Conflicting info on Los Altos/Arellanes situation …

Northview football coach Jim Arellanes shot down reports Tuesday that he’s the front-runner for the vacant Los Altos position and that the job is his if he wants it.

Sources told the Tribune Tuesday that Arellanes is in fact the front-runner for the job and the two sides have been in contact since former St. John Bosco coach Kiki Mendoza turned down the Los Altos job last week.

Arellanes shot down rumors that he was interested in the Los Altos job on his Facebook page in late January, saying “Not going to be the next coach at Los Altos! Stop the rumors people”. He says his position has not changed.

Arellanes has been the head coach at Northview since 2006. He had assistant coaching stints at Rosemead and El Rancho prior to that. Northview has gone 21-22 in Arellanes’ four seasons.

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  • Football Dad

    I think it will be a good fit, Jim has proven he can take a team like NorthView and turn a program around however it will take time, PARENTS of LA just have patience, it sucks for the SENIORS as they will have to learn a new system but it will benefit the program in the future, I hope this happens sooner that later the kids are losing time spring football is a couple of months away.

  • Northview

    Jim “turned the Northview program around”? I’m pretty sure that Northview had winning seasons with Zernickow and Quinsey as head coaches.

  • No don’t do it Los Altos

    Los Altos he couldn’t even put a decent game together this year with Northview. Los Altos this is a pressure move keep looking for a better coach. Post something on the LA times blog and sports section. Too many quality coaches to pick up Arellanes for a quick pick up. In two years he will be out the door. Please look harder and you might as well make a right decision because if Jim doesn’t cut it your Azz the AD will be done.

  • Coaching

    When this process started if Arellanes’s name came up LA would have laughed. Just maybe now LA realizes that tradition doesn’t get them much. I guess even years after Gano is gone he is still screwing LA. When Gano stepped down two years ago, as the AD he hired Felipe. If at that time the position was open to the public just image the candidates LA would have had. Two years later the best they can do is a 21-22 VVL head coach.

  • Where’s the drama coming from?

    Coaching for once I agree with you. Never liked the move where he coached his daughter after stepping down from the Football job, that was nepotism at it’s worst but at that time Gano was all powerful yet the boo birds did start up right about then. I thought all jobs have to be open to the public. How did he get that past the district ?

    As far as the LA job I’m curious what kind of team LA wants to have and is best suited for their current situation. Is a Wing Man the best fix given LA’s lack of size and numbers or are they trying to get a defensive minded coach who figures he’ll make his stand with a scrappy tough group of hitters until things get stabilized, seeing how everyone loves to play D.

    Not hearing much of any real analysis regarding coaching styles, just the end of a two and a half year whining session that has only hurt LA’s chances to hire quality. Maybe that’s really the whiners agenda. In some twisted way they find some Gano based satisfaction knowing they can lay all the blame at Gano’s feet.

    Is there any truth to that line of thinking, I think so, and that would really be sad considering how proud the LA community was for so many years.

  • Viking honk

    Nah, he isn’t going to LA. He’s staying put.

  • NV FAN

    Yes those other coaches had winning seasons…Coach Arrellanes did help the team get BACK TO BACK LEAGUE CHAMPS..This past year was not great but ALL schools have an off season.

  • Black&Gold

    Zernickow took the boys to the Quarter finals twice. Quinsey got bounced 1st round. Zernickow’s team brought NHS from nowhere to somewhere. I will say Arellanes did a good job.

  • Black&Gold

    Zernickow took the boys to the Quarter finals twice. Quinsey got bounced 1st round. Zernickow’s team brought NHS from nowhere to somewhere. I will say Arellanes did a good job.

  • Black&Gold

    Zernickow took the boys to the Quarter finals twice. Quinsey got bounced 1st round. Zernickow’s team brought NHS from nowhere to somewhere. I will say Arellanes did a good job.

  • calm down

    Black and Gold,

    Point 1:
    This is not about who was the best Northview coach. This is about LA and them making a play for Jim. I think its a good move on LA’s part.

    Point 2:
    I actually know that LA has not contacted Morrison, who would also be another very good selection.

  • What?

    Podley built the Northview program with Zernickow and Quinsey on his staff. Podley took them to the semis once and quarters during a time when South Hills was still in the league. Z did a good job, but took over a program that was already successful.

  • Coaching

    The day a Northview head coach is a good selection for LA is the day LA faithful thought would never come.

    Everyone needs to take a step back, take a deep breath. Now last year Northview was 1-9 in the VVL, last year Felipe was 3-7 at Los Altos. You fire Felipe and hire Arellanes, of course it is a great move for Arellanes. Now how in hell is Garcia going to put a positive spin on this one?

    I don’t think you people realize how desperate Garcia is. I am aware of two other coaches that Garcia has called. I left these two names off my lists per their requests. I will say this, you LA fans would be shocked.

  • Wow

    “The day a Northview head coach is a good selection for LA is the day LA faithful thought would never come.” Where do you think Gano came from?

  • Coaching

    Northview, I know that’s where he came from. I also know that when Despain hired him it was a major topic of discussion within the community. The word was he hired Gano figuring he would fail and it would make his legacy look even better. Too bad Despain left Gano with too much talent, not the case here. You also need to know Gano came via Wilson high school to Northview and Despain and Gano were good friends at the time.

  • let ’em play

    All this talk about pleasing the LA boosters and the great traditions is amusing. There were games last year where you could have shot a cannon in the stands and not hit any one. The days of Harwell, Hertel and Benton are long gone and they are not coming back. There is not a long line waiting to be the next coach. The cupboards might not be bare but the talent level is as low as ever….not a knock, just a fact. LA should just concentrate on being competitive.

  • Silly

    I try to stay out of the pettines that comes out on these blogs, but I could not help myself. I take exception to the individuals that comment on the pedigree of coaches coming from “lesser” leagues the might miramonte/hacienda league. I failed to realize that this was such a giant leap from the lowly VVL. Quit being such pompus a#* and wake up. What has your league done, or Los Altos, for the past few seasons that makes this the greatest show on earth?
    Podley and Bogan both have their roots in the VVL as does Bonita and South Hills. Darryl Thomas does a great job at Covina. Zernickow at San Dimas, CIF Champions 2010, is in the VVL. Anthony Rice just left the Colony to rejoin the VVL.
    SD beat Los Altos this past season, Bonita snuck by Baldwin Park. You guys aren’t the Big 10 nor are you major league. You pompus a#*.
    Mustain, Morrison, Arellanes would be great gets for Los Altos. In the real big time coaches start at small colleges and work their way up. Case in point look at Florida’s HC. He started as an assistant and grew. Up the ladder. I believe someone that wants the job and was passed over is raising hell just to make sure he gets looked at again.

  • Coaching


    I can tell you a real big difference; they didn’t go 1-9 in the VVL. Obviously there are great coaches in the VVL, my point is Arellanes isn’t one of them. The VVL may have overall better coaching than Miramonte/Heights league. LA is going from a coach that went 3-7 in the Miramonte league to a coach that went 1-9 in the VVL that is supposed to be an improvement.

  • Stayin Positive

    The ultimate goal for football teams is to get to and win a CIF championship. Unfortunately, there are only two spots each year per division. A successful season is what many people strive for. However, success is subjective to those who try and define it. So LA has history, tradition, etc. That’s fine. There are programs who are building that for their schools as we speak. The bottom line is there are highs and lows in any program.

    Look at the UConn girls basketball team. They haven’t lost in forever. One day they will. That’s how life works. LA is on the down right now. That’s life plain and simple, regardless of why. It is what it is.

    One thing is for sure. If the community at LA does not support the new head coach and his staff, then that program will be a failure for sure. Not because of the kids, lack of talent, lack of coaching, lack of administration competence, etc. Because we did not support what was given to us. So it’s easy. You get what you get and support the hell out of the coaching staff, players, and each other. Believe me, the tradition will continue. Whether or not there is a winning season or not.

    I want my son to learn more about life, decisions, and honesty. It takes me doing my best as a parent and good teachers, coaches, etc. to reinforce this at school. So why reinforce all of the negativity? I say keep it positive and support one another. Don’t we want our kids to learn from us?

  • Silly


    Your question was “The day a Northview head coach is a good selection for LA is the day LA faithful thought would never come”,

    Gano came from Northview to LA and went on to do okay. So that point is now moot. And I believe at that time he was not setting the world on fire either. I was informed that the Arellanes is telling people that he has been offered the job, come coach for me. I have heard from coaches out there that Arellanes’s is making contact with people to set a staff for Los Altos. Yet the paper says he is denying it.
    I believed the AD from LA was a straight shooter, but he appears to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. So either the coach is lying or the AD is lying. This does exactly appear to be a good sign for all concerned.

  • calm down…

    what you all do not understand, is that Arrellanes nor Garcia do not have any obligation to tell you or anyone associated with this blog the truth of what is REALLY going on? This site is a media outlet, and how often is the media really given the straight truth when it comes to coaching interest or inside information?
    Happens all the time…coaches say one day they are not interested in a certain job or have not benn contacted, then BOOM…few days later they are named that head coach, c’mon….be realistic!

  • Arroyo Knight

    Los Altos give Don McKinnon a call, he was the old school head coach at Arroyo. He had a 27 game win stream back in the day.

  • Coaching

    Just got a call from one of my sources. Arellanes is waiting till Friday for LA’s offer. Interesting factor is if he takes the job he isn’t taking any of his existing coaching staff from Northview. According to Arellanes the only one worth keeping was Zavala, the new head coach at Wilson. That is the reason why this information has leaked out. Arellanes is making calls to put together a new staff at LA. Can’t go into much detail don’t want the leak fixed.

    A few other less qualified applicants are waiting till next week to apply to see if Arellanes takes the job or not.

  • fan

    Coaching?….from your source…LA has NOT offered?

  • Conq4Life

    MacKinnon’s last 4 years coaching football he was 17-17 as head coach and got fired as an assistant. This guy was done by 2000. LA needs a younger guy, a guy that keeps kids in the program. MacKinnon is neither. LA do the smart thing and don’t waste time looking at guys that are only focused on retiring. Get a guy like Mustain and let him lead Conqueror Football for the next 10+ years.

  • Coaching

    He stated Arellance is waiting till Friday for the offer. I believe they talked, reached an agreement and now waiting district approval. Why else would Arellance already be setting up his staff. This is a good move for Arellance the question is can he win at LA. Some of the coaches have turned him down, they feel it is a no win situation.

  • Just wait

    I hear Arrellanes is trying to put together a staff like Gano’s a Damien and like Hagerty’s Amat, full of ex HC’s and quality OC/DC.

    Morrison could be part of the package as well as a few former SEM guys, including Escamilla. Look for Zane to be part of that as well. The calls are being made.

    That’s what LA needs. Not one guy but a group of quality guys to stop the transfers and to shore up what talent is still there. Best way to build a program is to solidify your credibility, and a quality staff does that even before the first snap.

    Just wait.

  • Joe Conqueror

    Aram. You need to learn the difference between a good source and these propaganda administers. ie.. any thing that comes up negative about LA connected with how great the talent and coaching is at Wilson. When someone ask, Hey did any one see how so in so did at such in such, it was most likely his pops, not true props. With that said; what would be your top ten list for a coach for Los Altos, here’s mine.
    1. Some one intimate with the history of LA.
    2. Former player @ Los Altos
    3. Not just a player but a former CIF candidate
    4. Won a title or two( bring some bling)
    5. Played D-1 college football
    6. Former high school head coaching experience
    7. College coaching experience, say like the DC
    8. Ties in the community and coaching ranks
    9. Respected in the area,bring back the old and the new
    10.Win immediately

  • Hey Joe Conqueror

    Sounds like someone this blog has already commented a lot about. Good or bad.

  • Coaching

    Not sure if that is directed at me, but I did email Aram with more details enough that he can make a call to validate my comments.

    This is LA we are talking about, you did mean 1 of 10 right?

  • In The Know

    Arrellanes will be the new HC. Terrible hire but will fall just in line with what the Admin. wants. Los Altos 1-9 next year, along with plenty of bad years to follow. Didnt this guy lose his best player to South HIlls this past season? Cant keep players, Cant build a program, but he sure looks good on paper. HEY! just like the LA ADMIN!!!!

  • Track record

    Ok, so you want to build your program back up LA and you are going to take this mediocre guy who has declined every year he was at Northview???? Why don’t you get a guy who’s capable of doing what you are asking instead of a guy who just did the opposite. How about you just wait for that right guy. This would obviously be an emergency hire. I don’t like it one bit!

  • Joe Conqueror

    I don’t recall any candidate mentioned in any thread that meet the criteria I mentioned, Who are you referring to?

  • Great Minds

    Joe Conqueror,
    You and I might be thinking about the same guy. Someone no one has mentioned in a while and he fits all your requirements.

  • Oblivious

    You LA guys on this blog are incredible! LMAO You swear that you are the University of Southern California; and in saying that didn’t they hire a guy by the name of Pete Carrol! Supposedly he sucked too right! Can’t win, he is mediocre, had a couple of good seasons in the nfl and that is it! Then he goes in and loses in the las vegas bowl! Off with his head; he sucks! Then what does he do….dominates the pac-10 and college football over the last decade! And all this is coming from a UCLA fan!
    Get over yourselves. Be positive! If Arrellanes gets hired and does well, you guys are going to be the same people giving him props on this blog! As for the parents and fans who are trying to be as positive as possible for the school, community, the players, and the team; i applaud your efforts! Keep the morale up! good luck LA

  • Funny

    Northview….You are now DONE! Good luck to you. Losing a good coach, like always (Gano, Podley,Z,Quinsey, now Arellanes) Can’t hire any coaches due to no jobs. There aren’t any qualified guys on campus. Northview is the new Ganesha.

  • Hey Joe Conqueror

    Joe Conqueror, the only single person that meets most of your requirements is Bobby Godinez. Is that someone you are gearing that post towards? He was mentioned in another thread as someone who LA is looking into. Actually, he meets every single part of your 1 through 10. Would be a good fit, however I don’t see him taking this job.

  • brigham harwell bring him back to LA

    Brigham Harwell didn’t make it pro so he could be the next best thing at Los Altos. Plus he won’t be scared of the administration like the last coach was. Hire Arellanes this year let Harwell get a year of coaching under him and the then fire Arellanes and hire Harwell.

  • LandoftheLost

    brigham harwell bring him back to LA???

    What makes you think BH wants to “learn” under Arellanes. If BH wants to stay in the SGV, and coach at the high school level, he should go knocking on Hagerty’s door. I’m no BA lover, but at least they have a competent staff, and he can start as a position coach, and move up.

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