont league, would like to see them more against some east sgv schools in the near future. The win in 06 against La Habra suprised me, that was a great year for you guy’s, La Habra wasn’t quite on the level they are at today but they were a good team in 06. I think that was the first year they beat South Hills and now they do it every year. Now as for beating Hart lets remember there are many schools that can lay claim of beating the big boys at some point in their history, West Covina used to do it regularly back in their heyday.

  • Spartan for Life

    Schurr will do what it always does, work hard to get their team ready for a long hard fought season.
    The Spartans will rebound from losing an incridible athlete just as they did when Jesse Ramirez garduated. The Spartan coaching staff always uses their big guns wisely, but they don’t rely on them solely. To the Spartan Staff: Keep up the good, hard work. Let the nay sayers say what they will, I know (from personal experience of being around you guys) that YOU WILL have our boys prepared and ready to play. Good luck , I look forward to another season of quality football from you and your boys.

  • big dog

    You knock the schurr victory over la habra as a bad year for la habra. Talk to a la habra fan they still cant get the taste of sparta out of their mouths.

    Knight Rider (Montebello Coach)

    You write about Schurr’s schedule and knock every opponent on how weak they are. Then you get to montebello(3-7) the weakest team Schurr faced last year and you praised them, WOW! next time you post try and be a little more discreet oily pete.

  • On the Outside Looking In

    If this is true, that Knight Rider IS Oily Pete, he should go out and purchase a few more coaching videos, so he can teach his team the sport of football. Rather than have his D-Line coach-who happens to work at Schurr- try to get players to transfer to MHS. D-line coach was successful at getting one kid to transfer. His mistake was going after the freshman QB/LB. Bad move. It all came out. No “hear say” here. All true. Pete’s up to his old tricks again. Bet Schwartz won’t do anything about it, he wants to beat Schurr too bad. Now if shoe was on other foot,Schwartz would be whinning to anybody that would listen.

  • Dan

    Big Dog,
    No knock on Shurr’s win over La Habra that year, that was a great win for you guy’s, similar to our win over South Hills in the 04 finals. I never said that was a bad year for La Habra, only that they weren’t on par with the La Habra teams of today, do you think the La Habra of 2007 thru 2009 would lose to the likes of Downey, Troy and Schurr? Anything is possible but most likely not.
    I think Schurr and West Covina could be a good series
    if it happened, I know the Spartans put out some scrappy teams that could suprise a lot of people.

  • Johnny B. Good

    All the skepticism about Schurr doing well next year is ok. Every year we go into the season hearing doubts, only to rise to the occasion. Believe me, Aaron Cantu will do great next year. He is a legit D-1 player. Oh,and I’m not talking New Mexico St. Schurr has a student body of over 3,400 kids. There’s always someone to step up on the football team. This next year’s team looks solid. Big boys up front, speed @ running back, receivers that can catch and run routes, and a good looking D. Here are a couple of links for the doubters…. (Vegas Hot 21) (td pass BadgerSports 7 on 7) (workout w/ Chris Rix)