CONFIRMED: Arellanes leaves Northview for Los Altos job

Los Altos has found its man. Jim Arellanes, who was Northview’s coach the past four seasons, accepted an offer Friday afternoon to be the next coach at Los Altos.

Arellanes denied Tribune reports earlier this week that he was the front-runner for the job and had interviewed on Monday. Arellanes stated he had no new interest in the job since posting the following message on his Facebook account back in late January: “Not going to be the next coach at Los Altos! Stop the rumors people”.

Aram’s take: If you’re a Los Altos fan you have to be pleased. The process appeared to be taking you straight toward some guy who was an assistant somewhere with no head coaching experience. Interestingly, Arellanes and Wilson coach Brian Zavala are good friends as Zavala coached alongside Arellanes at Rosemead and El Rancho (I think) and was Arellanes’ defensive coordinator at Northview before taking the Wilson job. Now they’ll be arch enemies at least one night a year when The Wheel is on the line. This may also stop Los Altos from losing kids to either Amat, Workman, Wilson or LP. Then again, winning and not any coach, is probably a good cure for that.

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  • Yay

    Thank God it’s finally over!

  • Jeremy


    Any word on his staff? Did he assemble that “Hagerty/Gano-esque” staff that some people were alluding to?

    p.s. I heard from a very reliable source that Wilson HC Zavalla was quoted as saying “I hate this school.” meaning Wilson. Hmm…

  • I think he’s still trying to work out his staff and trying to line them up with teaching positions if possible. I’m relatively certain that Montebello’s defensive coordinator (not sure his name) last season is going to be the DC at LA under Arellanes. Should be an interesting staff for sure.

  • good Luck

    When the pink slips keep fallin, cant blame a guy for moving over. Not sure he can win at LA. Didnt really have a great record at NV..

  • Conq4Life

    Congrats coach Arrellanes. Now a word of advice. Invest in earplugs because your fanbase is really vocal! But, winning will cure everything. Los Altos has hired a good coach and a good person. All those other applicants with baggage… what goes around, just came around. Congrats to Los Altos High School and their administration. You guys managed to wade through the mess YOU created and came up with a coach that will lead your program with honor and integrity.

  • Goldenarm


    Can you possibly get the AD or Admin at Temple City to give you some insight into what “new direction” they are seeking this time? Candidates? Time frame?

    Last time around the new hire did not not work out so well, and we are coachless again.

    My gut tells me they will hire Jerry Chou. His resume has two City Championships on it. Is he the right guy?
    I can’t say – but many are hoping for a complete housecleaning, and a new face, maybe an alum – someone committed for the long haul.

    I would not take odds, but experience may this time be a consideration in the hiring process.

  • Goldenarm,

    Here’s a thought — go back to Backus. But that’ll never happen. Anyway, yeah, I’ll start digging around and see what I can come up with. It’s my damn alma mater, but it might as well be Hart. I have ZERO connections there.

  • Yeah right!

    Line them up with teaching positions????

    The Union will not stand for it. Administrators once again promising something they can’t deliver

  • Wilson Parent

    Jeremy, Jeremy when are you guys going to stop. I just got off the phone with a very close friend of Arellanes he told me that Arellanes did take the job. Like most of you I too believe that Godinez would have done a great job. On the other hand I am very familiar with the staff that Arellanes is attempting to put together. You guys would have been SHOCKED, but most of them turned him down. The first reason out of one of their mouths was you cant win at LA, no talent. It gets better they were going through the kids that LA has to build around, I had to tell them a couple of those kids transferred out of LA last year.

    Now on the Coach Zavala comment, I was just talking to him today about next season, he was very excited. The kids have been working so hard all off season. Your comment “I hate this school” that you got from a reliable source. I just got off the phone with my source, Coach Zavala he laughed. I am with him every day at practice, and we talk very openly about last season and next season he is very excited about next season. A matter of fact he had multi options this off season, and didnt bite on any of them. The first one was your favorite AD, now he had the choice of LA or Wilson. So what does that say about your program when Wilsons head coach turns your AD down? Then he got multi calls from Temple City Alumni he declined to apply for that position. I think you need to check your reliable source.

  • sorry bishop nation

    Congrats to coach Arreallans.
    Thanks 4 the news Aram, did coach Arreallans get a better more secure teaching position @LA?
    Interesting that he denied and denied connection 2 LA and then is announced as the coach. Lol.

  • Neighborhood Vieja

    Wait you’re at every practice talking openly with the Head Coach? What a douche ! Leave the coaches alone , no wonder Gano couldn’t stand you. Especially after you say you had three of Gano’s assistants giving you daily reports about private coaches meetings. What do you do for a living that one , you have so much time and two, don’t have any respect for some one’s work place environment. Every time I think I should lighten up on you you take your personal bullsht to another level. Was it really Gano who you hated or just got intoxicated with all the I’m in the know drama. If anything was learned form the Arrellanes incident it’s this, Head Coach have no loyalty to the kids they coach, are in it for themselves when they preach commitment and will lie to without blinking. Aram asked us to look at the Mid Valley Guys feed and one reported, acknowledged by everyone as being close to Arrellanes said openly that Arrellanes “assured” him he was going no where and wished the rumors stopped. All this proves is too many coaches are full of sht!

    The other day Steve Hartman said when he was the Editor of the Daily Bruin Larry Brown made 50k to coach UCLA and Wooden never made more than 32k. Recently Larry Brown walked away with $23,000,000 from the Nets….twenty three million !!! Gano makes 100K to Coach Damien and fart in class if the rumors are true, Morrison made 60 k with a teaching gig and Pasquerrella made 80 K if the rumors are true, just to coach and leave campus too quick for glad handing duties that he’s opposed to doing.

    The game has changed gentlemen. Money has corrupted the process and as I said before…”FOLLOW THE MONEY”…I thought that lead to Morrison but apparently Arrellanes was better at negotiating a deal….or at least making those in the room feel BIG TIME…lol. Talk about “big timing” some one. 1-9 and making outrageous demands like he’s come off a CIF title like Coach Z or has a 15 year history of winning with nothing like Podley or been to multiple CIF Championship games like Garrison or Layton.

    Nothing against anyone bettering their life but isn’t it about being up front and honest with your players? Better to have said nothing than to look the Northview kids and parents in the face and say…”The offer was just to good to pass up!” Best of luck Los Altos, you bought yourself a coach when you could have stopped the leaks and actually conducted yourselves like Champions instead of some extravagant Quinceneria Queen.

    Well as they say….”Let the music play”.

    And Mr. S… learn when to just stop being such a vieja. What are you going to do when your kid’s playing days are over…become a reporter? Opps..JK

  • Dan

    Glad the kids at Los Altos finally have a coach,
    good luck to Arellanes and the Conquerers, kind of strange about the reports that he denied he was going anywhere, but maybe he had his reasons, never the less
    I wish him well and hope he can get that program rolling again, as long as they don’t beat West Covina too many times, lol good luck Conquerers.

  • Dan

    I heard some great news for those following local
    SGV kids that are moving on, According to the 2010
    Pro Football Draft Guide, Former West Covina standout Walter Thurmond III was drafted in the 5th round by the Seattle Seahawks, this despite a season ending knee injury that caused him to miss most of his senior year at Oregon.
    The Article Stated on page 82:
    Walter Thurmond,
    “A four year starter who gets high marks for character. Thurmond has long arms and runs well for his size. He is physical but might be limited by a knee injury that cost him most of 2009, he’ll be best off in a zone scheme.”
    Good luck Walter!

  • Football Dad

    Finally LA has it’s man, Jim will bring back the pride and tradition that LA once had, he will teach them that we might be small but were big in power and strength and most of all pride. I like this hire and will support Jim and the program.

  • Coaching

    So it is Arellanes, now why? Last years Northview team had No Talent he went 1-9, this years LA team has No Talent what makes LA think Arellanes would do any better than Felipe? For Arellanes it is a great move, for LA you really have to question did they upgrade or down grade?

  • ConqAlum

    So Aram,
    When are you going to give us a post hire interview with the new coach, and let us know who he’s bringing along to help fill out his staff?

    Nice to have you back, btw.

  • elrancho

    Yes, Jim Arellanes did coach alongside Brian Zavala under Willie Reyna at El Rancho…

  • Concerned Parent.

    Ok so I’ve read all the comments and I keep hearing everyone say congrats to Arrelanes and that’s fine, but what about the team that he’s leaving behind at Northview that he’s been lieing to all this time telling them he’s not leaving, those are just rumors. Then they have to read it on the blog or hear it from everybody else that he is. He should have been a man and looked those boys in the face to tell all them that he was leaving. Finding out this way was the wrong way for them to have to find out. That just shows how little respect he has for them. This BS about him not being able to say anything until Monday really say’s it all. He could have at least fought to say that I need to tell my team before they hear it from anybody else. That way they got the real story. But I guess in the end he was only thinking about his self and forgetting about who else this was going to effect.

  • Viking Fan

    Concerned Parent: Maybe Arellanes was going to tell the kids Monday morning. If he didn’t decide until late Friday afternoon that makes perfect sense. he probably didn’t think the story would be “leaked” until he announced it. If you notice there are no direct quotes from him -just a “source” that spilled the beans. Arellanes probably thought there would be nothing wrong waiting until Monday morning to tell the N-View kids. I mean he’s supposed to be the one to announce it – not some unknown deep throat. The story shouldn’t even have been written until Arellanes announced it and decided to tell his kids. That’s the way it usually works. Don’t blame Arellanes. Blame the source and the writer for not allowing the process to take its course.

  • Goldenarm


    I am sure R Backus would appreciate your vote of confidence.

    He was ousted not because of the 37 different bogus reasons given…but solely because of his disfavor in standing of some of powers that be…and of course the “new direction” bonfire that spread faster than the Station fire did last season.

    Backus had 3 or 4 good seasons left in him, after 14 years on the sideline at TC. Instead, he gets the boot and for the first time in 11 years we don’t make playoffs. It was a crushing end for the seniors – kids who went to CIF semi’s the year prior.

    You are right about Backus – he is gone for good, and happy coaching backers at Arcadia. As far as connections at TC, we have some great folks who support the program. Ramrodders is still up and running. The AD is the same as when you were there, yes?
    Appreciate your reply.

  • Dan…the draft is over a month away….

    Dan, I could be wrong but I believe the NFL draft is not for over a month. The combine just ended and a lot of colleges have yet to have their pro days. While I believe Walter will be a great pick for any team that drafts him and it is logical for him to stay in the northwest with Carroll who is very aware of his talent from his coaching at SC, nothing is set in stone. He was called the secondary sleeper of the draft by Deion Sanders after the combine on the NFL Network, so I’m sure a lot of teams have him somewhere on their draft boards. Good luck Walter!!!

  • Bad to Worse

    Honestly I am really confused, Arellanes had a worse record than we had with Coach A, how school administration would deem this as a quality head coach. In reading the comments from LA bloggers it looks like they were trying to put a positive spin on another big mess. They were also united in Godinez being a great fit. Now that LA has committed to Arellanes those bloggers are done. This move is so frustrating from a parents perspective. Our kids only have four years; we cant wait around for Garcia to get experience. Now I am sure that SV made the right decision leaving LA, how many more are going to leave. It is no longer a matter of if it is now how many.

  • TartanFan

    This is slippery slope to climb…whole point of blog is to be informative and groundbreaking on being the first one to break a story. I get that, but to expect a coach to be forthcoming about interviewing and stuff when he still has job at another school is not easy. You are trying to keep kids on task and working hard, but they know you out interviewing. Most that interview don’t get these jobs, so it’s better that their teams they go back to don’t know. Also, with board approval having to be done and other things to consider, it isn’t always “right” to discuss a job you don’t officially have. The perfect situation would’ve been that Los Altos sources keep their mouths shut and respect the process, so the coach making a huge change in career, personal life, and family can make a tough decision without having to do it publicly. This will never happen though with the internet now and reporters like Aram knocking on doors to get a story (ok, i expect aram to make a comment back). This could’ve been handled better on all fronts, but it is what it is. Northview moves in a better direction and so does Coach A.


    Bad to worse…

    You have never met Jim Arellanes, have you? See, I know this because if you had ever met the man there is no way you would be saying that he is worse than Felipe. Do you people continue to think that Felipe was let go because he didn’t win? That wasn’t it! He was let go because he couldn’t lead a program. The admin knew that. His players knew that. His coaching staff knew that. Hell I think even felipe knew that deep down.

    What Jim provides is what Los Altos needs…a leader of men. Someone the boys will follow into battle and shed blood for. Forget the X’s and Os’! Forget the W’s and L’s. We needed a guy who can build this program with discipline, focus and order. THAT is what Arellanes provides. Don’t judge the man by a 1-9 season. Judge him by his actions with our young men!

    And as for SV…I wish the young man luck but I can’t help but think that he has made a mistake. Does anyone think he will actually see playing time at Amat? Poor kid is gonna ride the pine for the next two years when he could be getting some serious exposure starting at LA.

  • What’s going on at Los Altos

    Lost in all this is Gano’s role in hiring Felipe. Was is a hand off or did Los Altos go thru a similar extensive search? I don’t recall anyone talking about a search at the time? How many HCs applied last time? Does anyone know?

    Also in terms of the new AD after Gano left, who did the hiring there? The point I’m getting at is Los Altos was left in shambles when Gano took his staff over to Damien and left Felipe out in the cold to ward off the naysayers. At least that’s the way it’s coming across from the sidelines.

    As far as Arrellanes and his now former players I have a question for them. Was it Zavala who made the difference between 9-2 and 1-9? Seems that way as Oscar Robles couldn’t have accounted for 7 wins all by himself. So my question is to the Northview base. Why did Northview go 1-9. I think going 1-9 is about as hard to do as going undefeated, I really do. Was it injuries, lack of talent, a new QB, a huge senior exudos, coaches leaving…what was it? Now how does Northview rebound from this when the best Los Altos could do was Arrellanes after so many turned it down.

    Morrison, Garrison, Verti, Mustain, Godinez, Chavez…who?

  • qbless


    Was SV planning on throwing the ball to himself? LA currently has no qb on campus worth talking about for the next… Well, you fill in the blank ______

  • Bad to Worse said:


    That is just one of the many issues we have. How are we going to compete in our new league? We no longer have size or speed. LA insider talks about a leader; well I think most parents want a winner. What has Arellanes accomplished in his four years of head coach experience? Arellanes defense gave up 10 points a game two years ago and then over 30 points a game last year. I dont see a standout quarterback affecting those numbers. Even if the quarterback was the difference we dont have a quarterback like that, so are we the 1-9 team. Arellanes have an overall record of under .500 in a weaker league. Sorry but I dont understand the move, it just doesnt add up. We got a coach that proved he cannot win with a team that lacks talent. We dont have the talent so how is he going to help our program. Please correct me if I am wrong, school administration let go of Felipe, expected to draw a big name head coach that is once again going to draw the talent back to LA. During the interview process they realized that wasnt going to happen, so they settled with Arellanes. Which is basically a death sentence for the existing players.

  • bmteducator

    For those knocking Aram, his job was to find out who the next coach for Los Altos was going to be. If the job of a reporter is to only download the schools press release and copy down an athlete’s statement without asking any questions (see Tiger Woods) then why would we need reporters. We already had Fred.

  • football fan

    I just heard about the hiring. He is trying to assemble a great staff. Starting with the hiring of Andy Guerruero as DC from Montebello. He was on the St. Paul defensive staff in 2007 Championship year. A great young mind. He will assemble a great defensive staff, I`m sure of that.Jimmy is working building a great offensive staff as well. Good luck Jimmy. LA Parents be patient and be supportive of this staff, because remember you have not coached in your lifetime, so to know how these coaches think is wrong on your part. It is important to have parents keep kids at LA and be supportive from outside in. You are just as important, but not the most important part of the program.


  • just sayin’

    LA INSIDER – getting “exposure” on a bad time sometimes only gets you exposed. If he can play – he’ll find a place and be productive. Plus, he’ll improve leaps and bounds at Amat going against better players every day.

  • Rams2010


    I’m not sure who will be the next coach at TC. The easy guess would be Heart. He is already a district employee and he has a decent coaching resume. Backus would be nice but NOT A CHANCE! No way the admin goes down that public relations nightmare. I hope it isn’t Chow. My connections told me he was the one pulling all the strings last year. Also, much was made of TC’s spread offense last year. An offense that averaged 28 points a game. To me the problem last year was defense. That defense lost the Arroyo, Alhambra, Monrovia, and 2nd La Canada games. Chow is not the answer! If he is the coach nothing changes. Same staff, same offense, and same weak defense…O and missing the playoffs for the first time in over 10 years.

  • MB Fan


    You talk about staying at LA; he is putting a great staff together. The DC which is a very important position is Guerruero. Guerruero was the DC at Montobello until half way through the season when he quit on Pete and our kids. So what happens this year if LA starts off bad is he going to quit again. Sorry but Guerruero must be one of the worse hires as a DC, he did the unforgivable, quitting on the kids in the middle of the season. The worse part of it was he just stopped showing up didnt even talk to the kids just walked. This great staff Arellanes is putting together when he is going to start hiring the great coaches.

    Didnt LAs current OC come from Northview and work under Arellanes a few years back?

  • Dan

    Dan… the draft is over a month away,
    Ooopps, you could be right, maybe that “Pro Football Draft guide” could be some kind of preview guide with
    it’s own projections of how the draft will go.
    What happened is a family member was at Barns and Nobles and called me up and quoted me the article, so I wrote it down and put it on this blog, I didn’t stop to think that it may be some kind of preview guide, just not sure why it would say he went to Seattle in the fift round though. I’ll have to make it over to Barns and Noble to see what this “Pro Football draft guide” really is. Either way thanks for the insight.


    Northview. … WHat are we going to do? THere is NO ONE on campus that is qualified and there aren’t any teaching positions. What the Hell are we going to do? Sheehan left us in good shape, but now we are screwed due to the economy. Maybe we should hire Murphy to coach football too. At least he knows how to coach.


    Northview. … WHat are we going to do? THere is NO ONE on campus that is qualified and there aren’t any teaching positions. What the Hell are we going to do? Sheehan left us in good shape, but now we are screwed due to the economy. Maybe we should hire Murphy to coach football too. At least he knows how to coach.


    Northview. … WHat are we going to do? THere is NO ONE on campus that is qualified and there aren’t any teaching positions. What the Hell are we going to do? Sheehan left us in good shape, but now we are screwed due to the economy. Maybe we should hire Murphy to coach football too. At least he knows how to coach.

  • Conq

    You read over the multi threads and you start to see a pattern, up until about 3 to 4 days ago the loyal LA bloggers were nowhere to be found. All the sudden they show up and start promoting Godinez for the head coach job, hard. We are talking about the real LA bloggers Joe Conqueror, Jeremy, Jhykron, and Rgd2626. Then it is leaked out that Arellanes is going to be the LA head coach about 24 hours ago. Since that time not a single comment from these LA bloggers. That sends a very clear message they are very unhappy with the selection. That bring up a common problem in the process of hiring a head coach, usually the one doing the hiring has no clue what he is doing as can been proven by the way Garcia handled this situation, has to be the worse in as long as I can remember. All the issues these candidates had, had one thing in common, Garcia. It cost LA huge, who they could have got versus who they ended up with. I feel for the kids they are the ones that are going to be paying for this for years to come.

  • Dan

    A little embarrased,
    Went to Barns and Noble’s to check out this Pro Football Draft Guide and indeed it is just a preview
    of the upcoming draft. I’ve been so tied up the past three weeks with school and homework that I haven’t even paid attention to whats happening wih the NFL combine and the draft, so I wasn’t even aware it didn’t happen yet. Sorry for the false news about Walter Thurmond, guess I’ll keep my day job and not become a sports reporter. lol

  • What was Gano’s role?

    No one is answering how Felipe got the job and how the current AD, who replaced Gano, was picked?

    Any one have any details on those moves or is everyone trying to forget Gano’s role in this mess. Seems odd that no one answers that question or explains why Gano didn’t do move to help Felipe succeed. Once he took Fair, Torres and Howlings what chance did Felipe have considering how talented those coaches really are.

    Gut a fish and a fish will surely die.

  • Goldenarm

    Rams 2010

    Who is Heart??

    I am in agreement to most of what you said.

  • Gano’s Role

    I think we all what Gano’s role in this was. Felipe was hired strickly based on Gano. How could Gano not see Felipe’s lack of leadership skills. The first time I meet the guy I saw how he communicated with the kids and was shocked, they didn’t respect him. You talk about a coach that preach loyality, and we all know the only thing he is loyal to is himself. He was very aware of the moves he made when he left the program. The hiring of Garcia to replace Gano how many people quested that when it happened. Then that crap about stepping down so he could coach his daughter for the next four years. One year latter he is a Damien and pulled all his staff with him. What is so bizzar about that is some of the LA Alum still back this back this piece of crap up. If Gano had it to do over with, I think he would have don’t exactly what he did seeing the outcome.

  • Rams2010


    Which parts do you not agree with? I’m assuming its the games the D lost. I know you wont argue with Arroyo or Alhambra…LaCanada II was clearly on the D considering the offense scored when they needed an LC won on a 4th down pass. I suppose you don’t agree with the Monrovia game. I guess that could have been a complete coaching staff loss on both sides of the ball because the offense could have run the ball and played keep away. Either way if Chow is back nothing changes…beat the teams you should and lose to teams you shouldn’t…

  • Rams2010

    Everheart or Heart not sure…all Ive heard is he works in the district and applied last year…

  • bmteducator

    MB Fan:

    Football Fan made the comments about the staff Coach Arellanes is putting together not me.

  • Sam Esparza

    Right man, Right Place. Congrats to coach Arellanes

  • Goldenarm


    The D line was solid all year, inexperience and personnel choices in the secondary killed us – and did so in nearly every game we lost.
    SM’s Benny Hung ran for nearly 200 yds against Monrovia, we held him to 71 yds in 30 carries, less than a 3 ypc average. That is a near shutdown and shows their O line was ineffective against us.
    However, we lost to San Marino on a prair rainmaker pass, just like we did against Arroyo, after destroying their O line for 4 quarters.
    Our pass coverage was horrible from game one straight thru to elimination against La Canada.

    I would say the poor showing was a combination of defensive weaknesses that were never truly addressed and a do or die “we must pass” play calling strategy.
    When you return an offensive line that produced 3000 yds of ground game – and have the best back in the WSGV
    (Ruckle) you don’t change to a spread offense and “soft” football – where physicality and trench war are no longer stressed. The coaches did not challenge the line….except to back peddle and pass block.
    The strategy proved unsucessful – and a very good team never was.

  • What’s your opinion?


    In the past you have been better honest, going into this situation would you have expected LA to get a Kiki Mendoza or Jim Arellanes. Better yet what do you think the LA fans expected going in?

    I for one don’t think this is going to stop the bleeding. There are many parents that had the wait and see approach. I understand you want to put a positive spin on it, but we are talking about a coach with 4 years of experience in the VVL coming out of a 1-9 season with a team that had no talent. Going into the Hacienda league a tougher league with a team with no talent, how would anyone expect him to do any better?

    Now a few people are coming on this blog and trying to put the positive spin and this alstar coaching staff. The DC Guerruero cam from Montebello working under Pete, he gave up 28 points a game, and they went 3-7. Well he wasn’t there the whole season he quite half way through.

    Now they are talking about Uribe being the OC, which is the old LA OC. Sorry but I don’t see this all-star staff.

    Don’t get me wrong this is a great move for the coaches, they are taking on a program labeled with “no talent, can’t win” so they are in a no loss situation.

    Now LA choice Arellanes over Godinez, they had their reasons. I found out Godinez isn’t the assistant D-Coordinator at the number 1 Jr. College in the nation. He is the D-Coordinator at the number 1 Jr. College in the Nation. Personally I see him a few years down the line as a D1 head coach. Godinez didn’t put his name into the pot, until late in the game. So yes I think LA screwed up big time.

    But then again what do we expect we are talking about LA!

  • MT SAC

    Whats you Opioion,

    I think you have great passion, but LENNY
    RODRIGEZ is the DC at Mt Sac. Lenny does all the game planning and play calling. This is a well known fact. Not the young Bobby Godinez. If he is going to be a D1 head coach someday he better get a GA job and work his way up and not apply to high school positions. Thats how it works.

  • Facts

    The hire of Arrellanes over Godinez(if Godinez was ever even a serious candidate) was absolutely the correct choice. all you godinez backers are quick to say that godinez would have been the better hire because he played D1 college ball, or he was drafted by the NFL, or he has head coaching experience( at all 8 man football school and all of one year)…
    well hate to burst your bubble, but Arrellanes ALSO played D1 ball, and was drafted by the NFL and actually saw NFL action, yes it was in the minors of the NFL (NFL Europe) but he saw action past his college career. And he HAS 11 man football coaching experience!!!
    all you people in the Godinez corner are making false statements about his coaching career and what title he has held or this or that! just two threads down someone posted that he was the DC at Mt SAC, and then a thread or two later it is found out to be false, and he is not the DC at MT SAC. Godinez would have been a disaster as the new head coach at LA, he needs a little more miles on his resume.
    now with that said, what about Godinez on Arrellanes staff as the DC?
    now tell me that doesnt sound like a great idea?

  • Concerned Parent

    Vikings Fan: You and I and the rest of the world know that, that’s not how it works for the coach to announce himself that he’s leaving. I do know that he knew before Friday that he was leaving and other people knew as well. No matter what anyone says he still should’ve just been honest with them. Now the players have lost respect for him because he lied to him. Their exact words were “we all know what’s going on in the district as far as cut backs and everything. Had he just told us himself instead of us finding out from the blog and reading that other people knew and knew way more info. then what we do and we’re his team shows just how he really felt about us as his team.” “Obviously we weren’t good enough for him to stay or tell us the truth about what was really going on so congrats to him I guess he found a better team.”
    Now we I here players saying stuff like that an dhear all the other stuff that he was saying as a parent breaks my heart and makes me upset at the same time. They looked up to him and understood more then he thought they did.

    Also for all of you out there that keep saying that Northview and Los Altos teams have no talent I wish you would stop saying that. those boys go out there and works their butts off and show up to those games and play them just to come back and read that people like you are calling them no talent. Have some respect for these boys please.

  • JCFB

    Mt. SAC is absolutely right. Lenny Rodriguez is the DC for the national champions and he was assisted by Coach Iona. Anyone who knows anything about Mt. SAC knows that. Godinez is not even listed as one of their coaches.

  • LA Insider

    Concerned Parent…

    You’re right, the kids aren’t going to understand this situation. They’re kids after all. It is our job, as adults to attempt to explain it to them and help them understand. It sounds to me like you are a parent who is doing the opposite. You seem to be telling the kids, “you’re right, Arellanes is a jerk and you should be angry”.

    Rather than bad mouthing the guy, you should be thanking him for his service of helping your young boys grow into men.

    Unless I’m mistaken he did not accept the job until noon on Friday, and yet you claim he knew in advance? Then why did he wait?

    You are right about one thing though…it sucks that his kids had to hear about it from the blogs rather than from his mouth…but that’s not his fault! As has been pointed out on this blog, Arellanes has not spoken to the papers. He wanted to keep in under wraps until today but he can’t help if someone here at LA leaked the info. If I was him, I’d be pretty pissed at Los Altos for putting him in that position.

    In the end, this was a business decision by Jim. He knows that LA is a step up in status from NV. Kids can’t grasp this concept. Again, the adults in their lives need to help them come to grips that Arellanes is not “abandoning” them. He is doing what is best for him and his family. That is what being a man is all about and, in the end, isn’t that really what HS football is all about? Learning to be a man?

  • LA Insider,

    Coach Arellanes did speak to the media. He told me there was nothing to it. If you think this came together in one day, you’re flat-out dreaming. He didn’t just decide on Friday. There were steps taken before that. And by the way, Los Altos wasn’t the only place I had sources. I had them at Northview as well as several other schools.

  • LA Insider


    That’s not what I meant. I know he spoke with you and said there was nothing to it. That’s what EVERY coach does when they are looking into a new position. You don’t tell your wife you’re checking out the hot new secretary at work! And you don’t tell the media you are looking into a new job until you know 100% that you’re leaving. But you DO talk to your old team FIRST!

    Come on man, you’ve been around this block long enough to know that! Pete Carrol tells USC he’s not going anywhere…BAM, he’s in Seattle. Brian Kelly tells Cincy’s he’s their guy…BOOM, he’s in South Bend. That’s how it’s done because if things DON’T work out with getting the new position you don’t want bad blood between you and the team you’renow staying with.

    What I meant was that he had not spoken to the media AFTER HE ACCEPTED THE POSITION. He wanted to talk to his boys first. I don’t blame you for putting it on the blogs, I blame whoever your leak was.

    Are you saying the info was leaked from the NV camp and not from LA?

  • Get Real

    If youre not a Los Altos parent, get a life! Get off the blogs, get over high school, grow up, and get a life!

    If you are a Los Altos parent, show some support for your childrens education and athletics. Stop criticizing those that are trying their best to create a positive environment both on the field and in the classroom. If your biggest concern is the assignment of a high school football coach and youre wasting your energy on criticizing high school coaches and ADs then you do not have your childs best interest in mind. The majority of high school athletes will not play college sports so maybe you should invest your concerns on your childs education instead.


    Last time I checked these blogs were open to the public. What since you dont like someones opinion you are going to try and chase them off.

    Aram your comment This may also stop Los Altos from losing kids to either Amat, Workman, Wilson or LP. I guess you did use the word may because I sure dont see it that way. Parents dont bring their kids to LA for the tradition or education; they bring them to win football games. This move gave them a leader but the talent is what it is and it is going to take years to turn around, that isnt going to help the kids already in the program. The strong players will continue to move on, the weak will stay in fear of moving to another program and not playing thats reality.

  • Parent First

    Get Real,

    Well said. I am a Los Altos parent. Education has always come first for my child. These kids should be STUDENT-athletes. Not athelitic students.

    Year in and year out I see students with natural athleticism. Those who get the grades to get into college do. Some even play college sports. Those who are gifted athletically and don’t have the grades usually don’t graduate from a four-year university. Oh, and don’t end up playing college ball either.

    I respect those schools who prepare their students academically. The rest falls into place. Whether it is the parents sending their kids to the combines, private lessons/coaches, etc. The utlimate goal is reached. They make it to college and finish. They have learned through sports, parents, coaches, teachers, peers, that if they stay committed to something and see it all the way through, they will make something positve happen. It can start as early as elementary school-age when kids are signed up for pop warner football, junior all-american football, softball, hardball, t-ball, karate, dance, etc.

    The point is these kids learn what it means to be committed to a team that is counting on you. They learn about being on time, responsibility, etc. They learn from good coaches and not so good coaches. But they learn. They learn the difference between right and wrong. They learn through their own mistakes. They learn from their parents. Practice what you preach.

    High school sports, and for that matter, extracurricular activities, are supposed to be a stepping stone to get them prepared for the “real world.”

    Regardless of all of the drama written on this blog, welcome Coach Arellanes! Good luck to Northview in finding a coach that fits your school. I’m sure you will find someone great! As for the schools that don’t have “talent.” Well I am glad that there are still coaches out there willing to coach the talentless (sarcasm) teams.

    I know my child will get the proper education to reach college at Los Altos. Parents have to do our part in educating our children at home. I challenge the coaches to teach their players about life, decisions, integrity, and the art of the sport. What a better world we would be living in.

    By the way, my high school’s football team went 0-10 during my high school years. Guess what? I graduated college and became a pretty good PERSON. Imagine that?

  • Reality…

    Hey “TRANSFER” sounds like you speak from experience! We know who you are…

    “Get real” that was the best post I have seen in years! You hit the nail right on the head. Parents need to just take a chill pill and support all those individuals who help our kids! My kids attended LA and one graduated from Stanford and the other is currently attending NYU. Sports was something they did because they enjoyed being physically active but their education was always a priority for them and for me!

  • Rams2010


    A glaring point however, most of those D-linemen and O-lineman were carryovers from the 08 season. Their toughness and tenacity came from lessons learned from the previous coaches and style of play. If Chow becomes the new HC he will not be afforded that same luxury of inheriting dominant D-linemen and O-Linemen that he did last year.

    The 2010 season should be a rebuilding season…assuming the 2009 season was what it was supposed to be…a run BACK to the semi’s. Instead whoever comes in next year will be under a lot of pressure to compete with a very scary Monrovia, Tough San Marino, and Up and coming LC.

  • Football Parent

    I am so confused, this who process was designed to get us a better coach, to bring us back to the glory days of LA. We were told we were going to get a quality proven head coach. Sorry but this guy was 1-9 last year, worse than us. So I am assuming the message being sent to us that we are no longer the LA of old. I read the comments on this blog that coaches are saying you cant win at LA. You guys talk about keeping it positive. How are we suppose to keep this positive our boys are told we are getting a new top notch head coach, you get us a 1-9 head coach. How is this guy going to turn around the program? Now at school our kids are being told that it is going to take a few years to turn around the program, if our kids leave they are traitors. If you are a coach and it isnt going your way its ok to jump ship and go to another program like our new head coach. It really seems like a double standard, do as I say not as I do. Based on our new hire I am to assume that it is going to take a little longer than planned to turn our program around. My sons dream is to play football on a team that can compete, you may not care about his dream but I do. In high school football you got four year, there is no do overs. You can talk about those 0-10 teams that you were on, well I been on teams like that before and they suck. We will be transferring out in June, not even going to waste my time listening to this coachs crap about how he is going to turn our program around. If it was that easy why did he leave Northview?

  • Arellanes Fan

    Coach Arellanes is a stand up guy. Hard working and great with the kids. He will raise the work ethic and playing ability of what you currently have at Los Altos. All you Los Altos Fan not agreeing with this selection will be eating your words soon enough and will be the first in line to buy a ticket to the game when they start winning under him. He brought up a Northview Program from nothing to two back to back league championship, dispite a off year last year after losing nearly 75% of his starting players who were seniors. When you meet and get to know him, you will be impressed what a great guy and coach he is.

    On another note, I think for many of who were looking to leaving your current job for a new one, I highly doubt any of you would tell your current boss you are looking for some place better that will offer more oppurtunities for your career. So to deny is human. If you dont like Arellanes, dont waste your time coming to the game. Stay at home and admire yourself in the mirror alone on a Friday Night..Good Luck Coach A

  • la parent

    ha if i remeber it was the class at 2009 that built that program from the ground up at northview not the coach if people knew what went on behind doors they would know it wasnt the coach arellanes should be thanking those kids from that class for making him a name and resulting in this hiring at la.



  • Northview MOM

    I agree with the last comment, Coach Perez would make a fine HEAD COACH!!

    The boys already respect him and he knows them and has been with many of them for the last 4 seasons.

    I spoke with my sons last night and asked them who they wanted for their next Head Coach and only one name came out of their mouths and that was Coach Perez!!



  • Northview MOM

    I will NOT comment about Coach Arrellanes….

    I just hope that Northview’s School Adminitration will make a decision soon…SO THAT NORTHVIEW’S FOOTBALL PROGRAM CAN MOVE FORWARD!!

    Northview has a great Football Booster Program already in place for this season and is Ready to move forward with a new coach.

    Coach Perez I know OTHERS and MYSELF are already supporting YOU and know that you will STAND TALL WITH THIS TEAM.


  • LA Insider


    Why do you feel the need to bash Coach A? What’s in it for you? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

  • How Does LA Really Feel About Arellanes?

    LA Insider,

    LA parents aren’t very pleased about the situation either. I question even how your teachers and school administration feels about those two or three teaching spots going to more football coaches. I was told Arellanes demanded three coaching spots and more money, which was the hold up. We are talking 21-22 VVL Arellanes putting demands on LA to take the job. If he did get the three coaching spots that would be at least seven football coaches that are teaching at LA, I didn’t think they had that many PE positions.

    Where are those LA bloggers, please come out and support your new hire, explain to all how he is going to turn around this program. This is another major setback for LA football. The last ditch hope of saving the program was in hiring a quality head coach that would pull back the local talent.

    That bring up another major reason the loyal LA bloggers arent commenting because a late applicant was their choice. But LA administration made the politically correct choice not the best choice.

    Sorry Arellanes isn’t even close to what was expected. A matter of fact he is going to dig the program into a deeper hole.

  • LA Insider

    How Does…

    So you must have been at the booster meeting last night and asked all those parents how they feel. Or maybe you got a hold of the parent roster and called all of the parents to ask them how they feel.

    And I love how you have this inside information that he DEMANDED three teaching spots. Haha. You actually expect me to believe that the LA Admin bowed to that kind of demand? Come on!

    You people just LOVE stirring the pot don’t you? Pathetic souls! Give the guy a chance. Afterall, it’s not like Gano was ALL-WORLD when he was hired to fill DeSpain’s shoes and he did a pretty freakin’ good job here at LA!

  • %%%

    “How Does LA Really Feel About Arellanes?”

    Or, should I call you by your real name…Schreimen! Get a life dude! Or better yet, find a boyfriend to keep you busy!

  • Frank-Ly

    How Does…,

    Funny because if a coach doesn’t ask for teaching positions for some of his staff, people criticize the staff for not being available to the kids. What better way to stay in tune with your student athletes than to be on campus. So I guess if he did “demand” three teaching positions, he must really care about the program and the best interest of the kids. Good point there!

    Good Luck to Coach Arellanes, staff, community and football team!

  • WARNING!!! Please do not post about coach’s personal lives. Xs and Os, wins and losses, are fine. But no personal lives. If you do, your IP address will be banned without warning and you’ll be walking to the library to post with SGV’s Best.

  • Arellanes Sux

    Los Altos fans, players and parents should know the mess that they are getting into with arellanes, its called investigative reporting, thats what sells Aram, now if the post is not vulgar let it stick.

  • Where are you…………………………………..

    Where are all real the LA bloggers………….

    Jeremy, RGD2525, Joe Conqueror, and Jhykron we are waiting for your honest opinion ………..

  • Black&Gold

    Hey Northview, Coach Perez is a good person but he isn’t a head coach. He knows nothing about installing drills and fundamentals. Motivation, maybe. If he is our HC, we are in trouble. I want him on the staff but not calling shots. He is just a big kid.

  • Black&Gold

    Hey Northview, Coach Perez is a good person but he isn’t a head coach. He knows nothing about installing drills and fundamentals. Motivation, maybe. If he is our HC, we are in trouble. I want him on the staff but not calling shots. He is just a big kid.

  • Black&Gold

    Hey Northview, Coach Perez is a good person but he isn’t a head coach. He knows nothing about installing drills and fundamentals. Motivation, maybe. If he is our HC, we are in trouble. I want him on the staff but not calling shots. He is just a big kid.

  • Concerned Parent

    LA Insider:

    Just to let you know You are not at Northview to say what us parents are doing. You have not been there on our campus to see or hear what is going on. So for you to say that their just kids and that their not going to understand the situation your wrong. Our boys did understand the situation, and as a parents we are not telling our kids that they are right Arellanes is a jerk. It is far from it. We as parents have always stood up for him as a person and a coach. He know he was leaving so all he had to do was be honest about it and say I’m looking into other opportunities. We have been dealing with this situation for the last couple of years. Our boys knew what was at stake and we as parents have talked to them about it. He did what he felt he had to do that was in the best interest for his family and that’s fine and dandy. Just don’t lie about. Was all I was saying. If it was your kids and you were in the same situation, you would feel the same.
    Honestly more power to him, if it is a better situation for him to be there then at NV fine, Congrats to him and all that stuff. I wish him the best of luck and hopes that he’s very successful over there. Again we at NV have stood by him and supported him no matter what through the winning and the losing while he was here and now it’s your turn. We at NV are looking ahead for a new head coach. Arellanes is now apart of the past for us as we look to our future.
    With that said I know the boys are hoping that coach Perez becomes the next Head Coach. He knows the boys, the program and is the best candidate for the job. Sorry Arellanes but now we have to do whats best for us, and that means moving on with out you.

  • Jeremy

    In regard to Arellanes,

    I will not make an assesment until I’ve viewed an entire season. I’m not talking about wins and losses, but x’s, o’s, offseason conditioning/training, and the impact he makes on the lives of these young men. The following year, I will be looking at the strength of the freshman class. There are ways to get around the closed enrollment. It’s been done before. I know that for a solid fact. How many kids can he stop from traveling to Amat; and will he and Zavalla be engaged in playful pats on the butt as far as the local talent is concerned.

    Arellanas is our man, and I will accept him the way I have Gano (until he began to unravel) and Felipe whom I had reservations about from the beginning. That is until I saw the lack of command that he had over his soldiers.

    With that said, I will say that as far as what I expected. Arellanas was an “at very least” resort that I had in mind. I felt that we could at very least get him or Koffler. Im not saying that they barely make the grade, but, what I AM saying is that I expected no less; however…

    This statement deserves it’s own paragraph. Gano is the reason why we didn’t end up with a “name” type coach. Gano failed to give the program what he owed to it for the opportunity and the past that he shared with it. He failed to give the program a H.C. that it and the kids clearly could have gotten and deserved.

    He knew full well what he was doing. One blogger made reference to what I SAID A LONG TIME AGO! Two years ago I hinted at it not wanting to offend Felipe, then when sh** hit the fan, I just said it: Gano hired Felipe to preserve and enhance his own legacy. He feels that is bigger than Los Altos, that he WAS Los Altos football, and that he didn’t have to do sh** for it.

    I wish for the sake of Felipe’s career that this has little implication on “what happen’s next” as I do for Verti who suffered the same misfortune and fate at Amat. Two young coaches with an abundance of talent who were too young to realize that talent isn’t enough to take on such a big task. Unfortunately, they were given the reigns and thrown to the wolves by two individuals who had absolutely no concern for them or the program.

    Had LA conducted a coaching search, we’d be up with CO, SH, and the rest bracing for the Inland Division.


  • To Jeremy

    I think Verti is ok. He was on the Upland coaching staff this past year which won a CIF title


    Perez will not take the job at Northview. He is to scared. Who can we trust!!!!

  • V.V.L.

    What do we even know about Perez? What are his qualifications?

  • Jhykron

    Heh, do I qualify as an LA blogger any more?

    One thing I can say re:Arellanes is that when Gano first announced his retirement from coaching football at LA, Arellenes’s employment status at Northview was up in the air, and there was a rumor floating around that they’d try to hire him then. So if you think Gano’s the embodiment of evil in high school football, you might be getting his plan A.

    But even if you moved the friggin’ Amat staff to Los Altos, it isn’t going to solve the fundamental issues with the school, the district, or the rock-hard grassless field that a taxpayer bond was supposed to fix, but someone in the district misspent…

  • Where are all real the LA bloggers………….

    Jhykron and Jeremy interesting and thought out comments, sorry LA Insider but you are getting hammered on this one. At least Jeremy and Jhykron are being honest with their comments. It is obvious that LA expect to get a quality experience head coach not an Arellanes. As was commented Gano was the major factor you are where you are today. Now as far as being up with SO and CO if Gano would have done what was best for LA instead of himself two years ago, not sure about that. Actually all the talent you lost over the last couple of years and maybe bring in a few more who knows. You may have been competing for a league championship and another CIF championship next year.

  • Jhykron

    Honestly, I have no opinion of Arellenas, as I have had not really had an opportunity to see his program and measure the results compared to what he had to work with. I’m just pointing out this isn’t the first time he was linked to the LA job.

    I certainly don’t share Jeremy’s opinion of Gano, but that’s a stale argument, and I’m pretty sure the man knows by now that there are people in Hacienda Heights who don’t like him.

    As far as Aguilar: bright guy, organized thinker, generally pretty affable, but I always thought he was a strange choice for head coach… even as a player he was more a quiet, by-example leader than the type-A personalities of his teammates-turned-coaches Bobby Godinez or Sal Ortiz.

  • Where are all real the LA bloggers………….


    Thats all I am saying is your being honest about the situation. Where as LA Insider is attempting to protray Arellanes as a great pickup.

  • Coaching

    Interesting that Arellanes hasn’t announced his staff. Now that it is public knowledge the x-Montebello DC Guerruero was offered the DC job even way before Arellanes accepted the job. Arellanes also had multi other people turn him down at other coaching spots. No official word that Guerruero has accepted the DC position raises two questions. One is Arellanes attempting to upgrade from Guerruero or two has Guerruero had a chance of mine.

    I just got don’t reading the article in the Tribune about Arellanes opinion of LA football with the current talent. I sure hope he doesn’t really think he can win league and CIF championship with the kids at LA. Now can he make the playoffs, maybe its a long shot this year, the following years yes. This year he has no chance against DRanch, WesCo, and Rowland. Now he is going to be fighting with Bonita (tuff), Walnut (tuff), and Diamond Bar (toss up), but he has to beat all three for that last spot. After next year Rowland is going to possibility be the weakest team in the league along with Diamond Bar. Then he will be competing with Bonita for the last playoff spot. So yes he can make the playoffs.

    I read one LA blogger talking about ways around closed enrollment, Arellanes name isnt going to pull out of area talent to LA. LA getting future local talent not in the area well LA has two issues, one there really isnt much local talent out there, the local youth programs have all been down for the last few years. That is one of the reason why coaches say you cant win at LA, the talent just isnt in the Hacienda/La Puente area. To complicate the issue, La Puente and Workman had very successful seasons last year, and Wilson dropping down to the VVL will be much improved. At the end of next season Los Altos will have the worst if not similar records of the four teams in the district that is going to hurt their future more than anything else. Dont get upset LA fans I didnt say the worst team, I said the worst record.

  • LA Fans

    I heard the latest on SV over at Bishop Amat, he got jumped by two kids. Wounder if those two kids know what his dad does for a living. By the way those two kids attend LA, go figure.

  • Coaching

    Update on LA Coaching Staff

    Coach Arellanes has been in contact with multi coaches in reference to his new staff. As of Monday the x-Montebello DC Guerruero has not committed, not sure if it is him or Arellanes. The LA job is not the only offer on the board for him. A top and I mean top D1 High School has offered him a linebacker coach job also.

    There seems to be no sense of urgency on Arellanes part to fill his staff. Arellanes has posted openings for all levels on the CIF website. Which we can conclude that he has no staff put together at this time and had no committed staff when LA hired him.

    It took LA months to just bring in a Head Coach with any experience now Arellanes has the same hill to climb. In the coaching world the word is you cant win at LA, so now Arellanes is dealing with that issue in his attempt to fill his staff.

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