The latest on Los Altos …

OK, we know San Dimas defensive coordinator Brian Mustain turned down the job. Sources say he interviewed last Friday. Multiple sources say Northview coach Jim Arellanes interviewed on Monday and has sent out feelers to potential assistant coaches. Now comes word that former Los Altos player Bobby Godinez, who coached at La Verne Lutheran and PCC, interviewed on Tuesday, according to a source. Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation.

In terms of Arellanes, I will go ahead and piece together what I’ve heard from sources by deducing that he’s made demands of LA in terms of pay and teaching jobs for his potential assistants. If LA delivers, and this is just my opinion, Arellanes will be the next coach. If not, then Godinez stands a good chance to land the gig. I think both guys would do a good job. Not saying CIF titles, but certainly a very competitive program.

It should be noted that Arellanes said earlier this week that nothing’s changed on his end in terms of interest in the job.

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  • Decision soon

    What is known: Arellanes and Godinez are 1a and 1b in the final decision.

    Arellanes is seen as the safer pick amoung administration officials because of teaching credentials. However, he’s asking for a bigger hiring package and assurances for his assistant coaches. That’s giving the administration pause. They also don’t know if he truly appreciates the weight of the job on the field. They don’t know if he’s worth the money.

    Godinez is the better fooball pick. The AD and those thinking strictly in football terms know this. The sticking points with him are credentials and LA knows that Godinez has been and is being sought by colleges and universities. There is the matter of what happened last year with his father as well.

    Both viable candidates with upsides but neither is perfect with the potential baggage they bring. Plus, do either want the pressures of bringing the program back to respectability with a ‘win-now’ alumni and fan base?

  • SGVFootballFan

    Dang, another post on Los Altos football? I guess all of the other high school football programs have shut down until the Los Altos H/C issues have been resolved!

  • LA sit down and shutup!

    SGV football fan

    no kidding, los altos is in the past. and will live in the shadows of damien amat glendora south hills no matter whos coaching

    What about bassett? or workman
    Heard former amat assistant Stephan Pace was interested
    at bassett.
    Also heard San Dimas assistant was interviewed by Workman.

    ANy truth ARAM?

  • LA

    Northview guy turned down Los Altos yesterday.



    Can we get some more football schedules posted of some of our local teams? This Los Altos stuff is getting old. Maybe you can put together some so cal football teams that will be traveling out of state to play out of state powers and post their schedules also.

  • Why Godinez?

    What is with the Godinez hype? He’s coached one year of high school football. He’s coached one year at a junior college and left LV Lutheran at the last minute and ultimately ended that program. He tried to destroy Los Altos by recruiting its players. There’s no comparison between the Northview guy and Godinez. Arellanes has played football all over the world, played in college, and has won league titles as a coach. Godinez was a great player in high school, but that doesn’t translate to being a good coach. If he’s such a great recruiter, he should stay in college.

  • Whatever

    Didn’t Los Altos just have a former Player as the Head Coach? Look what that got them! Whatever lets move on to something else like were getting boring. Aram, just post WHEN they get a new coach ok?

  • New York

    This is turning into the Notre Dame situation from a few years back. It seems like a conveyor belt of coaches receiving the offer. They should have had a good idea of which coaches would accept the offer prior to extending the offer. Managing the acceptance yield is important for perception. With so many coaches now reportedly having rejected the offer, this position looks less and less attractive to the next candidate.

    I can understand that coaches need to look out for themselves just like anyone else has to, but the 24-hour news cycle puts their job interviews out in the public. Coach Arrellanes went through this two years ago with the Monrovia opening. This is the second time in two years that Northview’s players realize that their coach is out the door if things work out for their coach at the other school. Staying in limbo like that must be frustrating.

    In the meantime, do you have any updates on Temple City?

  • Coaching

    Garcia’s process would have worked two years ago, three lossing seasons in a row and it has backfired on Los Altos big time. This now becomes a job for a coach that has something to prove, where as earlier it was a job for a coach that had already proved himself. Personally if Arellanes is making those demands on LA kick him to the side he isn’t worth it. Last years 1-9 VVL record is a red flag going into LA, a team that lacks talent just like Northview.

    Interesting if LA opens up a couple more teaching jobs for his coaches how many football coaches/teaching jobs will LA have. Let’s all be honest here football coaches don’t make great teachers. That would be six or seven of their teaching position are being held by football coaches. Wounder how all the other sports programs feel about that. Didn’t think LA had that many PE teachers? haha

  • reality

    Don’t stop this thread. I love all the girly drama. It’s like Desperate Housewives but starring local coaches and adninistrators.Gossip, backstabbing,lies,innuendo, man it does’nt get any better.You can name names all you want with little fact and perhaps change peoples lives with no affect on the watcher.You should peddle this stuff to that woman’s TV channel, what is it? Oprah or something.Let me go get my Bon Bons and read some more

  • (*) Magnifying Glasses can start fires…lol

    Wasn’t this blog going to be about Football? Exclusively about Football on a broader scale than Fred’s blog? No news on the myriad of High school Football opening or ay of the issues concerning “those” jobs. In fact, I’m not sure we know hw many jobs their are and who’s in the running?

    Haven’t heard squat about any late signings for our area players or even what our “area” is? Is it Orange Co, Inland Empire, East San Gabriel, West San Gabriel, City teams, CIF Teams or a combination of some but not others. In truth the blog has zeroed in on this whole Los Altos sideshow as if they were as relevant as they were in the DeSpain or Gano years, which they are not.

    Gone are the rankings that made Aram famous and had bloggers sniping like Koi and the intellectual break down of area teams that had me saving Aram’s Preseason Review for years. BTW I still look back at those to see how the seasons played out. Great stuff!

    Aram, this Los Altos job is beginning to become cancerous in it’s coverage rather than treated as the small blemish it really is. The SGV has new powers and new programs on the rise that warrant your time and intellect.

    Muir, Pasadena, Maranatha, Monrovia, Rosemead, La Salle are all schools I’ve wondered about but never really had the pleasure of hearing about and I thought this blog would highlight their schools. Heck Salesian played Rio Hondo Prep and I was shocked to find that they were a powerhouse at their level….truthfully I didn’t even know they existed, but I do know.

    You’re magnifying the Los Altos situation so much all you’ll end up doing is starting a “fire”…if you get my magnifying glass analogy.

    Best of luck Aram…what happened to your Whitter contacts? What’s the story at El Rancho and St. Paul now that PR Dons kids are staying put instead of forking over St. Paul $$$ in these tough economic times?

  • Football Dad

    Just name the coach already, this is crazy!!! ITS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL not college or the pro’s……

  • Aaron

    One person between here and the other thread that what makes a great head coach is a great recruiter. No that’s not what makes a great head coach.

    A great head coach is able to take marginal or good talent and make them look great and win games through coaching his players up. Take what you have and work miracles, win the games you shouldn’t while also winning the games you should.


    Will anyone in their right mind accept this job. 158 hits on the various threads connected to the job at LA . Mostly bickering and putting down the choices and very few positive posts concerning any of the coaches mentioned. Is it as bad as LA Fans make it out to with the administration or is it the parents and alumni themselves . Trying to demand instant sucess just seems impossible at LA as their program is so far out of whack it will be at least 3-4 years before you see the light of day. A lot of bad feelings and anger will continue no matter who is coach. Until the present talent pool and parents are gone they will continue this bickering , not so much the players which seems no one and I mean no one is considering their part in this but parents and alumni need to change their mind set and get used to the fact LA has a very long road to travel to get back to even fielding a decent team let alone a winning one.

  • Goldenarm


    bring your defense and work ethic to Temple City, or send a clone who works cheap. We need you….and will support you full tilt.

    I have no idea if the TC admin can offer you anything better than two snack bar hot dogs at halftime…but I will paint the buns wiith mustard for you, that you can be sure of.

    We got a good group of returnees – just need a fundamental football mind whose forte is leadership and commitment. Sounds like you.