Arroyo to take on Hart … read that again if you need to …

We’ve seen San Dimas add Rancho Cucamonga and now we’ve got Arroyo adding Hart. Gotta love it!!! The SGV really isn’t scared of anybody and you gotta love it.

Knights coach Jim Singiser had this to say of the matchup: As much as we throw and as much as they throw, the game ought to end at 3 a.m.

More from Singiser on Hart and an Aram take below …

Arroyo’s Steven Rivera certainly ranks among the SGV’s top QBs.

Arroyo ’10 schedule:
Week 0 Ontario
Week 1 @Temple City
Week 2 Montebello
Week 3 @Hart
Week 4 BYE
Week 5 La Canada
Wee6 6 @South El Monte
week 7 Rosemead
week 8 @Gabrielino
week 9 @El Monte
week 10 Mountain View

Knights coach Jim Singiser on scheduling Hart:
They were the ones who initiated the contact. We had seen them at the Bonita Air Assault and Coach Herrington said he’d been following us … and obviously anybody who follows TV follows them. We’ll go out there and swing with them. It’s probably the biggest opponent we’ve played since I’ve been at Arroyo.

Aram’s take: When was the last time a Mission Valley League team took on a Southland powerhouse in the nonleague? Not saying MVL teams should have been doing this all along. Not saying that at all. In fact, I can remember when the league was the laughing stock of the Valley. But since 2000, that’s changed in a big way and I think you can thank coaches like Jim Singiser, Rosemead’s Matt Koffler and South El Monte’s Erick Escamilla who as a whole have done some of the Valley’s best coaching for the past 10 years. This league is no joke and many teams have found that out the hard way in recent years.

  • Goldenarm

    Great move by Sinsinger and crew…even traveling
    away from the Knights home field…and nice to see a bye week follows for Arroyo.
    As far as Rivera, one asset not mentioned frequently is the kid’s toughness. In last seasons opener, TC absolutely pounded Rivera with a relentless pass rush, sacking him repeatedly. Rivera kept his focus, kept getting back up and managed a 3 point victory for his team on a long throw late in the 4th.
    Against Hart, he will need much better protection than he had last season.

    I hope Arroyo again hosts the “Lineman Challenge” at their house…it was a success last year.

  • Baseball NUT

    HATS OFF to the KIGHTS! Interesting how its takes a school who is up & coming to accepting the challenge whle the usual Big Boys ofthe valley have passed.

  • socal hoops fan

    This present Hart hs is not the power they used to be. 2 years ago they were 5-6 and one and done in the playoffs. Last year they were 7-4 and one and done. Hart does not get all the quality players in the area as they seem to have less transfers coming in and not the qb prospects they had in the past.

  • dsds

    South El Monte’s Erick Escamillam… don’t you mean Escamilla?

  • K

    Arroyo has a lot coming back next year with Rivera and Vasquez…they will hold their own. Although Hart is not what is used to be, they are still tough because it is a solid program. HOWEVER, they do graduate their QB, RB, and top 2 WR’s so this is probably a good time for Arroyo to schedule a game like this. Good luck to them!

  • Aram


    yes, it was a simple typo.

  • RICK

    A SGV team taking on a good team on the road!! That’s a 44 mile road trip each way, C.O. please take note.

  • Question

    When Coach Singiser says both teams will throw alot and jokes that the game will end at 3am is he hinting there will be a lot of INCOMPLETE passes?

  • Arroyo Knight

    Hell yeah! Thats the shiznits i’m talking about. This year and next year will be Arroyo’s best chance of winning a CIF championship since the 2004 powerhouse team that knocked of the likes of Long Beach Poly, Mater Dei, Servite, Corona Centennial but lost right before the finals to South Hills. I’m kidding we have never played those types of teams, It was a joke. We did lose third round to South Hills in 2004 though.

  • Aram

    Your not-so-humble blog author would like to apologize for the errors in phrasing and spelling in this post.

    I guess we all have bad days. Too bad most people have already read this thing and moved on.

  • southeast fan

    Arroyo will get blown out, they won’t even beat Montebello. Montebello will be the perfect match for their caliber. But as of Hart? just an embarrassing shootout. Good luck knights, surprise me.

  • DRanchhhh

    Its called the Roddy Layton trend. I hear from a little birdie that Roddy is looking at Mission Viejo-Week 0. WOW….

  • Goldenarm

    D Ranchhhh,

    In 2006 Mike Mooney got Mission Viejo to roll north to Temple City in some of the nicest charter buses I have ever seen.
    They exited the bus and immediately got down to business. It was a humbling experience. My son was then a freshman nose tackle and OG – and MV pounded him for 4 quarters, I can’t remember him ever looking worse after a game.
    We got beat on all levels, the freshman game was 50-0 at half and 63-0 final. The highlight for Temple City -a roll out throw for a first down – which caused the MV coaches to go ballistic on the sideline! MV platoon substituted, sending in groups of 8 at a time.

    Despite the A-kicking, playing MV was a plus. The 1-9 freshman team turned into League champs the next year as sophs, and CIF semi-finalists as juniors. Sometimes positives come from a beat-down…but it was tough to watch.

  • New York

    Was Servite busy that week?


    I think we all know who is the one that Roddy is trying to follow by having a tough pre league schedule. He is not the one who started the trend to schedule up . But either way it is great to see sgv teams follwing the trend that was set a long time ago even before DR was built.

  • DRanchhhh

    No Its…

    Please educate me. I am willing to take joy ride back into SGV’s history. I grew up in LA so, please educate me.

  • Ranch Dressing

    Why are you people discussing D Ranch on Arroyo’s thread. Wait until Aram puts your SKED’ up, Rude!

  • Arroyo Knight

    Run Steven run!


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